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Compare Mistral Boiler Reviews


An estimated 16% of households in the UK are not connected to the gas grid. That’s equivalent to over 4 million households. For such homes, oil boilers are the best alternative to provide heating and hot water.

Oil boilers are not only convenient but offer other benefits as well. They are more energy-efficient and give better returns on every unit of energy and the modern varieties have efficiency ratings of up to 95%.

Mistral is one of the leading oil-fired boiler manufacturers in the UK. They have over 40 years of experience and a vast range of boilers to choose from. The brand is committed to providing low emission and high-efficiency boilers for homes across the UK.

Their range of boilers includes condensing and non-condensing boilers, combi and system boilers with ranges of between 20kW – 70kW all oil-powered. This wide variety makes it easier for you to pick the right boiler for your home.

Typical Prices for Mistral Boilers

When buying a boiler, you need to consider a few factors before you set your budget. To get full benefits, you shouldn’t let your decision on the boiler be fully influenced by how much you’re willing to spend.

First, you need to consider the size of your home, how much hot water you need and how many people are in the house. This will help you steer towards a boiler with the right output and one that will satisfy the needs of your home.

Once you have the right range of boilers in mind, you can start shopping around to gauge prices and see which dealer offers the best prices. On average, a Mistral boiler will cost you anywhere in the range of £1,500 to over £4,500 depending on the type, model and output of the boiler.

The cost of the boiler doesn’t include the installation fees. If possible, you should also scout different installers to see how much they charge for the new boiler installation. The best approach here is to get multiple quotes that you can compare to get an average of what the best cost is.

To get your new Mistral boiler installation quotes, send us an enquiry. We will connect you with up to three OFTEC registered installers in your area who will send you free boiler installation quotes.

Why Choose a Mistral Boiler?

There are a few reasons why going the Mistral way might be your best call. For starters, they are one of the more experienced oil-fired boiler manufacturers in the country. If you’re looking for an oil-boiler that will meet modern requirements on emission and efficiency, they are your best bet.

Not many other brands build oil-fired boilers. While there are fewer brands to pick from in this case, that means there are also fewer boilers to choose from. With each home having unique heating needs, the lack of variety becomes a challenge.

Mistral solves this problem by having a pool of combi and system boilers with different outputs and features to suit the bespoke heating needs of each home. They have practically every type and output of the boiler you would need for your home under one roof.

Finding an oil-fired boiler that conforms to current regulations and your needs and wants is much easier with the range and options that Mistral offers.

Benefits of choosing a Mistral Boiler

40 years of experience

Experience is an important factor to consider when choosing a boiler manufacturer. The longer a boiler manufacturer has been around, the more time they’ve had to learn from their mistakes, research and make improvements. For Mistral, their experience is evident from the quality, efficiency and diversity of boilers they produce.


The Mistral oil-fired boiler brand is synonymous with diversity. They have different types of boilers designed to meet different needs. They have heat only, system and combi boilers both external and internal. They also have condensing and non-condensing boilers.

Boiler for everyone

No matter what your needs and preferences are, you will find a boiler that fits your bill in their line-up. To make things even better, the price range of the boilers is as diverse as their collection of boilers.

Immersion hot water back-up

Mistral boiler models give an immersion hot water back up. If the boiler breaks down, the backup provides you with hot water as you wait for the boiler to get fixed. It’s an invaluable addition that makes it easier for you to enjoy the luxury of hot water even when your boiler has a fault.

Unique heat exchanger design

To make the boilers more energy-efficient, Mistral has a unique Y-section heat exchanger. The special design allows the device to start transferring heat in the bottom chamber before it reaches the baffles. It maximises on heat transfer and minimises wastage of energy.

Higher output

Did you ever wish you could get more out of your small boiler? Mistral gives you that opportunity. Unlike most brands that cap the output of small boilers at 35kW, Mistral boilers have the output capped at 41kW for better performance and richer experience.

