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Compare Viessmann Boiler Reviews


The Viessmann Group has leveraged on a leading edge approach to technology and innovation to build an iron-clad reputation since it was established in 1917.

A global leader in heating, cooling and industrial energy systems, its 12,000 employee base is dedicated to providing its customers with the best heating solutions. Viessmann operates in 12 countries and its international orientation has driven growth and the birth of new generation boilers designed for every type of home in the UK.

For buyers that don’t stop at anything for quality, Viessmann might be the best boiler brand for you.

The vast range of boilers which include gas, oil, steam, and biomass boilers and hot water cylinders, will cater to every home no matter how complex or demanding the needs of the home are.

In addition to their high-quality boilers, Viessmann also trains over 2,500 installers and contractors on their products to enhance the experience that the buyers have with their products.

Typical Prices for Viessmann Boilers

If you’re considering a Viessmann boiler for your home, you should be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pockets. But it’s for a good cause.

A Viessman boiler ranges between £794 and £6,188. You can see the prices are clearly above what other competitors offer for their boilers.

The premium tag comes with premium features and a premium experience. All Viessmann boilers are A-classed in energy efficiency with strong warranties for a worry-free experience.

To make choosing your new boiler easier, Viessmann has them classified with each class having boilers with a different rating.

You shouldn’t forget to consider the installation cost when setting your boiler budget. If you’re not sure how much installation will cost, you can send us an enquiry and we will have up to three Gas Safe certified installers provide you with boiler installation quotes.

Why Choose a Viessmann Boiler?

Viessmann first opened its doors to the UK market in 1987. Even though most of their competitors were already established by then, they brought a wealth of knowledge considering they had been operating abroad since 1917.

Today, Viessmann has grown to be a popular boiler brand that stops at nothing to produce the best quality boiler for its customers.

For its efforts, the brand has received several awards over the years, including a Which? Best Buy status.

Benefits of Choosing a Viessmann Boiler

Here are other advantages that make this brand a stand-out.

Excellent customer reviews

Because of the quality and reliability of their boilers, Viessmann is highly recommended by customers in most third-party quality assurance websites like reviews.co.uk. On this particular site, 88% of the customers recommend Viessmann, while 71% of the reviews are rated excellent. That only goes to show how far the brand goes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Which? Best Buy

Viessmann is the recipient of the Which? Best Buy status not once but two consecutive years thanks to its high-quality range of gas boilers. To take the crown, Viessmann had to get the approval of thousands of customers and hundreds of engineers.

Which? High Score

Viessmann never ceases to amaze. They have received exceptional reviews on Which? And they also have the second-highest rating of 83% among the 12 gas boiler brands on the site. Among customers, Viessmann has the best score for build quality and reliability while installers rate it a 4 out of 5 for ease of installation and fixing common faults.


The company has over 100 years of experience in domestic and commercial heating systems. This experience is clearly represented in the quality and reliability of their boilers guaranteeing the best experience to all their boiler buyers.

Viessmann Boiler Warranty

On average, Viessmann offers a boiler warranty of up to 5 years for most of their boilers. However, they have brands like the Vitodens 200-W≤ 35kW which has a warranty of 3 years and 2 years for the Vitodens 200-W 49-150kW range of boilers.

Terms and Conditions

The warranty doesn’t cover any corrosion or deposits include those caused by water or waterborne deposits. You are also required to have your boiler serviced annually by your Viessmann boiler expert to keep the warranty valid.

Keep in mind that manufacturer warranties are subject to change. You should keenly read the current terms and conditions and check if there are any special offers.

What’s covered by the warranty?

During the period of the warranty, Viessmann will cover your boiler against manufacturing faults and materials defects for both parts and labour free of charge. The warranty also covers other accessories like the programmers and controllers under the standard terms and conditions.

How to extend the Warranty

It’s possible to extend the warranty of some of Viessmann’s boilers. The warranty can be increased to 5 years if the boiler is installed by an installer who is registered as trained by Viessmann.

