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Compare Worcester Bosch Boiler Reviews


Worcester Bosch is part of the multi-national Bosch Group. It has been a staple in the UK since 1962 and has employed over 2,000 people in Derbyshire and Worcester.

The company has organised its range of products in tiers that make it easier for consumers to choose boilers that are best suited for their needs. One of the ways they make sure they meet the needs of all their customers is by having boilers that are powered by gas, LPG and oil.

In particular, Worcester has gas-powered LPG and oil-fired boilers. The boilers are designed to have to be efficient, reliable and affordable.

Even though Worcester Bosch has not been in the heating scene as long as some of its competitors, they’ve more than made up for the lost time by being innovative and focusing on premium products.

One of their products, the Greenstar Boiler range has won the CORGI Boiler of the Year award for nine consecutive years.

That makes Worcester the best choice if you’re looking for an innovative, easy to use and energy efficient boiler.

Typical Prices for Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester is considered the pioneer of the combi boiler in the UK. Their versatile Greenstar combi boiler range was developed to serve the massive average market in the UK and has performed beyond expectations.

Enjoying the high-efficiency A-rated boilers from Worcester Bosch will cost you between £570 to £6,188 based on the type and output of the boiler you want.

When choosing the boiler, you still have to consider the cost of the installation, which can be significant at times. The cost of boiler installation is not set either. It’s affected by factors like time, type of boiler being installed and the nature of the work in question.

Without a doubt, you’ll be looking at quite an intimidating bill once your boiler is up and running. But, because boilers are so crucial to the comfort of any home, you will find many installers who offer boiler financing services that can help to tame the cost and make it more manageable.

Why Choose a Worcester Bosch Boiler?

Worcester Boilers are not sold directly to clients. The boiler is available through Worcester’s network of accredited installers. Other than the guarantee of quality installation, buying from certified installers also comes with additional benefits like extended warranties.

The Worcester brand is a favourite among consumers and installers alike. Their boilers are preferred because of the superior quality, and practicality they provide.

The Greenstar line of Combi boilers which are award-winning for 9 consecutive years is a true testament to the thought, engineering and innovation that Worcester dedicates while building each one of their remarkable boilers.

Benefits of Worcester boilers

50 years’ experience

Worcester has over 50 years of experience building boilers. The fact that they are part of a multi-national gives them unlimited research and testing ability to make sure customers have the best products.


Looking to try different types of boilers? Or maybe you’re replacing an old boiler and you’re looking for a brand that still offers oil-fired boilers or LPG? Worcester is the one. Their diverse range of boilers caters to all customers no matter the type of needs they have.

Quality and warranty

Worcester has built a reputation through their knack for excellence. Some of their boilers come with a warranty of up to 10 years while others are top-rated for energy efficiency. This can save you hundreds of pounds per year.


There’s no doubt having a Worcester boiler will reduce the need for replacements and repairs. But, at some point, you might encounter a problem. If you do, Worcester has a long list of qualified accredited installers that will offer you the assistance you need including finding new parts.

Worcester Bosch Warranty

Boilers are designed to last for many years. That makes the warranty a crucial part during the purchase of the boiler.

Standard Worcester Bosch warranty

Worcester boilers warranties vary depending on the type of boiler. Most of their boilers come with the standard 2 years guarantee. The Greenstar HE gas-fired boilers are slightly different and come with a longer warranty of up to 5 years.

What does the warranty cover?

The Worcester Bosch guarantee covers mechanical faults and damages on the materials as a result of manufacturing fault. During the guarantee period, you can have peace of mind knowing that in case anything happens to the boiler, the manufacturer will take care of the damages.

How to register the warranty

Once you purchase the boiler, it has to be registered within 30 days after installation. Unlike other boilers, the registration of the boiler must be done by the installer. If you register the boiler yourself, you will only get the standard warranty which is 5 years for gas boilers and 2 years for oil boilers.

How to extend the warranty

It’s possible to enjoy the Worcester guarantee for an extended time. Once you purchase the boiler, you should choose a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer to install the boiler for you. You should also pick up a Bosch Greenstar system filter. These are some of the requirements that can help to extend the boiler guarantee to up to 10 years.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Worcester’s range of boilers is known for its efficiency and top-rated performance. They have worked tirelessly over the years to make sure customers not only save money during the purchase of the boiler but long-term as they use the boiler also.

