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How To Wire A Hive Receiver To A Combi Boiler


As of right now, combi boilers are the most efficient boilers in the market. Some even have an efficiency of 98%! On top of that, it’s not news that combi boilers can save you a lot of money in heating expenses. An A-grade combi boiler can help you save up to 40% annually.

But did you know that smart thermostats can help you save more money? On top of that, your heating experience will be more convenient.

Today, we’ll be featuring the Hive thermostat system and how you can install it in your home. Of course, some models differ from others. Just to be sure, we advise you to have the user’s guide near by.

How do smart thermostats work with combi boilers?

We know what you are thinking… No. Most thermostat-boiler relationships aren’t dependent on wireless connections like Bluetooth and Infrared. Although they were once trendy, those connections have become outdated. Instead, most smart thermostats use the internet to sync with your combi boiler, allowing you to wirelessly adjust your settings regardless of distance.

Household Hive smart thermostat systems have three parts:

  • The hub
  • The receiver
  • The smart thermostat

What is a Hive Hub?

Basically, the Hive Hub is responsible for connecting all hive products to the internet. From there, you can then control your heating devices via the Hive app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

You can still use your boiler and thermostat without the Hive Hub. However, you’ll lose wireless connectivity and will have to adjust the settings manually.

As you might have guessed, you’ll need home internet for the system to operate.

You plug the Hive Hub into your broadband router using an ethernet cable.

How to install the Hive Hub

  1. First, turn on your broadband router and confirm that your home internet connection is working and stable. Additionally, make sure you have a free LAN port and an empty socket next to the router.
  2. Plug your Hive Hub into the socket and turn it on. Next, connect it to the router using the provided network cable.
  3. Locate and press the “pairing” button usually situated on the hub’s rear section. You should then see a green light followed by another amber light. Finally, you should see a white light flashing. This means it has finished pairing.

If the white light doesn’t flash, you should counter check the hub’s internet and power connections. If the problem persists, then we advise you to seek professional help. Specifically, you should look for a heating installation technician.

What is the Hive Receiver?

The Hive Receiver is like the central nervous system of your combi boiler heating network. It’s usually attached to the combi boiler’s circuit and is responsible for relaying information to and from the boiler to the thermostat.

Generally, there are two types of Hive Receivers:

  • Single-channel receivers: These are compatible with combi boilers and other plumbed heating zones.
  • Dual-channel receivers: These are compatible with conventional boilers and hot water tanks.

How to install the Hive Receiver

Before installing the receiver, you need to choose a convenient location near your boiler or the central heating unit.

On top of that, you need to make sure it’s at least 30cm away from metal objects like the boiler cylinder. Why? To prevent radio signal interference. Additionally, we advise you to neatly tuck away all cables. Ideally, they should be buried in the walls.

Safety precautions are a must when dealing with electrical devices. Make sure the boiler is isolated from mains electrically. To be sure, test every wire for current before you get started.

Ideally, you’ll want to leave the installation to certified technicians. However, you can handle the work if you have experience dealing with electricity.

If you are replacing an older receiver, take a picture of the old connection before uninstalling it.

  1. Start by loosening the backplate receiver screws. Next, remove the plate to expose the surface you’ll attach to the wall.
  2. Attach the single-channel receiver to the wall with the terminals facing up for easy access.
  3. Take the combi boiler cables and connect them to the receiver.

How to test the receiver-boiler connection

  1. Visually check and confirm that all wires are properly connected.
  2. Make sure the receiver’s front panel is firmly attached in place.
  3. Turn on your receiver. It should have an amber light confirming that it’s ready to connect to the thermostat and hub.
  4. Press the “Central heating” button. You should see a green light as the boiler fires up.

Take note that Hive receivers are double insulated. You don’t need an earth connection.

The Hive Thermostat

Hive Thermostats are among the highest-rated smart thermostats in the market. That being said, they deliver more than what you’d expect from an average thermostat, but with additional functionalities like internet connectivity.

Why Hive thermostats?

Sure, programmable thermostats can help save a lot of electricity money. However, it’s the convenience they offer that really takes the cake.

Some even have the Geo-location feature that recognizes when you leave or get near to your home. As you leave your house, the thermostat will automatically reduce the amount of heat generated by your boiler. Likewise, as you are approaching your house, it will automatically increase the heat generated so your home is ready for you.


The instructions we’ve given you are general. Of course, all receivers come with specific installation instructions. You might want to check the user’s guide before you get started. Finally, we again advise you to take the necessary electrical safety precautions to avoid injury.

Need help connecting a receiver to your combi boiler? Call us today!

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