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Compare Vokera Boiler Reviews


There are over 500,000 Vokèra boilers in use in the UK and Ireland. To say the brand is popular is an understatement. The company has more than 30 decades of experience manufacturing domestic and light commercial condensing and high-efficiency boilers.

Vokèra is dedicated to offering a complete home heating package. To satisfy the demands for its boilers, Vokèra provides a wide range of boilers. These include combi, system and open vent boilers for all types of homes.

To guarantee quality and the best performance with each of its boilers, Vokèra ensures all boilers are thoroughly tested before leaving the manufacturing line for the market.

With bases across the UK and Ireland, the company has built a network of trained installers who are available and can help you find the right heating solution for your home and install it for you.

If you would like to get the best price for the installation, you can send us an enquiry and we can have up to 3 Vokèra trained installers send you quotes for comparisons.

Typical Prices for a Vokèra Boiler

Vokèra boiler prices differ depending on the type, size and output of the boiler. A typical Vokèra boiler will cost anywhere between £575 and £1,200. The brand focuses on building quality, affordable boilers for all types of homes.

Other than the cost of the boiler, you should also factor in the cost of installing your boiler. To get the most competitive boiler installation costs, you should get quotes from various boiler installers in your area.

By sending us an enquiry, we can connect you to 3 installers in your area who will send you competitive free quotes you can use to set your budget.

The cost of the boiler and installation can be a challenge to some homeowners. Considering how important a boiler is to the comfort of your home, some installers offer boiler financing services. You can take advantage of such services. You can pay for your boiler under friendly terms as you enjoy the benefits of a new and modern boiler.

Why choose a Vokèra boiler

A boiler is a basic necessity for every home. Choosing the right boiler from the right boiler could be the difference between you sleeping in a freezing house and settling in a nice and warm house.

Vokèra is trusted by thousands of homes to bring warmth and produce hot water for the homeowners. This is for a good cause. Choosing a Vokèra boiler comes with numerous benefits for you and your home.

Benefits of Choosing a Vokèra boiler


Vokèra has over 30 years of experience in the heating industry. Over the years, they have improved their products to guarantee quality and reliability. Their dedication to excellence with each of their products is the reason why they have enjoyed such success in the UK and Ireland market.


Vokèra relies on strong internal values and ethos to provide its clients with the best possible service. The company believes in having the various branches work as a team to improve the experience of the customer. Significant investments are dedicated to training their teams to ensure professionalism and consistency at all times.


To keep your boiler performing optimally, Vokèra offers an annual service contract for your boiler. With its team of boiler engineers, the company will run safety checks on your boiler and service the boiler for your peace of mind. With as little as one call, you can book an appointment to have the Vokèra team come to give your boiler a look.

Wide Range of Boilers

When it comes to boilers, it’s never a one-size-fits-all kind of affair. You need to be sure that your boiler will provide you with experience and meet the uniqueness of your household. With the broad range that Vokèra offers, you have better chances of finding a boiler made just for your home.


All good boilers should strike a balance between quality, dependability, longevity and cost. If the boiler is too expensive, even if the performance is excellent, most customers can’t afford it. Vokèra excellently balances these factors to make sure their boilers are not only good quality but, they are also affordable.

Vokèra Boiler Warranty

With a boiler warranty in place, you can sleep better at night. In case something unfortunate happens to the system, you know the manufacturer will take care of the boiler. That’s why it’s essential to always make sure you buy a boiler with a substantial warranty.

Most Vokèra boilers come with a standard warranty of about 2 years. There are a few models and types that have a standard warranty of up to 5 years.

What’s covered by the warranty?

When your boiler is under warranty, if the boiler breaks down or runs into any problems, Vokèra will cover the replacement of the faulty parts and repair the boiler if the breakdown of the boiler is caused by defective parts or workmanship.

How to extend the warranty

If you love the comfort and peace that comes with having your boiler under warranty, it’s possible to extend the period of the warranty. At a cost that is spread over 12 months, you can extend your warranty. This will ensure your boiler is taken care of by Vokèra after the standard warranty elapses.

