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No Power to Boiler and How to Fix Easily


Boilers are designed to last for 10 or 15 years. But from time to time, they malfunction and leave you in the cold. And unfortunately, boilers choose the worst time to die. Many families have had to deal with ‘dead’ boilers during the winter when they need them most.

If the boiler thermostat or timer isn’t getting power, don’t freak, out we can help. Is there no power to your boiler and are you looking for a quick fix?

You’ll be pleased to note there are simple and quick fixes to your problem. But before we get to the solution, let’s start with the causes so you can stop this from happening again.

5 Reasons why there is no power to your boiler

RCD tripped

The fuse box in your home controls the electricity in your house. If your boiler isn’t getting power, one of the fuses might have tripped. Fuse boxes have a bunch of switches connected to different sockets and appliances in the house. When a switch is pointing down, the circuit it serves is switched off. When it’s up, the circuit is on.

So if there’s no power to your boiler, its switch may be pointing down. Modern fuse boards are labelled. Locate one labelled water heater and flip it up. This might solve your problem.

Simple enough, right? The challenge comes in locating the fuse board. If you don’t know where it is, look at the entrance of the house. Electricians usually install them high. If you don’t find it there, check in the cupboard under your stairs.

Blown fuse

To check if the fuse is blown, you’ll start by locating the switch that controls power to the boiler. This switch is usually next to the boiler or close by. If it’s not, then check in the airing cupboard where the storage tank is.

When you find it, remove the fuse using a screwdriver or a non-conductive object. Do not use a metallic object. The fuse is a small cylindrical item with metal caps on both ends. If it loos charred, it’s blown. Replace it with a new fuse and see if the circuit is completed.

Blown internal fuse

Boilers have inbuilt fuses. Some boilers have two or more fuses. If your boiler isn’t receiving power and the above checks haven’t worked, proceed to check the internal fuses.

As a homeowner, the first two faults and checks are safe and straightforward. However, messing with the internal fuse can be dangerous. As such, you should hire a local Gas Safe boiler engineer to do the checks and tests. Internal boiler fuses look like ordinary fuses.

Usually, the fuses blow for no reason. At times, they give in to age. Once the boiler engineer has replaced the fuse, they will test the boiler to ensure the fuse doesn’t blow.

If the fuse blows, it means there’s a fault with the boiler’s electrical system causing the fuse to blow. The underlying issue should be addressed ASAP.

PCB failure

If the fuses are all okay, but boiler power has not been restored, it’s possible the problem is with the boiler’s circuit board (PCB). In this case, a boiler engineer will need to replace the circuit board. Unfortunately, the replacement can be costly. Circuit boards replacement cost anywhere between £80 – £250. The cost depends on the boiler type. It also depends on the engineer you hire.

At times fried circuit boards are caused by faulty boiler components. Common culprits include mechanical timers, fans, and pumps. When these components fail, they pass excess current to the circuit board, cause an overload and fry it.

As such, before buying installing a new circuit board, ensure the boiler engineer tests the components.

Power light failure

Not all boiler power faults are fatal. At times when your boiler is not getting power, it’s because of an LED failure. There’s a small chance, but the boiler’s light could be broken.

A simple electrical test can help to determine the cause.

5 ways how to fix a boiler not powering

Check the power supply

This sounds obvious. But it happens a lot. Before calling a Gas Safe boiler engineer, confirm the switch isn’t tripped. Also, check the fuse is intact.

Reset button

Boilers have built-in safety devices. If these devices are tripped, a boiler reset will power on the system. The reset button is situated on the front of boilers. The reset is as simple as turning the dial to zero and turning it on. If you can’t find the reset button read through the boiler manual.

Heating controls

Homeowners find room thermostats, timers, and heating programmers very complicated. Before anything else, read through the instructions and ensure you understand how they work. Some controls operate remotely and can cause power loss to the boiler. You should inspect these too.

Pressing the wrong button results in no hot water or heating. A quick battery check will help to solve this.

Check Gas supply

If you haven’t paid your energy bills and run out of credit, your gas will power off. Top up your credit and restart the boiler by pressing the meter reset button. This will re-establish a connection to the boiler.

Boiler Pressure Low

System pressure in boilers gets low. Check the pressure gauge or the dial and ensure the pressure is between 1.2 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure is lower than 1 bar, the boiler will shut down. Re-pressurize the system before turning it on.


If you have conducted the above check and the central heating isn’t working, call in a Gas Safe Engineer to diagnose the system. There might be a fault within the system that only a professional can handle. Ensure you get multiple quotes for a good price.

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