Most boiler brands fixate on producing boilers that are popular in the market. This leaves people with unique needs locked out and with no boiler that can serve their homes. Mistral has gone out of their way to provide a robust collection of boilers with impressive options.

The brand is the only one to produce a non-condensing boiler with ranges of 15kW – 70kW. They also have all boiler models available in indoor, outdoor, condensing or non-condensing varieties.

Mistral Boiler Warranty

A warranty shows the faith that the manufacturer has in their boiler. Because of the significant cost of boilers, you should always make sure you pick one with a substantial warranty.

It will help you sleep at night knowing that the manufacturer will take care of any faults that the boiler might have throughout the warranty.

As a standard, Mistral boilers come with a 2-year warranty on the parts and 5 years on the heat exchanger which is commendable.

How to extend the warranty

Mistral has schemes that allow you to extend the comfort of having a boiler warranty. The extension depends on the scheme you choose. For more details on the schemes and length of the extension, you should get in touch with the manufacturer directly.

What’s covered by the warranty?

Over the period of the warranty, the burner, controls, pumps, valves and other parts used in the original making of the boiler are covered by the warranty. The 5-year warranty only covers the heat exchanger. If any of the parts covered by the warranty break down, Mistral will repair and replace them without cost.

Terms and conditions

For Mistral to honour the warranty, the boiler has to be installed by a quality and OFTEC registered engineer. The new Mistral boiler must also be serviced annually after installation and the necessary records kept to avoid invalidating the warranty.

How to register the warranty

You have to register the warranty for it to become valid. The engineer who installs the boiler will fill in the guarantee registration form which is then posted to Mistral.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Choosing the right type and model of boiler is crucial for your home and your experience. With Mistral, you have no shortage of boilers to choose from. The only challenge with having so much to pick from is, you need to be even more careful with the boiler you pick.

Mistral offers heating only, system and combi boilers. Each of their boilers comes in internal and external installation varieties which are a welcome option for homes that are strapped for space. The vast output range caters for small to large homes and even small commercial enterprises.

For buyers looking to buy an oil-fired boiler, whether working with a shoe-string budget or looking for premium boiler options, Mistral has the right boiler for you.

Mistral Combi boiler range

Combi boilers are a popular variety for all the right reasons. They are loved for their efficiency and diversity and they can heat water at an impressive rate.

Unlike any other type of boilers, combi boilers only heat water when you need it. It’s an ingenious way to cut out waste and only heat water when it’s necessary. This coupled with their compact and easy to install nature makes them a favourite for many homeowners.

The Mistral range of oil-fired combi boilers is no different. They have four different combi boilers to choose from: the Combi Standard, Mega Combi Standard, Combi Plus and the Mega Combi Plus. You can choose to have your preferred type in condensing or non-condensing option and they can be used in tandem operations.

Benefits of Mistral Combi boilers

  • You can choose to have a non-condensing or condensing boiler depending on what you prefer.
  • Plastic flue range of up to 41kW for condensing combi boilers.
  • You can choose to have a balanced flue or conventional option.
  • Front servicing.
  • Output range of 15-70kW.
  • You can choose to have an outdoor model.
  • Compact sizes that can fit inside a cabinet up to 41kW.
  • High-efficiency rating.
  • High quality and durable casing.
  • Multi-directional flue outlet.
  • Pre-punched pipe access points.

Compare Mistral Combi boiler prices

With so many options to pick from, the price of a Mistral combi boiler varies widely. Some of the factors that affect the price of the boiler include the output and size of the boiler, whether it’s a condensing or non-condensing boiler and whether you pick an indoor or outdoor version.

The Mistral Mega Combi MC7 is the workhorse of the bunch and comes highly recommended for homes with a high demand for hot water. You can also pick from the other commendable options but, you should definitely have a look at the prices first.

