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Compare Main Boiler Reviews


Main is part of Baxi boilers which is owned by the larger BDR Thermea Group. With an impressive 75-year experience, the company has delivered the value, reliability and energy-efficient boilers.

The brand provides an easy customer experience through quality service and technical support. Its boilers also support economic and environmental sustainability. Being part of a global conglomerate allows the Main to enjoy extensive research and financing to come up with bespoke boiler and heating solutions.

Main has taken a different approach to boilers. While other brands are trying to squeeze more controls into their boilers making them harder to operate, Main has taken the simpler method which is a welcome breath of fresh air for homeowners.

Their range of boilers is upfront and straightforward. They are easy to install and to use. Without all the unnecessary accessories, the boilers are more affordable and don’t carry unnecessary costs. Using this approach, you’re assured of getting the best value for money and boiler that is more reliable and provides a better user experience.

Typical Main Boiler Prices

Main has focused on building budget-friendly boilers. By stripping the boiler down to the essentials, the price goes down and buyers are assured of good quality, high-performance boilers for lower, more pocket-friendly prices.

A Main boiler will set you back between £500 and £720. The prices are reasonable and give every home a chance to enjoy the benefits that a boiler has to offer. The boilers are not only popular with buyers but with installers as well. They are easy to install and service and that means you get to save money on the installation as well.

The high-efficiency rating of Main boilers allows you to continue saving money long after the boiler is installed. If the cost of owning and running a boiler scares you, Main boilers will let you settle down and enjoy the comfort of your home with the low buying and running costs.

Once you pick your boiler, take time to find a reputable Gas Safe registered engineer to help you with the installation. Fill out our short enquiry and we will have qualified installers from your area send you competitive and customised quotes for the new Main boiler installation.

Why Choose a Main Boiler?

Buying a Main boiler allows you to enjoy the attention of a small company and the support and dedication of a world-class conglomerate. As a company, Main has close ties to its community of buyers and provides them with bespoke boilers that help them solve modern heating challenges.

As part of BDR Thermea Group, the small company has big brand access to financing and research that allows them to perfect their products and offer its customers with the best technical support to make the best out of their products.

Each of the boilers in the Main boilers range is designed to solve particular heating challenges. The boilers are lightweight and easy to install, highly efficient and easy to service.

With the boiler, you also get the much needed technical support so you can sleep better at night knowing the manufacturer is just a call away in case you need any assistance with your new boiler.

Benefits of Choosing a Main Boiler

If you still need a little more convincing to get a Main boiler, here are some benefits that you stand to enjoy if you decide to go down this path:


Depending on the size of your home and your demand for hot water, the output of the boiler you choose differs. With main, you can choose whether you want a 15, 18, 25, or 30kW boiler for your home. With a diverse range of options, it’s easier to find a boiler that works to meet your demands.

Simple, straightforward design

Main boilers get rid of all the fluff that comes with other boilers and focus on the basics and what matters. The result is a lightweight boiler, compact design that is easy to install and service and the most important; you save a lot of money when purchasing and servicing the boiler.


Main offers more extended boiler warranties than most of the companies that charge a premium for their boilers. This goes to show just how much faith the brand has in its products. It also means you get to sleep easy at night knowing the boiler is in good hands should anything go wrong.


Main has been producing boilers for 75 years. It’s a commendable milestone that has seen the company carry countless surveys in order to improve its products and make boilers that appeal to both buyers and installers. As a result, they have a lean but highly impactful range of boilers that cater to the needs of every home.

Main Boiler Warranty

Main does right by its customer by providing them with a warranty for any boiler bought. The length of the warranty which is 3-5 years depends on the boiler you install. To enjoy the warranty cover, you have to keep up with their terms and conditions. If you don’t, the warranty is only valid for 12 months.

How to extend the warranty

You can extend your Main boiler warranty even further through the installer loyalty scheme which they call Baxi Works. If you’re a member of the programme, you can purchase extended warranties for the same boiler and enjoy the comfort and convenience longer.

What’s covered by the warranty?

As long as your boiler is under warranty, Main will repair or replace faulty parts as they deem fit free of charge. The parts have to be proven faulty from the date of manufacture.

Terms and conditions

It’s not enough to have a boiler warranty. You have to stick to the terms and conditions set by the manufacturer to keep the warranty active for the full period. With Mains, some of the critical requirements you need to meet include having the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year.

The boiler must also be installed by a qualified engineer. If you fail to honour the conditions, the warranty is only valid for 12 months.

How to register the warranty

You or the installer can register the new Main boiler warranty with Baxi within 30 days of installation. The warranty registration is done online through Main’s website.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Every boiler in the Main range of options has an extraordinary story behind its design and performance. Each boiler is designed to solve different problems and ensure the buyer has an excellent experience. While the brand doesn’t have numerous models to choose from, each model has various outputs you can choose from.

Main Combi boiler

The Main Combi Eco Elite boiler is the only combi boiler in Main’s combi boiler range. However, the boiler is designed to be versatile and serve a variety of homes with unique needs and requirements.

As with other combi boilers, the Eco Elite is a stickler for efficiency and only heats water when it’s needed. It’s A-rated with impressive performance and energy conversation, saving you money through the life of the boiler.

It doesn’t come with the large hot water cylinder of cold water storage which saves you much-needed space in the loft. But, it’s capable of providing plenty of hot water. For homes with high demand, you can go for a model with higher output.

The simple to install designs ensures you extend the cost savings from the boiler to the installations fees as well. With every purchase, you get up to 2 years of warranty on the parts and labour for every purchase.

