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Compare Ravenheat Boiler Reviews


Ravenheat is no stranger to boiler production and manufacture. The company was founded in 1987 and is one of the few independent boiler brands. It has a facility in Leeds (UK) and Verona (Italy) and full control of the designing and manufacturing of its boilers.

The brand has been shaky over the years but, in recent times, they have turned their fortunes around and are producing some impressive boilers that provide users with more control and better efficiency boilers.

Improvements to aspects of the boilers like the ease of servicing, use of high-quality components and convenient placing or items like the boiler connections have seen Ravenheat enjoy plenty of success in the UK and across Europe. The demand for Ravenheat boilers has shot up due to the improved quality and user experience that this range of boilers has to offer.

In addition to the state-of-the-art affordable and high-efficiency boilers, Ravenheat also has incredible customer support for buyers and installers. It’s an extra layer of comfort knowing that you can easily get assistance in case you run into problems with your new boiler or need some technical assistance.

With Ravenheat, you get the whole package. You have access to an impressive range of boilers and reliable customer support that can walk you through any challenges you come across when using the new boiler.

Typical Ravenheat Boiler Prices

Ravenheat boasts of a diverse range of boilers for users to pick from. They have carefully weighed different heating needs of homes in the UK and come up with unique boilers that solve each of those problems.

Despite the high-quality parts like the brass and copper parts, the brand has somehow managed to keep their boilers affordable and low cost. Unlike most leading brands, they don’t have parts made out of rubber hoses which are vulnerable and leak easily. With Ravenheat, you get a high-quality boiler at a reasonable rate.

For a Ravenheat boiler, set aside a budget in the region of £500 to £1,920. Of course, the actual cost of the boiler will depend on a variety of factors like the capacity of the boiler and the type. To get an actual quote of the boiler you have in mind, you should try scout around for the best prices.

Don’t forget that you still have to pay for the installation of the boiler. The installation fees differ depending on the installer. To get the best rates, obtain a few quotes from different qualified installers and compare them.

For your new Ravenheat boiler installation quote, send us an enquiry. We will have 3 local installers in your area to send you free quotes. You can also enquire if the installers offer boiler financing services in which case the process of getting yourself a new boiler gets much easier.

Why Choose a Ravenheat Boiler?

A Ravenheat boiler is an interesting choice for many buyers for a few reasons. First, the brand holds its own in the heating world having been around for a number of years. They have worked tirelessly and managed to produce their first condensing boiler in 1996 which is quite commendable.

Their new stock of boilers is evidence of how well they understand the boiler market and the needs of the buyers. They have uniquely designed boilers that blend with modern architecture and come with multiple installation options.

Buyers are not the only ones that are enjoying the creativity and engineering that is going into Ravenheat boilers. Installers have also heaped praise on the manufacturer’s range of boilers for their ease of installation, quality and durable parts and how easy they are to service.

Benefits of Choosing a Ravenheat Boiler

Brass and copper components

Boilers are notorious for leaking. The leaks can cause severe damage to the boiler components and they usually result in a hefty repair bill. To avoid this, the Ravenheat range of boilers has brass and copper in place of plastic manifolds and rubber hoses which have a tendency for leaking. The brass and copper parts last longer and provide better service to the user.

Helpful customer support

While there’s no shortage of good boilers in the market, there’s a shortage of brands that invest as much in their customer support as they do in their products. Offering an excellent customer experience is a top priority with Ravenheat which is why they have responsive customer support that will assist you with any challenges you might have with the new boiler. They can also offer you technical support and help you choose the right boiler for your home using their Boiler Selector.

Plenty of variety

Ravenheat stock combi, regular and system boilers. Each range of boilers comes in multiple outputs and features suited for different homes. No matter how unique the needs of your home are, you’re guaranteed to find a competent, high quality and high-efficiency boiler that will match and surpass those needs.

Compact, future-proof designs

For small homes, finding the right boiler can be a pain. With limited space, it’s difficult to find enough space to squeeze in the new appliance. Ravenheat has a variety of compact boilers, some of which are wall-hung to tend to homes with limited space. The unique designs will easily fit into tiny space. If you don’t have any space, you can go for a wall-hung boiler that will work just as well.

