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Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps


If you wish to replace your old and inefficient heating system with a high-performance air source heat pump, then the Ecodan heat pump by Mitsubishi has got you covered. Their high efficiencies and low power consumption make them some of the leading heat pumps in the industry.

The heat pumps are available in various models and sizes to suit your home’s heating needs. They are also considered green heating solutions as they don’t burn any fossil fuels to heat your home. This means they can help significantly lower your carbon footprint and create a healthy and safe living environment for you and your family.

The Ecodan air source heat pump range by Mitsubishi

For many years, Mitsubishi Electricals has been in pursuit of renewable heating solutions. It is, therefore, unsurprising that it was one of the pioneer companies to invest in the manufacture of heat pumps. Currently, the company’s leading air source heat pump range is the Ecodan which consists of different models.

Types of Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

There are various models of Ecodan heat pumps by Mitsubishi. The models are categorized into split and monobloc (packaged) heat pumps. The split systems have one coil inside and one outside with the supply and return ducts connected to the indoor central fan. On the other hand, the monobloc types have both coils and fans outdoors. The heated or cool air is delivered to the interior from ductwork via a wall or roof.

Ecodan PUHZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

This compact air source heat pump model has all its components fit into a single outdoor unit. It comes in different sizes, including 5, 8.5, 11.2 and, 14 kW outputs. You can integrate about six units to work together to produce a capacity of 84 kW size. The self-contained outdoor unit can operate efficiently even in frigid temperatures of about -25°C.

On average, the Ecodan PUHZ Monobloc model will cost you anything between £3,800 – £4,650 before installation.

Ecodan PUHZ-SW Split Air Source Heat Pump

As the name suggests, this heat pump model consists of a split system featuring an indoor and outdoor unit. The external unit can be installed several metres from your home, making this heat pump model popular among properties with outdoor space constraints.

The heat pump range comes in three different outputs of 5, 7.5, and 12 kW and can be installed in domestic and commercial properties.

Ecodan QUHZ Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

The Ecodan QUHZ monobloc air source heat pump has a capacity of 4.5 kW units and is designed to operate with exceptionally high efficiencies. The heat pump is ideal for properties with a low heating capacity (mainly high insulation levels). It would be prudent to install this heat pump in tiny homes, flats or homes with high domestic water requirements. Procuring this heat pump model will set you back £5,815 before factoring in the installation cost.

Ecodan PUHZ Monobloc Standalone Ultra Quiet Air Source Heat Pumps

As its name suggests, this ultra-quiet heat pump operates at minimal noise. It’s the latest advancement in Mitsubishi’s cutting-edge technology that provides efficiency, and it is unbelievably three times quieter than the previous models. By design, the heat pump can operate in freezing conditions of -20°C, therefore, providing heat for your home throughout the winter.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 PUZ monobloc ASHP

The Ecodan R32 ASHP model uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. The single fan outdoor unit comes in two sizes, 5 kW and 14 kW, with an efficiency rating of A+++. The average cost of the 5 kW R32 model is £3,575, while the 14kW capacity model is around £5,540 before factoring in the installation costs.

How an Ecodan heat pump system operates

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit only requires electricity and water connections. It utilizes a small amount of electricity to power the fan. Ecodan uses naturally available heat energy from the air and transfers it to your home to provide hot water and heating for the radiators. The unit can be installed discretely outside your home, and it will produce minimal noise.

Hot water cylinder

A dedicated hot water cylinder ensures a continuous supply of hot water to your home, and it can work in conjunction with the outside unit. The heat pump can also work with your boiler’s existing hot water cylinders.

Energy-efficient control

An Ecodan system gives you a range of controls, including a wireless controller with inbuilt modes such as the Holiday mode. You can also download a web-enabled MELCloud app compatible with any smart device.

Benefits of Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps.

