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Compare Keston Boiler Reviews


When weighing which brand to get a new boiler from, buyers consider the experience of the brand, the diversity and quality of their boilers and affordability.

Keston has all these factors going for them. The brand has been in the heating circles since 1928, they have a wide range of high-quality boilers and their vast price range appeals to a variety of buyers.

All Keston boilers are locally made at the company’s Hull facilities with extra caution to make sure only the best quality boilers leave the facilities. The boilers are made for all occasions and types of homes. They follow the company’s ethos of providing innovative heating solutions at affordable prices for all its users.

The designs of Keston boilers are carefully thought out to make sure the boilers are unobtrusive and serve their purpose while taking up as little space as possible. They come with unique features like dual flue options and extra-long flues for convenient placement no matter how far the boiler is from the exterior of the house.

Typical Prices for Keston Boilers

The cost of replacing a boiler or buying a new one is a nightmare to most homeowners. Boilers are not cheap and the cost of installation doesn’t make it any better.

Keston has tried to alleviate the burden and make it better for users to get high-quality boilers without increasing prices. Their range of boilers is affordable and the prices are reasonable. Despite the practical prices, the boilers are of the highest quality and each of them comes with a warranty that will put any worries you have to rest.

All of the Keston boilers are gas-powered. As with other competent boiler manufacturers, you will have to go through an accredited and registered installer to get your new boiler. The boiler will cost you between £1,090 and £2,700 without the installation costs.

With Keston, you will not only be getting the boiler. You will also be getting its over 90 years of heritage and a dedicated nationwide service team that will help you with any challenges you might have with your boiler.

Finding out the cost of your boilers shouldn’t be the end of your search. You still need to find the right installer and factor in the cost of installation into your budget. The best approach is to get several quotes that will help you determine what the average installation price is.

We will help you get free quotes for your new Keston boiler. All you need to do is send us an enquiry and we will connect you with installers from your area to send you the quotes.

Why Choose a Keston Boiler?

The most beautiful thing about owning a Keston boiler is that you will be taking a piece of British heritage with you. The brand is 100% British owned since its inception in 1928. The boilers are locally made and keep up with the local demand and high-quality standards.

Keston is not taking any chances despite being a home-grown brand. They have a vast range of boilers with plenty of features that make them ideal options for homeowners and installers as well. The boilers are reasonably priced, offering a nice blend of quality and affordability with unique additions like twin flue systems and excellent energy efficiency.

Benefits of choosing a Keston Boiler

Maximum flexibility

The most challenging part of boiler installation is the location. In most cases, the boiler has to be installed in places you don’t want because of the flue. Keston boilers provide you with maximum flexibility with the unique twin flue system that allows the boiler to be situated up to 27 metres away from the flue outlet. To make installation even easier, the boilers come with up to 21 metres of flue to give you better chances to install your boiler where you want it.

Dedicated national service team

Keston has a team of dedicated national service team who are trained and committed to providing you with the best possible customer support. You can get anything from advice with issues on your boiler to assistance round the clock every day of the year. It’s one more reason for you to sleep better at night knowing you have a team that will provide you with any information or assistance you might need with your boiler.

Years of Experience

There’s no doubt Keston is one of the most experienced local boiler manufacturers. While there are benefits that come with serving multiple countries, focusing on one country allows you to do better research and understand the market better. That’s what Keston has been about since 1928. They build boilers in the UK for the UK market and UK homes.

Keston Boiler Warranty

Keston boilers come with one of the more extended warranties in the industry. The Combi and system boilers come with a warranty of up to 5 years. However, the length of the warranty can vary depending on the model of the boiler.

How to extend the warranty

You sleep better knowing in case anything happens to the boiler, the manufacturer will have it repaired and will cover the costs. Keston gives you the opportunity to make this experience last even longer by providing you with ways you can make your warranty last longer.

All you have to do is make sure that the combi or system boiler is installed with a Keston System Filter and both products get registered at the same time. By doing this, the warranty will be extended to 7 years.

What’s covered by the warranty?

When your boiler is under warranty, Keston will replace or repair the boiler without charge if it suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown. The warranty only covers damages caused by defective materials or workmanship.

Terms and Conditions

Your boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep the warranty active. Another condition you must follow to stay within the terms of the warranty is having the boiler serviced annually for the length of the warranty. The warranty must also be registered with Keston for it to be active.

How to register your warranty

Warranty registration is a simple and straightforward process. You’re required to register the boiler within 30 days of installation. The registration is done online and only takes a few minutes. All you need is a few of your details and those of the boiler.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Keston has been producing boilers for close to one century. All this time, they have been producing boilers for the British market. If anyone understands what the boiler market needs, it would be them.

Their range of boilers is designed to tend to the different needs of homes across the UK. No matter how demanding or subtle your needs are, you will find a boiler in their range that will live up to the expectations and provide the results and performance you’re looking for.

Keston Combi boiler range

Keston has two boilers in the combi range: the C30 and the C35. The two boilers come in 30kW and 35kW options respectively. You can choose what works best for you.

While the approach of having only two combi boilers each with one output options might seem underwhelming, it makes it much easier for clients to choose a good boiler that will keep up with their needs.

Regardless of which of the two boilers you pick, you can expect efficiency and a compact design small enough to fit in the average kitchen cupboard without any worries. With both models, you can control hot water and central heating separately. That ensures maximum comfort, efficiency and comfort depending on what you’re looking for.

Both combi boilers connect with the Keston twin-flue system. Using this unique system, you can install the boiler up to 27 meters from the flue outlet. It makes it easier to install the boiler and for you to choose the perfect location for the boiler.