Worcester Combi gas boiler range

Worcester is considered the pioneer of the combi boiler range in the UK. They are the minds behind the Greenstar range that was developed to fit perfectly in virtually every home.

The Worcester Combi range is an efficient water heater and is A-rated. It doubles up as a central heating boiler all in a single and compact unit.

As with other combi boilers, the Worcester range works the same way. They save energy and minimise heat loss but heating water on the spot when it’s needed as opposed to heating the water and storing it in a cylinder.

Some of the features that make Worcester Combi boilers stand out include the ‘ECO’ mode button on the Worcester combi boiler which helps to save energy. It overrides the ‘keep hot’ feature which saves on gas and energy.

To get quotes on supply and fitting of a new Worcester combi boiler, submit an enquiry with us and we will find local accredited and certified installers to provide you with quotes.

Benefits of a Worcester Bosch Gas Combi boiler

  • Compact design and size perfect for small homes and properties.
  • Works best in homes that don’t have a loft space.
  • Allows for increased living space since you don’t need a water cylinder.
  • No freezing risk for pipework in the loft.
  • Easier installation since less pipework is required making installation cheaper.

Compare Worcester Combi gas boiler prices

The Worcester range of combi boilers is broad and extensive. You will find boilers to fit any home small or large.

As expected, the prices differ depending on the output and model of the boiler you choose. The table below should help you better understand the costs of the different Worcester combi boilers in the market and their output. 

Greenstar CDi Compact Series

Of all combi boilers, the CDi compact series has the smallest dimensions. This wall-mounted boiler can fit inside the standard kitchen but, they shouldn’t be undermined because of their size. They are perfect for properties that have more than one bathroom.

Greenstar Si Compact Series

This range of combis can also be wall-mounted. They are suitable for small to medium-sized properties and are flexible in their areas of installation. You can install the Si compact series in a standard kitchen cupboard, in an airing cupboard or a utility room. This range comes with a unique frost protection feature so you can install them in the loft or the garage as well.

Greenstar i Series

This series replaces the i Junior series which is highly prevalent in the UK. The i series is perfect for apartments and small to medium-sized properties that have no more than one bathroom.

Greenstar Highflow CDi Series

If you prefer a floor-standing boiler, the CDi series has you covered. This range is designed with properties that have two bathrooms in mind. It’s built to supply more heating and hot water to meet the demands of such homes. It’s the only range of combi boilers in the market of its kind.

Worcester Combi Oil-fired boilers

This oil-fired range of combi boilers features the floor standing Heatslave II series. It’s the most popular oil-fired boiler available in the UK.

This oil-fired boiler has a modern and sleek design. You can install it just about anywhere in your home. In the kitchen, the boiler slides neatly under a standard kitchen worktop.

If you want a boiler but don’t have enough space in the house or prefer to have the boiler outside the house, the external Heatslave II is a perfect choice.

Benefits of Heatslave II Combi Oil-fired boiler

  • Hot water and heating from one unit.
  • High volumes of instant hot water because of the thermal store feature.
  • No need for separate tanks or pumps.
  • Works with various controls.
  • No risks of pipes or tanks freezing or leaking in the loft.
  • Faster installation with fewer components and pipework required.

Here is a price review of the complete range of Worcester Combi oil-fired boilers;

Worcester Bosch System Boiler Range

Worcester’s range of system boilers is compact, economical and ultra-efficient. Like other system boilers, they require a hot water cylinder to run but, the main heating and hot water components are built into the boiler.

System boilers don’t need a tank in the loft, making them ideal for homes that are struggling with space. Their compact size gives you the flexibility of choosing where you want to install the boiler – including inside a standard kitchen cabinet.

For homeowners that are conscious of the environment, you can pair these boilers with the Worcester solar thermal systems. It not only provides environmental benefits but lowers the energy bills as well.

Benefits of a Worcester System boiler

  • Worcester system boilers can serve homes with more than one bathroom.
  • They supply hot water evenly to all taps around the house.
  • Because no loft installations are required, there’s no risk of freezing of leaking pipes in the loft.
  • Ultra-efficient performance for lower running costs.
  • The boilers are easier and quicker to install because they have built-in components.