The boiler should Tbe registered on the Viessmann Installer Portal. The extension is available for boilers ≤60kW.

Compare Viessmann range of boilers

Viessmann has built a reputation as a premium boiler builder. Their dedication to innovation is unmatched which is why their boilers are so reliable.

With Viessmann boilers,  you’re assured of reliability and a dependable boiler that will cost you less to service and install.

With the diverse range of boilers with different outputs and capacities, Viessmann provides you with unlimited options to choose from depending on the needs of your home. The boilers come in gas and oil varieties.

Viessmann gas combi range

The Viessmann range of combi gas boilers is a combines the boiler and the central heating in one sleek and compact unit.

Each of the gas combi boilers is rated Class A for energy efficiency which is why they are quite popular in most UK homes.

Most customers choose combi boilers for their compact nature. They are perfect when you’re trying to juggle space and effectiveness and make your home more comfortable.

The beauty with combi boilers is that they heat water on demand — no more high energy bills or having to keep the water warm. The boiler provides you with hot water at any of the hot water taps and supplies plenty to the radiators on demand.

Compare Viessmann gas combi boiler prices

Combi boilers are not only great at saving you space. They also save you money. The initial purchase price varies from boiler to boiler depending on the model. But, the most important thing is to make sure you get a gas combi boiler that is perfect for your home.

Because the Viessmann boilers come with a comprehensive warranty, it can help to shoulder some of the maintenance costs as you get used to the boiler. You shouldn’t forget to get a qualified engineer. You can get free quotes to install your new Viessmann gas combi boiler here.

Benefits of a Viessmann Gas Combi Boiler

  • You don’t need a cistern or a loft tank with this kind of boiler.
  • It’s a compact boiler, making it unobtrusive for most homes with limited space.
  • It comes with a comprehensive warranty as a standard.
  • The boiler doesn’t require additional pumps. It works using the mains pressure.

Viessmann Regular Gas Boiler Range

Most homeowners only realise they have to get a gas regular boiler for their home during the advanced stages of buying the boiler. Regular boilers are best suited for homes with the old kind of central heating.

Also called an open vent boiler, this type of boiler comes with its own range of benefits which are usually undermined but just as important. Modern regular boilers are highly energy efficient. They offer plenty of advantages and are tuned for modern living.

With brands like Viessmann, you have various regular gas boilers to choose from based on the size of your home and your needs.

Compare Viessmann gas regular boilers prices

When thinking of buying a new boiler, you always have to concerned about the cost. The cost of the boiler comes first. Then you also have to think about the cost of installation and the running costs.

With Viessmann boilers, the running costs are reduced dramatically. The boilers are extremely low maintenance and highly energy efficient. For the installation costs, you can get quotes on installing your new boiler here.

Benefits of Viessmann Regular Gas Boilers

  • Improved energy efficiency compared to older boilers.
  • If you’re replacing an only regular system, you don’t have to worry about extensive changes to the pipework.
  • A regular boiler is perfect for homes in places with low water pressure or has a high demand for hot water.
  • A regular boiler will easily supply hot water to multiple bathrooms even when they are used simultaneously.
  • Each Viessmann regular gas boiler comes with a warranty as a standard.

Viessmann Gas System Boilers Range

System boilers come with a hot water cylinder. It takes up some space in the loft but, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience that the tank brings.

It improves energy efficiency and makes the central heating more effective. System boilers don’t need a cold water tank. And, most of their components are built into the system. They still save on space while increasing the availability of hot water.

Because of their unique build, system boilers can serve larger homes with a higher demand for hot water and the hot water flow rate is higher.

Like other types and classes of the Viessmann boiler, the gas system boilers range is rated class A for energy efficiency which makes it greener and affordable to run.