Benefits of a Keston Combi boiler

  • Comes with a pre-fitted loop.
  • Compact dimension to allow you to install the boiler at various locations in the house.
  • Twin flue up to 25m.
  • 2-year warranty as standard.
  • Fewer components improving the reliability of the boiler.
  • Has built-in frost protection and onboard diagnostics.
  • Low lift weight.
  • Large backlit display with user-friendly controls.
  • Has an automatic bypass.

Compare Keston Combi boiler prices

When buying a new boiler, there are various things you need to consider. Price is one of them. Even though you need to choose the output of the boiler first, it also boils down to cost. You need a boiler that will not stretch your budget but is capable of producing enough hot water and heating for your home.

To get the best boiler prices, you should shop around and see what different installers are offering. You should also get quotes for your Keston combi boiler installation. Make sure you get multiple quotes that you can compare to get the most competitive prices.

Keston System boilers range

Keston boilers are a blend of simplicity and elegance. They are a reliable solution for homes looking to replace an old boiler or installing their first boiler.

Keston has kept the system boilers range as simple as the combi boilers. They have narrowed down the options to the S30 system boiler that has push and clip flue spigot connection that makes the boiler easy and fast to install.

The single boiler option is lightweight, neat in appearance even after installation and a well-rounded performer that meets the needs of most homes in the UK. The S30 will easily fit in most standard kitchen cabinets. You can install it just about anywhere because of its small and compact stature.

Benefits of Keston System boiler

  • It’s a fully modulating boiler.
  • Has a twin flue system of up to 27m for easier and convenient installation.
  • The boiler has an easy to read, large backlit display with easy to use controls.
  • Has onboard diagnostics.
  • Low lift weight.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Compact design.
  • High-efficiency boiler.
  • Built-in frost protection.
  • Easy to see the pressure gauge.
  • Fewer components for easier and more reliable performance.
  • The boiler comes with a weather compensator as a standard.

Compare Keston System boiler prices

The system range of boilers from Keston is extremely convenient. They make it easy for you to choose where you would like to install the boiler. The easy to install design will also save you money on the installation costs.

With Keston, you will not only be saving money but also saving the environment with the lower emission. Here’s a breakdown of Keston system boilers. You can also get new Keston system boiler installation quotes for budgeting purposes.

Keston Regular boilers range

The Keston Heat which the only boiler in the regular range of boilers is designed to work in large homes and small commercial properties.

Like other regular boilers, it’s perfect for homes that are struggling with water pressure because it has a cold water storage tank. Regular boilers are great when you don’t want to change the pipework in your home but want a boiler that will work perfectly with the current heating system.

The Keston Heat is an energy-efficient boiler with low running costs and low NOx emissions in class 5. What’s more, if at any point you feel you want to go for a system of up to 6 boilers, this boiler makes it easy for you. All you need is a Keston frame and header kits that will boost the output of the boilers to 330kW.

Benefits of a Keston Regular boiler

  • Keston regular boilers come with a 2-year warranty which is extended to 5 years if the boiler is installed by a Keston engineer.
  • The boilers are available in LPG options as well.
  • Comes with a built-in weather compensator.
  • Has a minimum pressure of 0.3 bar.
  • Minimum head of 3m.
  • Comes with a twin flue of up to 21m.
  • Small installation footprint.
  • Low NOx emission.
  • Twin thermostat.
  • ECA listed.
  • Can be installed in a cascade to keep up with demand.

Compare Keston Regular boiler prices

Choosing the right Keston boiler is easier because you don’t have too many options to consider. Because buying a new boiler is a big financial decision, you still need to know how much the new boiler is going to cost you and also how much you will spend on the installation costs.

To get Keston regular boiler installation quotes for your new boiler, send us an enquiry and we will have local installers provide you with free, no-obligation quotes.

For Keston regular boiler prices, have a look at the table below:

Keston Boilers Problems and Common Fault Codes

As a responsible boiler owner, you’re required to know a few boiler basics. One of those basics is the common problems that your Keston boiler might suffer and possible fixes for issues that are easy to fix.

In this quick guide, we will walk you through some common problems and possible fixes for Keston boilers. If you’re not handy or unsure about any part of fixing even the smallest problems, it’s best to have an expert handle the problem. Boilers can be dangerous under inexperienced hands.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is a problem you will come across with your Keston boiler. The error codes displayed on the boiler will vary depending on the model of the boiler you have. The S30, for instance, will show an F1 error while the C40 or C55 will show an E44 error.

Suggested fix

The ideal pressure for boilers is 1.3 bars. Before trying anything, you need to know if the boiler is losing pressure or it just has low pressure. If it’s the latter, you can add water into the boiler which will add the pressure.

If the boiler is losing pressure, you need to have an engineer come and look at the boiler and determine what the problem could be.

Water pressure too high

The boiler pressure should not be above 1.5 bar. If the pressure is in the red region of the gauge, then it’s too high. High boiler pressure causes extra stress on the components and can lead to leaks and failing components.

The E40 error code appears on Keston combi boilers. Before you decide how to handle the problem, you need to determine if the boiler pressure is always high or it’s rising because of boiler operation.

If the increase in pressure is above 0.5 bar, it could be a sign the air vent or pressure release valve has failed.

Suggested fix

For dramatic pressure increases, you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and fix the boiler.

If the pressure increase is minimal, you can adjust the pressure by removing some pressure and some water from the system. It’s usually a sign that the boiler is overfilled.

Contacting Customer support and Contacts

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