How to register your warranty

Every boiler warranty needs to be registered for it to be active. Once you buy the boiler from your installer and have the boiler installed, you have no more than 30 days to have the boiler registered. You can use the Vokèra website to register the warranty.

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the warranty. It’s also important to note that the terms of the warranty can change at any time.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Meeting the heating requirements of thousands of homes in the UK requires the manufacturer to be innovative with a variety of boilers to cater to the needs of the different homes.

Vokèra has stepped up to the podium with a range of gas-powered combi and system boilers that will leave homeowners spoilt for choice.

Vokèra Combi Boilers Range

Vokèra combi boilers are best known for innovative designs and quality. They are the perfect heating appliance for the modern-day home.

The combi boilers are not only winners in heating water but also in saving you money. Right of the shelf, the boilers will save you money in installation fees because they are easy to install and require less time.

The boilers will also save you money on your energy bills and they also save space. If you don’t have lots of space to spare in your house, combi boilers will provide you with hot water on demand without taking up all the free space in your home.

For domestic customers with average hot water demands, combi boilers are practical. They are perfect for energy efficiency and they can drastically reduce your energy bill. But, to enjoy the benefits that these boilers offer, you have to choose one with the right output for your home.

Benefits of a Vokèra Combi boiler

  • Each Vokèra combi boiler comes with a 2-year warranty as a standard.
  • You don’t need a loft tank or a hot water cylinder.
  • The boiler saves on space and is efficient.
  • Vokèra boilers have easy to use programmes and have built-in frost protection.
  • The boilers are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.
  • Most of the components are built inside the boiler making installation easier.

Compare Vokèra Combi boiler prices

If you’re considering going for a Vokèra combi boiler, you can anticipate that you will save money.

It is vital that you first find the right combi boiler for your home. Once you have all the specifics down, it’s easier to determine how much the boiler will cost you. It might also help to try to compare what other manufacturers have to as well.

With Vokèra, you have a cost-efficient choice that is energy efficient and reliable. You save money short and long term and you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance and repairs.

Before you decide on the boiler, don’t forget to get quotes for a new Vokèra boiler from different installers to compare and get the best price for the boiler installation.

For the Vokèra Combi boiler range prices, compare the complete range of combi boilers from Vokèra below.

Vokèra System Boiler range

Vokèra system boilers are preferred for homes that have a high demand for hot water and heating.

To keep up with such demands, a system boiler has a sealed water cylinder that stores the hot water. Any time water in the cylinder is used, the boiler automatically tops it up. You can rest assured there’s hot water even when two bathrooms are being used at the same time.

System boilers are also perfect for homes that don’t have loft space. Unlike regular boilers that need an expansion tank, system boilers are fed water directly from the mains so no need for an extra tank.

Modern Vokèra system boilers are now more compact than older boilers. They have an elegant and sleek look and save up more space. They give you more reason to want to upgrade your boiler.

Benefits of a Vokèra System boiler

  • The boilers are perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • A Vokèra system boiler is easy to install and maintain.
  • Each of the boilers comes with a 2-year warranty as a standard.
  • You can enjoy plenty of hot water with a system boiler.
  • The boilers are energy efficient and go a long way in saving you money on your energy bill.
  • System boilers are space-conscious and strike a balance between the space they take up and the value they add to the home.

Compare Vokèra System boiler prices

How much will your new Vokèra system boiler cost you? You can get an idea from the table below. But, the price tag of the boiler is just a piece of the puzzle.

Remember the boiler will only work after installation. Quality installation means better energy efficiency and longevity for your boiler.

Installation costs will take a considerable amount out of your budget. It’s crucial to compare the different costs and find a balance between quality installation services and price.

Get quotes for a new Vokèra boiler from local certified installers and use the quotes to compare prices and pick the best.

For boiler prices, here’s a complete range of Vokèra gas system boilers.

Vokèra Regular Boiler Range

Times have changed and so have regular boilers. They are no longer the preferred type of boiler for modern homes. But that hasn’t taken away from the benefits they offer and their role even in current times.