Ravenheat Boiler Warranty

For every Ravenheat boiler you purchase, you get a warranty. The length of the warranty will depend on the type of boiler but it varies between 2-5 years. To keep the warranty active, you will need to keep up with the terms and conditions set by the manufacturer.

What’s covered by the warranty?

Ravenheat will cover any faults that are a result of manufacturing processes. The brand will take care of the parts and labour. However, they will not cover water damage to the boiler. When you make the call, you will be required to provide documents to show the boiler is up to date on the annual service.

Terms and conditions

For Ravenheat to honour the warranty, there’re a few requirements they have set. The boiler has to be installed and serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer each year. Upon installation, the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist must be completed and left with the appliance. You will also need to keep the necessary paperwork after each service.

How to register your warranty

The boiler warranty needs to be activated. The activation process is simple and straightforward. Within one month of the installation, the boiler has to be registered. Completing the registration process which is done online activates the warranty of the boiler.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

The Ravenheat boiler range is extensive and diverse. They offer all three types of boilers. Each offers unique benefits and comes in multiple outputs ratings which makes it easier for you to pick what works for your home best.

The diversity of the range and prices allows all potential buyers to find a good quality boiler within Ravenheat’s collection to suit their budget and their home.

Ravenheat Combi boiler range

Ravenheat combi boilers feature the highest quality components. They are designed by experienced heating engineers who understand the needs of a combi boiler to offer practical solutions to heating for small homes.

As with other combi boilers, the Ravenheat range of combis doesn’t come with hot water cylinder or cold water storage tanks which saves you significant space around the house.

They come in different options ideal for both large and small properties fitted with energy-saving technology. They have the capacity to produce hot water to multiple taps at the same time, depending on the output of the boiler and have a commendable flow rate.

The self-contained nature of the Ravenheat combi boiler makes it perfect for homes without enough space and looking for an all-in-one heating solution that will cater to the central heating and provide hot water.

Benefits of a Ravenheat Combi boiler

  • The boilers are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.
  • They are Band A-Rated.
  • Come with a 3-year warranty on parts and labours. The warranty has the option to extend.
  • Works using the mains pressure.
  • The boilers are highly efficient and guaranteed to save you money.

Compare Ravenheat Combi boiler prices

Buying a new boiler or replacing an old one requires careful financial planning. You have to make sure you choose the right boiler for your home and from a reliable manufacturer.

For many years, Ravenheat boilers have built a reputation for quality, energy efficiency and reliability. The cost-saving measures and features that come with the boiler can be quite appealing. But, before you pay up, it’s always a good idea to have a look around and see what other prices the market has to offer.

It’s important to remember that the cost of the boiler is exclusive of installation fees. You need to find a reputable installer with competitive rates when purchasing the boiler. We can help you get quotes for your new Ravenheat combi boiler. Send us an enquiry today and we will have installers provide you with the quotes.

Ravenheat System boiler range

System boilers are an excellent choice for homes with multiple bathrooms and need tons of hot water. To keep up with the demand, Ravenheat boilers come with a built-in expansion vessel so you can save the space in the loft. The boilers have the capacity to produce hot water for the radiators and taps in the house.

The hot water cylinder that comes with the boiler is always topped up, so you never lack hot water inside the house. This coupled with the unique benefits of Ravenheat boilers which include premium, durable parts, you’re assured of complete reliability from your boiler and a premium experience.

The meticulous design that goes into these boilers guarantees you enjoy the best quality and performance from your boiler while saving some money at the same time.

The Ravenheat system boiler range has two main boilers, each with unique benefits.

Benefits of a Ravenheat System boiler

WH System 4-24: Central heating output of 4-26.2kW benefits:

  • Low energy use. Band A rated.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Class 5 low NOx emissions.
  • Can also work with solar power.

CS System 4-24: Central heating output of 4-26kW benefits:

  • The boiler comes with a 2-year guarantee.
  • 10-12 litres per minute production.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Class 5 Low NOx emissions.

