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Compare Potterton Boiler Reviews


Potterton is one of the oldest boiler manufacturers in the UK. Their history can be traced as far back as 1805. Thomas Potterton started the company in Balham in London. It was later acquired by Baxi Heating UK which is part of the BDR Thermea Group.

BDR Thermea is one of the biggest suppliers of heating products in Europe. The company operates in over 70 countries and employs over 6,000 people worldwide.

Despite being under Baxi, Potterton has built its own name and brand by creating a vast range of boilers suited for social housing and newbuild markets.

Potterton boilers are manufactured using tried and tested technology. To guarantee the quality of the boilers, only approved and genuine components are used in the boilers. Before leaving the production line, each of the boilers is thoroughly tested and only leaves with a 100% rating.

The boilers are easy to install, service and maintain and save you money with their excellent SAP ratings.

Typical Prices for a Potterton Boiler

The versatile Potterton boilers will set you back between £498 and £2,140 without the installation fee. When setting a budget for your boiler, it’s important not to focus too much on the cost of the boiler.

Cheap boilers may prove to be expensive to run and maintain. They may also fail to keep up with the hot water demands of your home. Instead, focus on getting value for your budget with a good quality boiler that is easy to install and will save you money going forward.

When thinking of the new boiler, don’t forget the installation. Every good boiler requires proper installation to have the best chance at the best performance and longevity. You can save yourself money on the cost of installation by comparing different installation quotes from various Gas Safe registered installers.

To get quotes for your new Potterton boiler, get in touch with us today and we will connect you with installers who will provide you with 3 free, no-obligation quotes.

Why choose a Potterton boiler?

Potterton has a wide range of boilers for the UK market. They have over 160 years of experience and each of their boilers is a result of endless innovation over the years and the latest technology.

Each of the boilers meets the energy requirement conditions and are perfect for homes that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Each of the Potterton boilers has to achieve a 100% rating before leaving their manufacturing line ensuring customers get quality boilers.

Benefits of Potterton boilers

Best buy combi boiler

For 4 consecutive years from 2007 to 2010, Potterton’s Combi 24HE was voted UK’s top combi boiler. The boiler got excellent reviews and ratings on features like NOx emissions, simplicity of installation, features and ease of use. The boiler also received remarkable reviews on efficiency, durability and output.


Potterton is one of the most experienced boiler manufacturers in the UK. They have been making boilers since 1850 and had their first gas boiler installed in 1902. All these years of experience contribute to the perfection that is witnessed today in their boilers.


Each home has unique heating and hot water requirements. To keep up with the ever-changing needs of the market, Potterton has a wide range of gas boilers that come in different types and outputs to meet the unique needs of each home.


The Potterton brand is proof that excellence doesn’t have to be expensive. Their boilers have high ratings and come highly recommended by customers that have used them. Their prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly.

Eco-friendly boilers

Potterton is notorious for building boilers that meet the ErP requirements. They are keen on producing boilers that not only make homes comfortable and safer but also contribute to improving the environment.

Tried and tested

Each Potterton boiler is thoroughly tested before it leaves the manufacturing line. The boiler must receive a clean bill of health and a 100% rating from the experts before it can hit the market.

Potterton Boiler Warranty

Most boiler companies that have the interests of the buyer at heart don’t sell directly to the buyer. Potterton is no different. If you want to buy a Potterton boiler, you have to buy it from heating and plumbing stockists or selected installers.

Once you buy the boiler, the warranty period varies from 1 – 7 years depending on range, type and model of boiler.

What’s covered in the warranty?

In case of any faults or breakdowns within the warranty period, Potterton will cover the parts and labour for repairing or replacing the parts. That should give you peace of mind, especially when you have an extended warranty in place.

Terms and conditions of the warranty

There are specific requirements that have to be met for Potterton to honour the warranty. First, the boiler should have been installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Upon completion of the installation, the engineer should complete a Benchmark checklist for the product.

The boiler also needs to be serviced annually to keep the warranty valid and records properly kept.

How to register your warranty

A Potterton boiler warranty is not automatic. It needs to be activated once you purchase and install the boiler. The warranty should be registered within 30 days after installation. You can register the boiler through the warranty registration form found on the company’s website.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

In this section, we look at the range of various boilers that Potterton offers. Their range of boilers features Combi, Regular and system boilers all of them fuelled by gas.

When choosing the type of boiler for your home, remember to factor in demand for hot water, the size of the house and the space available for your boilers.

For installation quotes on your new Potterton boiler, send us an enquiry and up to 3 Gas Safe engineers will send you competitive free quotes from which you can choose which is best.

Potterton Combi boiler range

The combi boiler is the most popular type of boiler in the UK today. It’s preferred by thousands of homeowners. So, if you’re thinking of going the combi way, you’re not alone.

The combi boiler is preferred because of its space efficiency. It doesn’t require components like an expansion tank or a hot water cylinder making it the best option if you’re short on space.

Combi boilers will easily fit in small spaces like the kitchen cabinet and some can be mounted on the wall. What’s more, this type of boiler is energy efficient and produces hot on demand.

Benefits of a Potterton Combi boiler

  • The Potterton range of combi boilers comes in various sizes and outputs to suit the unique needs of each household in the UK
  • The boilers are energy efficient which allows you to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint
  • As with other combi boilers, the Potterton range provides you with hot water when you need it
  • To give you peace of mind, the boiler comes with a warranty that covers both parts and labour

Compare Potterton Combi Boiler Prices

The best thing about Potterton boiler is, they’re built not only for different homes but buyers with different budgets as well. You have so much to choose from and you can match the boiler to your budget.

When considering the budget for your new combi boiler, remember to factor in the installation cost. This also differs depending on your home, the amount of work required type of boiler and ease of installation.

