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Common Ravenheat Boiler Problems


Ravenheat boilers was started in 1987. It is based in Leeds but also has sites in Italy and Verona. These sites give it full control over the quality of boilers it produces.

But though your Ravenheat boiler has served you faithfully, it has recently locked out and it displays a code. You know this code means something, but you don’t know what. To help you diagnose the problem, we have taken time to list common Ravenheat boiler problems and matched them to their fault codes.

Read through to find out what’s ailing your boiler.

Boiler keeps locking out

This problem is common with the Raven RSF and the CSI. The number one cause of boiler locks out is low boiler pressure and a faulty pressure sensor.

Depending on the boiler model and specific problem, you might see fault codes F74, 08, and F73. The pressure gauge should read between 1 bar and 1.5 bar. When it goes below 0.5 bar the system will lockout.

Boiler systems have many sensors that help them keep everything in check. Pressure sensors send signals to the PCB. If it’s faulty, the PCB acts on incorrect signals.


Assuming the boiler doesn’t have a leak, you can re-pressurise the boiler system by topping up the boiler. If it continues to leak, there’s a leak. A Gas Safe engineer will inspect the system and seal any leaks.

With a multi-meter, the boiler engineer will test the pressure sensor and the connections. If it’s faulty, it will be replaced.

Heating and hot water don’t work

When hot water and heating don’t work on the Ravenheat boilers, there is a circulation fault. Check the display panel for a circulation fault – F83.

Usually a circulation fault is caused by a faulty pump. The main reasons for a pump would be faulty include:

  • Seized pump shaft
  • Incorrect pump installation

The pump shaft should be horizontal with its bleed screw on the side. An incorrect fitting can lead to premature and excessive wear or the bearings.

Also, sludge build-up can cause the pump to seize.


If the pump is dirty, the boiler engineer will clean it out. If the pump is old or the bearings are damaged, pump replacement is a better option.

An old pump will fail you numerous times and cost more in the long run.

Only half of the radiators are heating

If the temperature is set to maximum but the radiators only heat halfway, then the NTC thermistor sensors may be the problem. In this case, the F85 fault code will be displayed.

One measures flow temperature and the other measures return temperature. The common NTC thermistor faults include:

  • Faulty thermistors
  • Damaged or loose thermistors
  • Limescale build-up – this makes the area close to the thermistor hotter than other parts


Call a Gas Safe engineer to check the NTC thermistor connections.

Note: NTC thermistor replacements are cheap. However, before replacement, you need to Power flush the system to remove limescale.

Boiler will not start

The common causes include:

  • A faulty ignition
  • Faulty fan

If it’s a fan fault, you’ll see a 017 fault code. If it’s an ignition sequence error, the boiler will display a 01 fault code.

When you turn on the boiler, the fan kicks in before the boiler. The fan creates a draught that pushes the harmful gases into the flue. The boiler recognizes the fan is on through a change in air pressure.

Also, a failed ignition sequence involves:

  • A blocked or faulty burner
  • Damaged electrodes
  • Damaged electrode lead
  • Faulty spark generator
  • Faulty PCB


The Gas Safe engineer will replace the fan or adjust its speed and replace any faulty part causing a failure in the boiler ignition sequence.

If the repairs surpass £500 you should consider installing a new boiler.

Flashing red lights

If a red-light flashes on the boiler, you have an electric boiler. It specifically points to reversed polarity and is common after electrical projects are complete.

If no wiring has been done recently, the problem might be the:

  • PCB
  • Faulty flame sensor
  • Faulty gas valve


Call a Gas Safe engineer to text the boiler components individually.

The flame sensors are cheap and easy to replace. However, PCBs and gas valve replacements for to more than £500. If the boiler I old and out of warranty, we advise installing a new boiler.

High water pressure

An E10 fault code means your boiler pressure is higher than the required. Normal boiler pressure shouldn’t surpass 1.5 bar. Anything higher puts boiler components at risk of damage.

High boiler pressure is commonly caused by air trapped in the system and a faulty fan.


Bleed the system through the radiators. This will get rid of excess water and trapped water. Also, a Gas Safe engineer will repair or replace a faulty pump.

No hot water only

If there is no hot water but there’s heating, it means the diverter valve is faulty or stuck on heating. Hot water therefore cannot get into the shower and tap plumbing.

Over time, the diverter wears out or gets stuck on ether heating, hot water or at the middle.


The boiler engineer will free the diverter valve. But if it is faulty, they will replace the diverter valve for £250.

Frozen condensate pipe

The Raven heat frozen condensate pipe drains wastewater and keeps the boiler operating efficiently. When it’s blocked, the water backs up into the system, the PCB picks up on the block and locks out the system.


You can thaw the pipe by pouring warm water on the frozen portion. Since it’s made of plastic, hot water will melt it.

If you are confident enough, you can do this alone.

Faulty Gas Valve

A faulty gas valve is dangerous since it involves gas. When you notice the F77 fault code, you should not attempt to restart the system after it locks out. Some common gas valve problems include:

  • Valve closure fault
  • Incorrect adjustment
  • PCB problem
  • Loose and damaged wiring and connections


The Gas Safe boiler will repair the fault if possible. However, it’s better to replace the Ravenheat gas valve than to repair. A new gas valve costs £300 including the labour.

Faulty pump circulation

With proper installation, a pump can last for 10-20 years. A boiler pump sucks water from the boiler and pumps it around the heating system pipework. It feeds the towel rails, taps, and radiators. If the pump isn’t working it can wreak havoc in the entire system.

When you notice a pump fault, usually an E02 fault code you should shut down the boiler to avoid further boiler damage.


The Gas Safe engineer will replace the pump. A replacement pumps costs between £200 and £250 including installation.

Other fault codes and troubleshooting

Fault code E05 – Fan problem

How to fix: Replace fan

Fault code E06 – Overheating central heating sensor

How to fix: Flush limescale and sludge build-up

Fault code E13 – Software error

How to fix: Install new software

Fault code E23 – Damaged flue sensor

How to fix: Replace flue sensor

How to improve your boilers life?

Ravenheat boiler warranty

The standard boiler warranty ranges from 2 to 5 years. During this period, Ravenheat will cover faults that are caused by an error in the manufacturing process.

However, to get the full-length warranty, you need to use a Gas Safe registered engineer for the annual service and repairs and register your boiler online within 30 days of its installation. Luckily, the boiler engineer will complete the registration process for you.

Note: the Ravenheat warranties can change without notice. As such, we advise that you read through their current terms.

Ravenheat boiler cover

When your boiler warranty expires, you can buy Ravenheat boiler insurance. It works like a boiler warranty but with different terms and require that you pay a premium.

Ravenheat boiler service

The annual boiler service should be done by a Gas Safe boiler engineer. The annual boiler service is essential for:

  • Maintaining boiler warranty
  • Ensuring boiler safety
  • Ensuring boiler efficiency
  • Saving you energy costs

After every annual service, you will receive a certificate. Keep that certificate for at least two years. It will act as proof of the maintenance and care you gave the boiler.

Dealing with Ravenheat boiler faults is not easy. However, with the above boiler codes and fixes explained, diagnoses get easier. If you’d lie multiple quotes from Gas Safe engineers in your region, we’d be happy to offer you 4 quotes for free.

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