Compare Worcester Bosch System boiler prices

Like the combi boilers, the system range of boilers also comes in two varieties – gas and oil-fired boilers.

Worcester Bosch System Gas Boiler Range

The system range of Worcester gas boilers maintains easy installation, high performance and highly efficient boiler models perfect for homes that require lots of hot water and heating.

The range of system boilers from Worcester include;

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i System Gas Series

The Greenstar i System series is the most popular. This wall-mounted variety replaces the old i system series. It offers flexibility and can be installed in various locations.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar i Compact System Gas Series

This range features boilers with a 27kW and 30kW output. It’s a relatively new generation of boilers designed to be compact and lightweight. The boilers are wall mounted and perfect for small and large homes.

The range offers higher heating output options to suit homes with a high appetite for hot water and heating.

If you’re considering getting a Worcester system boiler, the table below breaks down the different boiler prices and the output of the boilers.

Worcester System Oil-Fired Boilers

The oil-fired range of system boilers comprises of the compact and highly efficient Greenstar Danesmoor System boiler. It works best for all types of homes and it stores hot water allowing it to meet the demands of every home with ease.

The Danesmoor external heating system is ideal for homes that are strapped for space. Its robust cabinet protects the boiler in all weathers so you can install it outside.

 Benefits of Greenstar Danesmoor System Oil-Fired Boiler

  • Extremely energy efficient with low running costs.
  • Doesn’t require extra tanks and pumps in the loft.
  • Works with Greenskies solar hot water systems.
  • Supplies hot water evenly to all the taps at the same time.

Compare Worcester Bosch System Oil-fired boilers

If you’re considering buying an oil-fired system boiler, here’s a table breaking down the different types of boilers in this range, their rating and efficiency.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular Oil-fired Boiler Range

The Greenstar oil-fired regular boiler boasts of an efficiency rating of over 90%. It is effective in reducing your carbon footprint and minimising your energy bills.

The regular range of boilers from Worcester is perfect for all types of homes, even those with limited space. The boilers can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are designed to serve a variety of heating requirements.

Benefits of a Greenstar Danesmoor Regular Oil-fired boiler

  • Works well with older radiators and pipework.
  • There are options for homes with space limitations.
  • Suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Works with Greenskies Solar hot water systems.

Compare Worcester Bosch Regular oil-fired boilers Prices

The regular oil-fired boilers from Worcester come in different models, outputs and prices. Each model is designed to serve the customer for years while remaining efficient and effective.

To help you find the right regular boiler for you from Worcester, here’s a table breaking down the prices and efficiency rating of each of the oil-fired boilers.

Worcester Bosch Problems and Common Faults

Low boiler pressure

Overtime Worcester boilers will lose pressure. The process is usually very gradual. If the pressure is less than one bar, the boiler won’t work properly.

Suggested fix

Boilers are fitted with a pressure gauge. If it reads anything less than one bar, then you have a problem. The drop in pressure could be as a result of a leak. If that’s the case, the best approach would be to contact a professional heating engineer to get the job done.

No hot water

Broken diaphragms, airlocks or issues with the thermostat can all lead to lack of hot water. The problem can also be caused by low water levels and the failure of motorised valves.

Suggested fix

Contact a Gas Safe registered and Worcester Accredited installer to help pinpoint the root cause of the problem and fix it.

Boiler is leaking (A281 or EA338 error code)

Boiler leaks should be repaired as soon as they are noticed. The longer a leak is left, the higher the chances of significant damage to other components.

Suggested fix

Leaks are usually a result of a defective internal component. But that also depends on the location of the leak. If you suspect a leak, turn off the water supply and get in touch with a registered engineer.

Boiler keeps making banging noises (A41 error code)

The boiler noises are a result of kettling. It’s caused by limescale build-up, a faulty thermostat or low water pressure.

Suggested fix

You need to hire a heating engineer to perform a power flush. It should help remove limescale and sludge from the system and restore the circulation of water.

Contacting Customer Support

There are several ways you can get in touch with Worcester Bosch which include:

You can write to them at;

Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd

Cotswold Way, Warndon

Worcester, WR4 9SW

You can also reach them through their website;


Worcester Customer Service

0844 892 3000

Worcester Technical enquiries

0844 892 3366

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