Benefits of Main Combi boilers

  • The boiler comes with easy to use controls.
  • 24-hour clock and filling loop included.
  • You can choose to have a 25kW or a 30kW option.
  • 5 years warranty on parts and labour once you register the product.
  • Impressive energy savings with low NOx emissions with a Class 5 rating.
  • You don’t need to ventilate the compartment.
  • Integral frost protection.
  • The boilers are designed and manufactured in the UK using high-quality components for durability.
  • Compact design for small properties.
  • Save up on space with tankless combi design.
  • Less pipework and easier installation which is cheaper.

Compare Main Combi boiler prices

It can be intimidating to choose the right boiler for your home. The amount of money you’re willing to spend on buying and installing the boiler is just one of the factors you need to consider.

It’s tempting to go with a cheaper boiler option, but it usually proves to be expensive down the road through wasteful energy consumption and endless repairs and replacements. It’s a better idea to go for a quality boiler that will let your finances live in peace.

You should take some time to identify the best boiler prices and installation costs. We can make the process much easier for you by helping you get 3 free, customised and no-obligation quotes from local installers today.

You can also have a quick look at a price breakdown of Main combi boiler prices in the table below:

Main System boilers

Main system boilers are perfect for large homes that need plenty of hot water. They come with a storage container that reserves the hot water ready for use. Every time you use the water in the storage tank, the boiler automatically tops it up. You’re assured of the constant flow of hot water even when running more than one tap.

The Main system range of boilers is well presented by the Eco Elite system boilers. They are available in outputs of 24kW or 28kW. You can choose which of the two diverse models best fits your needs.

Regardless of which boiler you pick, you’re assured to enjoy Main’s energy-saving technology which will save you money on your energy bills and get a boiler that is easy to use and highly effective.

The clean and elegant design of the boiler is inspired by modern architectural trends meaning it blends well with your home and can fit in compact spaces when you want it out of sight.

Benefits of a Main system Eco Elite boiler

  • Perfect for homes with more than one bathroom.
  • 3-year warranty on labour and parts as soon as you register the product.
  • Top of the class energy ratings.
  • Pre-plumbing jig included.
  • Has low Nom emission and is top-rated for environment friendliness.
  • Comes with flue options of up to 20m.
  • Built-in pump overruns.
  • You don’t need a ventilated compartment for the boiler.
  • User-friendly design and controls.
  • Integral frost protection.
  • Each model comes with a Grundfos pump.
  • Upward piping.
  • Integrated components for a faster and neat installation.

Compare Main system boiler prices

Just as the range of boilers that Main offers, the processes of choosing the right boiler for your home is also a ‘straightforward’ and ‘no frills’ process.

Instead of providing buyers with numerous options that will easily confuse you, they have narrowed down the possibilities to two high capacity and high-performance system boilers designed for all occasions.

The boilers are both effective with incredibly low running and installations costs to make sure you save money both now and in the long run.

For the boiler installation, you will need to get comparative quotes from different registered installers because the installation costs can vary depending on the boiler.

We can help you get free no-obligation quotes for your new Main boiler. Fill out an enquiry today and we will connect you with up to 3 installers from your area to send you the quotes.

For a review of the Main gas system boiler prices, have a look at the table below:

Main Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

Main boilers come with an on-board diagnostics mechanism that makes it easier to diagnose and fix any problems the boiler has. Some of the problems are easy to fix and you might not even need the help of an engineer to sort them out.

Others are more complicated and require expert intervention to be handled safely. Regardless of the nature of the issue with your Main boiler, knowing some of the common fault codes and problems is essential. It can help you avert potential danger or avoid the inconvenience of waiting for a boiler engineer when you could have resolved the issue yourself.

Here are some of the common Main boiler problems and error codes:

Faulty components

Main boilers display different error codes for defective parts depending on the component. Some of the error codes you might come across on the display panel associated with a faulty component include E20, E28, E50, and E160.

Suggested fix

There’s not much you can do in this case other than calling your installer. They can decipher which component is having issues and what needs to be done. By sharing the error code, you can help the install determine the parts he needs to carry to get your boiler working again.

Error code 110

If the boiler is showing this error code, it means the water is overheating, or the flue system is failing. There are various causes for this problem one of them being a failing component. If it’s the first time the boiler is showing this code, it might be possible to iron things out before you call in an expert.

Suggested fix

You can turn the selector switch to the reset position and hold for about five seconds to restart the boiler. Should the boiler fail to relight or keep displaying the code, you need to contact your installer. There could be a blockage in the boiler that is preventing the circulation of the water or a failed valve.

Error 119

This error is usually displayed when the boiler pressure is less than 0.5bar. If the boiler pressure is low, the boiler will cut out and switch off to prevent further damage. A quick look at the pressure gauge on the boiler will confirm the problem.

As much as this sounds like a big problem, it’s something you can actually solve very easily by repressurising the boiler.

Suggested fix

You need to locate the filling loop on your boiler and use it to add water into the system. Adding water increases pressure. Be cautious not to add too much since that would cause another problem. If the pressure drops again, you need to consider having an engineer inspect the boiler for leaks.

If a leak is found, it needs to be fixed quickly to prevent further damage to the boiler and to your home.

Contacting Customer Support

Main prides itself in the quality of customer support it offers its clients. There are several ways you can get in touch with the company or its customer support team. These include:


Main Heating

Brooks House
Coventry Road
CV34 4LL

Phone number:

0344 871 1570



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