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Compare Remeha Boiler Reviews


Most boiler manufacturers focus on building domestic boilers with some capacity for small commercial applications. Remeha has gone knee-deep into the commercial boiler world to make boilers that solve heating and hot water problems on a large scale with a variety of domestic alternatives made from quality materials and excellent engineering.

Since 1935 when the company was founded in Holland, they have invested in research and development which goes into the high-performance range of boilers the manufacturer produces.

By simplifying boiler design and taking a more practical approach, the manufacturer has dedicated more time in improving their condensing range of boilers to make them adaptable and future-proof for every business that is looking to enjoy the benefits of boilers without paying the premium price and energy bill that comes with having one.

By focusing on commercial customers, Remeha has gained valuable experience and relation to the needs in the commercial sector. That’s why their boiler design is built from the ground up to meet the demands of different commercial clients in a range of sectors.

What most people don’t know is that Remeha is part of the giant Baxi Heating which is part of BDR Thermea Group.  Being part of such a large company, Remeha has access to unlimited financing and resources for research and development. With an award-winning engineering and design team, you’re assured of the best and most practical boiler designs from Remeha.

Typical Remeha Boiler Prices

Boiler prices are always a concern to anyone thinking of getting a new boiler or replacing the old one. Even with so many brands, types of boilers and varieties to choose from, boiler prices still remain a concern.

Remeha doesn’t do any better in this area. Their boilers are not exactly budget boilers. You have to be prepared to dig deep into your pockets. The upside to this is that you get a high-quality boiler with exceptional features. This applies to Remeha’s commercial and domestic range of boilers.

Before settling on your preferred boiler, it’s best to have a look around and find a dealer that offers you the best prices. You should also remember that the boiler price isn’t inclusive of the installation costs.

Other than the boiler price, you also need to worry about the installation cost. You can get quotes from different installers and compare them to get the best. If you need help getting quotes for your new Remeha boiler installation, send us an enquiry and we will have up to 3 local installers send you competitive, free and no-obligation quotes.

Why Choose a Remeha Boiler?

Remeha appeals to both commercial and domestic buyers. Their extensive range of boilers makes it easy to make the right pick depending on your requirements and needs. Being one of the leading boiler manufacturers in Europe, you should expect this brand to attract a lot of attention.

It would be difficult to compress all the benefits that Remeha boilers offer in one piece. But, there are impressive highlights that headline the remarkable strides that this brand has had in the industry.

From their diverse range of boilers to the simple and intuitive design of the boilers, there’s everything to like about the range of boilers that Remeha offers.


Remeha has decades of experience under its sleeve. The valuable years they’ve been in the industry meeting the needs of the commercial and domestic clients and learning from previous mistakes have inspired a modern breed of highly efficient boilers that guarantee the best experience and value for money for business and homes alike.


The most stand out feature that Remeha offers is the unique design. The design is deceptively simple but, it’s expandable, adaptable and built to stand the test of time. The boiler design addresses every challenge that comes with boilers including supply and installation.

Perfect for all

The single design concept that comes with each of the boilers is perfect for constricted spaces and homes where space is a premium. To understand just how well Remeha pays attention to the details, even their largest boiler fits through a standard doorway and still conforms to the ErP regulations.

Direct sales

Tired of having to buy a boiler through an installer who is always looking to make a profit? Remeha is one of the few boiler manufacturers that will deliver the boiler straight to the site. They have a team of highly skilled sales managers that will help you with the necessary technical knowledge to help you choose the right boiler to guarantee the best results.

Quality boilers at every level

Regardless of the quality of boiler that you’re looking for, you can rest assured that Remeha has invested in research and development to make it the best possible value for money you can get. Each of the boilers is carefully designed and engineered to provide the best possible results and performance, whether budget or premium options.

Remeha Boiler Warranty

Getting a boiler warranty means you can sleep better at night knowing that your new boiler will work without any challenges. If there happens to be any faults, the manufacturer will take care of it. Remeha offers a 2-year warranty on parts and labour if they commissioned the boiler. You also get five years of warranty on the heat exchanger.

How to register your new boiler

The boiler warranty is not automatic. You have to get the boiler registered to activate the warranty. The registration process is simple and done through Remeha’s website. If you would like to buy an extended warranty, you will also use the same process to register and contact your area sales manager.

What does the warranty cover?

Once you have activated your new boiler warranty, you’re covered for repairs, replacement and labour if the fault is proven to be a result of a manufacturing or workmanship fault. If the damage on the boiler is caused by water or other causes, you will be billed for the engineer’s visit.

Terms and conditions

Having a boiler warranty is not without responsibility. The manufacturer needs to be sure that you’re taking the best care of the boiler and giving it the best chance to serve you longer. That’s why they have a few requirements you need to keep in mind to keep the warranty active.

The boiler has to be installed by a quality Gas Safe engineer and commissioned by Remeha engineers particularly for boilers that they deliver directly to the buyers. The Benchmark has to be filled by the installer and left with the boiler.

Also, the boiler has to be serviced every 12 months by a qualified engineer and the relevant records kept. When you call the manufacturer for a warranty claim, you will be required to provide the service records.

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