Benefits of a Viessmann Gas System Boiler

  • Perfect for homes that need lots of hot water with multiple bathrooms.
  • The Viessmann range of gas system boilers works with the Viessmann solar thermal systems.
  • The system boilers easily provide hot water whenever you need it constantly.
  • Come with a comprehensive warranty as a standard.

Compare the Viessmann gas system boilers prices

The prices for gas system boilers from Viessmann vary. Some of the factors that affect the cost of the boiler include the rating, efficiency and size of the boiler. These factors are the same one that should guide you on which boiler will work best for your home.

To get maximum benefits from the boiler and enjoy the energy-efficiency that Viessmann is known for, the boiler should be installed by a qualified engineer. The rates for installation vary so you should get quotes from several installers.

You can get free quotes for your new Viessmann boiler today from qualified boiler installation experts.

In the table below, you can review the full range of Viessmann gas system boilers and their prices;

Viessmann Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are not as common as they once were. Nonetheless, they still have their part in the modern world and are religiously sort after.

Being a brand that caters to all customers, Viessmann has the Vitorondens 200-T floor-standing oil boiler.

It features the bespoke dual-stage Vitoflame blue flame condensing oil technology from Viessmann. It also comes with weather compensation as a standard.

This boiler is a relatively new addition to the UK market. It made its debut in 2018 intending to provide an alternative to off-grid customers and those who have older homes that are not adequately insulated.

The boiler complies with OFTEC requirements on the emission of flue gas NOx and will be expected to meet even the lower NOx emission levels should legislation be passed in the five years.

The Vitorondense 200-T boiler comes in different types and output ratings each with a different price.

Viessmann Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

While a registered boiler engineer should do most of the repair and maintenance work on your boiler, there’s no harm in knowing some of the common problems and fault codes with Viessmann boilers.

Some of the fixes are extremely simple and you can use such knowledge to save yourself some money and inconvenience. But, working with boilers is not easy. If you’re not sure about something or can’t find a control on the boiler, it’s best to have an expert have a look at it.

No hot water but heating works

This problem is common with the Viessmann Vitodens 100 and 200.

Various issues could be causing the problem. The most common is a faulty diverter valve.

The diverter valve switches between hot water and heating. Without this part, your radiators would get hot every time you switch on the boiler for the hot water.

If the valve fails and gets stuck on the heating side, it explains the lack of hot water while the heating works.

Suggested fix

In newer boilers, the valve can be changed. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, the valve has to be replaced. You need to get in touch with an engineer to assist you with the diagnosis and replacement of the part.

Only Radiators are heating up

This problem can present itself in several ways. In the first case, the radiator heats up halfway which means the boiler, the temperature control, or water circulation could be having a problem. If the radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, it could be a problem resulting from sludge build-up and if the radiators are hot at the top and cold at the bottom, it could be an airlock.

Suggested fix

The fix depends on the problem;

  • For radiators that are heating halfway, check for heating pump faults and if the flow return and temperature sensors are working properly.
  • For boilers that only heat at the top, there’s a fair chance sludge and limescale build-up are to blame. You should have a power flush done to restore circulation.

These fixes and diagnosis should be done by a certified boiler engineer. He will help you check the condition of the thermistors and assess if there’s any built upon them.

Burner blocked

For Viessmann boilers, it’s almost impossible to assess any burner faults without taking apart the boiler. So, any burner problems are best left to an expert.

The F1 error is the most common in the Viessmann boiler. Some other models display A3, B0, F1, or F-E2. No matter the fault code, it always points to a problem with the flue gas sensor.

Suggested fix

More often than not, the sensor will be faulty and has to be replaced. As noted earlier, this is a job for the experts.

Contacting Customer Support

There are several ways to get in touch with the Viessmann Group customer support team, depending on your reason for contact.

Their address is;

Hortonwood 30,




You can call them at;

01952 675000

The email address is;


You can also pay them a visit at the different sales, technical advice and after-sales offices during their listed working hours.

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