Compare Ravenheat System boiler prices

Choosing the right boiler for your home should be a priority. The boiler should be reliable and energy-efficient and for a system boiler, you should have some space in the airing cupboard to install the hot water cylinder.

When choosing the boiler, don’t pick the first option you see. The boiler prices differ depending on the installer. Try scouting around to see how the price ranges vary. The same is the case when getting an installer.

For the installer, it’s best to start by getting a few quotes for the new Ravenheat system boiler that will help you understand what a fair price to pay would be.

By doing some research, you can save yourself significant money and still get the boiler of your dreams and an incredible installer.

You can send us an enquiry to get boiler installation quotes. For boiler prices, have a look at the table below:

Ravenheat Regular boiler range

Also known as open-vent or traditional boilers, regular boilers are ideal when you don’t want to change the old central heating pipework in your home. They also work perfectly in areas that have low water pressure but, they require more space for installation.

Modern regular boilers are extremely efficient. They save you the cost of changing the pipework and also running costs.

Ravenheat range of regular boilers can work with your feed and expansion tank and hot water cylinder. They are capable of producing high amounts of hot water and running the boiler doesn’t cost as much as it did running an old regular boiler.

Benefits of Ravenheat regular boilers

  • Perfect for traditional open-vent systems.
  • Energy rating Band A.
  • Small and compact design.
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee.
  • Comes in timer and non-timer versions.
  • Has a fully modulating burner and fan.

Compare Ravenheat regular boiler prices

Modern regular boilers are tuned for efficiency. Unlike their old counterparts, they work as efficiently as system and combi boilers and allow you to keep using your old central heating.

Picking the right boiler is just as important even with this range of boilers. Shop around for the most competitive boiler and installation prices and make sure you get quotes before you settle on any one installer.

Compare the complete range of Ravenheat regular boilers below:

Ravenheat Boilers Common Problems and Fault Codes

This short guide will help you make the most out of your Ravenheat boiler and understand it better. Even though it might not make sense to start thinking of problems with your new boiler, remember that boilers last for many years and as time passes by, the boiler might start acting out. If that happens, it’s always best to have some tips that can assist you in that situation.

Low boiler pressure (boiler keeps locking out)

This fault is common with the Ravenheat CSI and RSF. It’s a low-pressure problem that causes the boiler to lockout.

It’s usually caused by a leak in the system which causes the pressure to drop or in some cases the pressure sensor could be faulty. Depending on the exact problem, the fault codes that appear can vary. They include the F73, F74 and 08 error codes.

Suggested fix

Whether the system has a leak or the pressure sensor is faulty, you need to have an expert handle the situation. Both are delicate matters that could affect the performance and longevity of your boiler. Having a professional engineer come in gives you the best chance of having the boiler work properly again.

Hot water and heating don’t work

If both the heating and hot water aren’t working, it’s most likely a circulation fault.

Start by checking the display panel on the oiler. Most Ravenheat boilers will show an F83 code if the circulation is the problem. If there’s any other fault code, you can check the owner’s manual to know what it means.

Circulation problems are caused by band installation of a new pump or a seized pump shaft and some time, sludge in the system can cause blockages and cause the pump to fail.

Suggested fix

Cleaning out the pump of the dirt can restore its function. But, sometimes, it’s best to have it replaced especially if it’s an old pump because of the wear and tear of the bearings. Again, this is a job best left to an engineer.

Boiler won’t fire up

When the fan is faulty, or there’s a full-on ignition sequence failure, the boiler will not fire up. A fault fan shows an error 017 code on the display panel while the ignition sequence fault produces an error code 01 code.

Suggested fix

It’s not certain that you will need a new fan but, an engineer will be the judge of that. It could be the wiring at fault or the motor.

For failed ignition problems, the faulty parts have to be identified first and then replaced. The fault-finding mission might be the most challenging part but once that is done, the engineer should get your boiler working in no time.

Contacting customer support

There are several ways you can get in touch with the Ravenheat customer support:


Ravenheat Manufacturing Ltd,
Chartists Way,
LS27 9ET

Phone number

(+44) 0113 252 7007


(+44) 0113 238 0229



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