Regular or open vent boilers as they are also known are perfect for homes with a traditional heating system. They also work perfectly in areas with low water pressure. The expansion tank they come with feeds water to the boiler through gravity which makes this a great boiler if you live in an area where water pressure is a concern.

A regular boiler will save you the cost of re-piping your central heating and doesn’t compromise your experience. This type of boiler is perfect for large homes that require lots of hot water.

Benefits of a Vokèra Regular boiler

  • Regular boilers are best suited for older homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • Regular boilers are easy to install and maintain especially when replacing an existing regular boiler.
  • Vokèra regular boilers come with a standard 5-year warranty which is automatically included.
  • You get to enjoy plenty of hot water on demand.
  • Each of the Vokèra regular boilers has an excellent A-rating for energy efficiency, so you save on your energy bills.
  • The boiler has simple to operate user-interface.
  • Compatible with solar thermal.

Compare the Vokèra Regular Boiler prices

The total cost of your new regular boiler will depend on the size and output of the boiler you choose. You will also have to consider the cost of installation which might also be significant depending on the work required.

It’s recommended to get quotes from reputable Gas Safe heating engineers to compare and pick the best. If you would like to get quotes for your new Vokèra boiler, get in touch with us and we will connect you with three registered engineers to provide you with free quotes.

For the price of the boiler, have a look at the table below with the typical Vokèra regular boiler prices.

Vokèra boiler problems and common fault codes

A faulty boiler can be quite an inconvenience. If you don’t know much about boilers, you have to put up with the frustrations longer. Sometimes it’s a simple fix and you don’t have to suffer much.

That’s why it’s a good idea to know some of the common problems and fault codes that your Vokèra boiler will run into and some of the fixes that are required.

Error code 92/93 and 95

These fault codes are common with the Vokèra Linea range. When you see this fault code, it’s possible the condensate pipe is frozen or blocked and not draining properly. It’s prevalent in boilers that have the drain pipe installed outside.

Suggested fix

If you know the location of the pipe, you can try to thaw it out using hot water. You can also loosen the pipe at the boiler and drain it into a bucket underneath. Once you free up the pipe, hit the reset button and your boiler should fire back to life.

Error code 10

This fault code means there’s an ignition failure with the boiler. To verify, you can hear the boiler sparking but doesn’t ignite.

Suggested fix

You need an expert on this one. The engineer will first test the voltage going into the gas valve. If there’s no voltage, the PCB could be the problem. If there’s voltage, the gas valve could be the problem. In some cases, the solenoid valve might also fail. In each case, a replacement is needed.

Error code 40/41 (Error code A04 Vokèra compact)

All these fault codes mean one thing – your boiler pressure is low. It happens when there’s a leak of there’s an air bubble in the system.

Suggested fix

You can try to find the filling loop and increase the boiler pressure according to the manual. If the pressure falls again, you need an engineer to find and fix the leak.

Vokèra Compact error code A03

An A03 fault code means the fan might be faulty. If the boiler is old, the fan could have served out its lifetime and needs replacement.

Suggested fix

To diagnose the problem, use a voltmeter to check if the power levels are fine. If the power levels check out, then it’s time to change the fan. If there’s no power, the PCB might require re-wiring.

Vokèra Flowmatic boilers; no hot water

Sometimes with your Vokèra Flowmatic boiler, you will find no hot water in your boiler. Sometimes, the water is only lukewarm.

The problem is usually a faulty diverter valve.

Suggested fix

The diverter valve needs to be replaced. Sometimes, the boiler might need stripping to replace the diaphragm washer. It’s best to get an engineer to have a look at the boiler and conduct any repairs.

Contacting customer service and contacts

If you would like to get in touch with Vokèra for one reason or another, the manufacturer has provided a variety of ways you can reach out to them.


Vokèra ltd

Boderlake House,

Unit 7 Riverside Industrial Estate

London Colney



0844 391 0999


01727 744004



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