Ecodan heat pumps by Mitsubishi have several comparative advantages over traditional fossil fuel boilers. Some of the upsides of installing one of these heating systems include:

 Saves on energy bills

The Ecodan air source heat pump uses about 1 kW of energy to produce 2.2 kW of renewable heat energy from the outside air. The air heats the refrigerant, and in a reverse process to the fridge, the refrigerant heats your home water. In the case of conventional boilers working optimally, a maximum of 92% of the fuel is converted to heat energy, while the rest disappears as waste gases. These pumps’ lower energy consumption and higher output will help you heat your home at a lower cost.

Lower Carbon emission

Research in the UK showed that central heating in homes accounts for 20% of the overall carbon emission. The Ecodan heat pump range utilizes natural air from its surroundings and the small amount of electricity powering the pumps only accounts for a fraction of CO emissions. Due to the efficiency and sustainability of renewable energy, an air source heat pump from Mitsubishi can reduce your home’s carbon emissions by as much as 50%.

Government incentive grants

Ecodan is recognized as a renewable energy source and therefore eligible for payments of up to seven years from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) scheme. These payments will be quarterly every year after buyers pay for the work upfront. By metering (monitoring service package), you can increase your revenues by £1,610 over the seven years.

Quiet operation

Ecodan air source heat pumps run efficiently in pin-drop silence and perfect harmony, therefore offering more flexibility in spacing, and you can install the pump in almost any location. Amazingly, the latest PUHZ ultra-quiet monobloc has sound pressure levels likened to the average library!

Intelligent remote controls

It is easy to control the heat pump with the Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud app. Some useful features of the app include:

  • Regulating hot water and heating functions.
  • Defrosting and frost protection.
  • Holiday mode.
  • 7-day weekly schedule.
  • Viewing electrical energy consumed and the heat energy produced.
  • Live weather feed.

The app is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems.

Easy maintenance and long lifespans

Convectional boilers last about 8-10 years, while the Ecodan air source heat pump lasts up to 25 years, with consistent annual maintenance. The prolonged life span saves you overhead costs that you would have needed to fork out to replace the traditional boilers.

Future-proof heating solution

Technology is moving quickly, and so is the quest for efficient and sustainable heating systems. The world is moving to heat systems with less carbon emission and maximum energy efficiency; therefore, some traditional boilers will become obsolete. The Ecodan air source heat pumps are assured to be helpful for the foreseeable future as it ticks most of the desirable features of a heating system.

Lengthy warranty

Mitsubishi offers a 5-year Ecodan system warranty for all of its products. So if your pump breaks down and you make a claim, you have a soft landing as Mitsubishi Electric caters for all the costs. However, you will need to sign up all your Ecodan heat pumps for the warranty, to be eligible for compensation if a claim arises.

The downside to the Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

The significant problem facing Mitsubishi’s air-source heat pumps is that many UK homes are not suitable for air source heat pump installation. As such, many flat owners have struggled to get permission to install these systems in their buildings. There is also an issue with the installer finding a way to make the system work in tight or confined spaces.

How much does it cost to install a Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump?

The average cost of installing an Ecodan air source heat pump ranges between £6000-£12000. However, the exact price will depend on several factors, such as the model, size of the unit, installer rates, and the complexity of the installation.

On average, installing a complete air source heat pump system in a family-size three-bedroom house will cost £8000-£15000. The installation cost can even be higher for retrofit projects as you may need to replace your existing radiators or install an underfloor heating system.

It is also important to note that air source heat pumps are less efficient in poorly insulated homes, and it is advisable to upgrade your home’s insulation before installing one.

How to find a reputable Mitsubishi heat pump installer

If you plan to install a Mitsubishi air source heat pump in your home, you are probably wondering where to get a reputable installer in your area. However, there is no need to worry as we have you covered. We will help you compare accurate installer quotes to find the most cost-effective installer.

All you need to do is fill out our quick and straightforward enquiry form, and we will send you three free quotes from certified and reputable installers near you.

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