Make sure you get quotes for your new Potterton boiler before you settle on your preferred installer. This allows you to get competitive prices on the installation.

Potterton Regular boiler range

Regular boilers are also referred to as traditional or conventional boilers. Some people even call them open vent boilers.

Regardless of the name, it’s the same boiler with the same system which can be identified using its unique elements.

Regular boilers are ideal for homes with old piping or homes in areas that have low water pressure.

Regular boilers require an expansion tank usually installed in the loft and a hot water cylinder which sits in an airing cupboard. Because of the requirements of the tanks, regular boilers are not suitable for homes that are short on space.

Potterton has a variety of option to choose from. This ensures each home has a viable boiler that will serve its needs comprehensively.

Benefits of a Potterton Regular boiler

  • Potterton regular boilers are perfect if your home has old pipework or the water pressure is low in your location.
  • Potterton regular boilers come in different outputs and sizes. They have compact slimline options and kitchen cupboard sized varieties.
  • Regular boilers can offer unlimited amounts of hot water to all parts of the house and the radiators.
  • The boilers are fitted with easy to use controls.

Compare Potterton Regular boilers prices

Regular boilers have three different main components; the boiler, a water tank and a cylinder. Still, they are very cost effective options when it comes to keeping your home nice and toasty.

When considering a regular boiler, installation is key. A modern regular boiler will save you the cost of re-piping if you’re replacing an old regular boiler. It makes installation much easier and the cost of installation is going to be manageable.

Nonetheless, it’s advisable to get quotes for your new Potterton boiler to compare and make sure you’re getting the best price for the installation.

To compare the full list of Potterton regular boilers and their prices, have a look at this table.

Potterton system boiler range

System boilers heat water directly from the mains. It’s the reason why they are heavily preferred because this gets rid of the need for an extra tank and reduces installation work.

System boilers are best suited for newly built properties because the installation is easier and they take up less space.

The boiler is capable of producing hot water making it perfect for large homes or homes that require a lot of hot water.

The presence of a hot water cylinder which fits in an airing cabinet ensures you have hot water whenever you need it. The tank is automatically topped up when some of the hot water is used up.

Even though Potterton system boilers are better suited for large properties, the various outputs and sizes Potterton offers present excellent alternatives for smaller properties with a high appetite for hot water too.

Benefits of a Potterton System boiler

  • Potterton system boilers are excellent at energy efficiency.
  • Each of the boilers comes with a standard warranty that covers parts and labour.
  • The boilers are perfect for well-insulated homes with reduced heating needs.
  • Potterton System boilers are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Compare Potterton System boiler prices

The Potterton brand is known for reliability, affordability and diversity. As a manufacturer, they have taken time to understand what their customers are looking for and they have a wide range of system boilers that offer solutions to the challenges that their customers face.

Even with the benefits of system boilers, the cost is always a concern. When buying a new boiler, it’s highly recommended to have a reasonable budget that balances affordability, quality and durability.

Your budget should also factor in the cost of fitting the boiler into your home. For the sake of your boiler and your safety, it’s best to use a trained and Gas Safe installer. You should also get several quotes for the new Potterton boiler which you can compare and settle on the best.

Compare the range of Potterton Gas System boiler prices below.

Potterton Boiler Problems and Common Fault codes

This quick guide will help you know your boiler better. It will also help you identify some common Potterton boiler faults and what you should do in case your boiler suffers any of the said faults.

Boiler pressure too low

This problem is not unique to Potterton. It happens to other boiler brands also. When the pressure of the boiler is too low, the boiler will lockout.

For Potterton boilers, the E119 code is what will appear on the Profile, Suprima, Promax, store and system range of boilers.

The Potterton Titanium and Gold options will show an E118 code on the display panel.

Before finding a solution, you have to find out what’s causing the boiler to lose pressure. Leaks in the boiler are the main culprit. The leaks can be caused by;

  • Faulty pump seals.
  • Cracked heat exchangers.
  • Pressure release valves that are leaking.
  • Weak soldered joints and failing valves on radiators.

Suggest fix

Resetting the boiler doesn’t solve the problem. If the leak is not fixed, the boiler will fail to restart even after you reset it.

To clear the problem completely, it’s best to have an engineer look at the boiler and determine the root cause. Even topping up the boiler will only clear the fault code but not solve the problem.

Fan cycling on and off

Most Potterton boilers have a fan that produces a whirring noise for about 5 seconds before the boiler fires up.

This fan is essential in getting rid of flue gases. Before the boiler can startup, it needs to recognise that the fan is working.

If the fan is not working, the boiler will not fire. There are several problems to blame for this. Depending on what is causing the problem, the boiler could show an E160 or E161 error codes.

The fan problem could arise from damaged or loose wiring, a faulty air pressure switch or a broken PCB.

Suggested fix

To fix any fan problems, the boiler’s casing has to be removed. That makes this the job of a Gas Safe engineer. The engineer will test the boiler to determine the cause of the problem and then fix it.

Return pipe is cold

Return pipe being cold is a sign that the circulation has some fault. Either the pump is not working properly, or there’s a blockage.

Suggested fix

The condition of the pump has to be assessed. This means the boiler case has to go off making this the job for an expert.

The pump will be checked for blown seals and the speed setting. Once the problem is identified, the damaged parts will be replaced.

The system might also require hot flushing to remove any sludge.  

Contacting Customer Support and Contacts

If you’re looking to get in touch with Potterton, there are various avenues you can use.

You can get in touch with by writing to:


Brooks House,

Coventry Road,


CV34 4LL

Website and email:



You can also contact the company through the following phone numbers;

General enquiries: 0344 871 1560

Technical enquiries: 0344 871 1545

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