Don’t forget, even though the Mistral boilers are easy to install, you still need an expert to help you with the installation and you’ll need to pay for the service. You should get quotes for your new Mistral boiler to compare and pick the best price for the installation.

Mistral Oil-fired sealed System boiler range

Like the collection of combi boilers, Mistral has an equally captivating range of system boilers that come with interesting features which include:

  • A pressure gauge.
  • Automatic air vent.
  • A circulating pump.
  • 12-litre expansion vessel.
  • Safety valve.

All these features come as a standard with all Mistral sealed system boilers. You also get all the necessary components for direct and quick coupling to the pre-installed heating system.

Mistral makes every effort possible to make sure their range of boilers is easy to install. That includes having a multi-directional flue that makes placement and installation a breeze.

Once your system boiler is up and running, you can enjoy an unlimited flow of hot water and central heating. System boilers come with a sealed hot water cylinder that automatically tops up every time the hot water is used. This ensures you never lack hot water in your taps or the bathrooms.

Benefits of Mistral System Boilers

  • Boilers come in outputs of between 15-41kW
  • High-quality casing to protect the boiler
  • High energy efficiency rating
  • Front servicing
  • Compact easy to install design
  • Can be used in tandem operations
  • Available as an outdoor model
  • Non-condensing model is also available
  • Multi-directional flue
  • Balanced or conventional flue
  • Pre-punched pipe access points

Compare Mistral sealed System boiler prices

With each Mistral system boiler, you have the option of choosing whether you want the boiler to be an indoor or outdoor option and also whether it should be condensing or non-condensing. The brand gives you total control to choose the boiler that is best for you and your home.

Expectedly, with the varying features, the cost of installation also varies widely. To get the best and most competitive boiler installation price, try getting multiple quotes from different installers and compare the estimates to see who has the most competent prices. You can fill out our enquiry form and we can have OFTEC registered installers send you up to three free, no-obligation quotes.

Mistral Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

Overall, Mistral boilers are extremely reliable. That’s not to mean they won’t have issues once in a while. To reduce inconveniences, you should have some basic knowledge of boilers. This will help you make more out of the boiler and know some of the faults you can easily fix without the help of an engineer. To help you get started, here is a quick guide with some common Mistral boiler problems and possible fixes you can try out.

Smelling oil

When using an oil-fired boiler, you shouldn’t smell oil coming from the boiler. If you do, that means the oil is leaking somewhere which could be a big problem.

Suggested fix

The best option is to find an OFTEC certified engineer to have a look at the boiler. He will need to find the source of the leak before suggesting possible fixes that could sort out the problem.

Burner not starting

Burner not starting is a problem that can happen with any type of boiler. There are various reasons that can keep the burner from running at all. One of the most common problems is a block in the supply lines that prevents the fuel from getting into the tank.

Suggested fix

Fixing the burner is no easy task. Regardless of what the cause of the failure could be, it’s a job best left to an expert. Accessing the burner or the supply lines requires some of the parts to be taken apart and a simple mistake putting everything back could have catastrophic results.

Smoke coming from the burner

It’s worrying to see smoke coming out of your boiler. This could be caused by the restriction of air supply, dust build-up, or you topped up the tank with the wrong fuel.

Suggested fix

You can start by checking the fuel since it’s the easiest fix. If that the problem, drain the tank and top it up with the right fuel.

For dust build-up and air restriction, you need a professional to inspect the system to identify the problem before fixing it.

Radiators not heating up

This might be an issue with all or a few of the radiators. In some cases, you might find only the bottom section of the radiators is heating up.

The two most common reasons for this is a build-up of sludge or air build-up in the system. The fix depends on what could be causing the problem.

Suggested fix

If it’s an air build-up, the fix is easy. You only need to bleed the radiators. You don’t even need the assistance of an expert for this. If it’s a build-up of sludge, you have a more significant problem in your hands. You need a professional to come and power flush the system to get rid of the sludge.

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