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How To Hide Boiler Pipes?


Did you know an unappealing boiler can decrease your houses’ value by 5,000 Pounds?

We’re not kidding. An energy company called Npower researched and presented the findings. On top of that, they also found that 68% of potential home buyers will steer away from houses with exposed and disorganized boilers and boiler pipes.

We all know boilers are hardworking and do their best to us keep warm during the harsh winters. Indeed, they have our respect as far as functionality is concerned. However, there is one big problem. They aren’t the most appealing appliances in the house.

The only time exposed boilers and pipes will do their magic is if “the industrial look” is your home’s decor theme.

How then can you deal with your exposed boiler and pipework? Continue reading to find out.

Safety is paramount

We understand you want your home to be well-decorated and fabulous. Nonetheless, safety is of the highest priority. Unfortunately, you can’t randomly cover your boiler with just any other material and expect all to work out.

First, despite what you do to cover your boiler, ensure it’s well ventilated. Like any other electronic, boilers will sometimes heat up as they go about their duties. Ventilation is crucial for their operation.

Next, make sure the boiler is well-spaced from its surroundings. Not only does this help with air circulation, but it will also provide working space should your engineers need it. Also, it will help you keep an eye on common boiler problems like leaks.

Boiler cupboards

We humbly appreciate the fact that modern condensing boilers are now small enough to fit into kitchen cupboards. It wasn’t always the case. Not long ago, boilers needed so much space. Not only were they bigger, but they were also less efficient.

As expected, you’ll need a new cupboard.

We know what you’re thinking, “Aren’t my existing kitchen cupboards good enough?”

Unfortunately, rarely will an existing cupboard work for boilers. It must fulfil some safety requirements.

  • It must have a relatively large hinged door that opens smoothly.
  • It must accommodate at least 700mm of space between the front of the boiler and other objects like walls.
  • It must accommodate at least 300mm of space between the top of the boiler and the “roof” of the cupboard.
  • The bottom of the boiler and cupboard must be at least 100mm apart.

Once you’ve fulfilled those requirements, you’re free to let your creative juices flow. You can play around with the box’s colour. Ideally, you’ll want it to blend with its surroundings. A well-thought colour or pattern can help achieve this.

On that note, there is one particular idea that made our day—The blackboard cupboard. You can achieve it by painting the front surface with blackboard colour. Not only does it look cool, but it also provides a place to write notes for the rest of the family.

Boiler boxes and pipe casings

Boiler boxes will come in handy if your boiler isn’t in the kitchen. Unfortunately, not any other box will do. There are special boxes that meet the safety requirements of manufacturers. They are somewhat similar to those of boiler cupboards.

Not only will the box hide your boiler, but it will prevent dust buildup and boost the unit’s lifespan. Additionally, it can also serve as an outlet for your creativity. You get to decide its colour and pattern.

We also have pipe casings. They come in many shapes. Some are cylindrical and others cubic. We’re not referring to those used for electrical wiring. Boiler pipe casings as unique. They are created to help maintain favourable thermal conditions for the liquid passing through the pipes.

Storage units

You can create a storage unit for your boiler. It’s perfect for hiding the device far from human eyes. Not only is it more spacious than a boiler box or cupboard, but it can also be used to store other things like mops and ironing boards.

On that note, we advise you to have the boiler and other equipment in different compartments. Having them in the same space might lead to congestion and disrupt ventilation.

We understand that creating a boiler unit in your existing home can be costly. The idea is particularly useful if you are constructing your home.

Cheap DIY Options

So far, so good. All the options we’ve offered above are practical and safe. However, they can be expensive and time-consuming to apply. We’re pleased to announce that there are other easy and creative solutions you can consider.


You can use curtains to hide an unsightly boiler and its pipework.

No. You don’t have to drill into your walls. We have spring-load curtains that are painless to install. Also, they offer plenty of ventilation and easy access to the boiler.

Additionally, curtains offer yet another way to show your creative talents. All in all, we advise you to try and match its colour and pattern with the surrounding.

Design tapes

Design tapes are available in convenience stores. Most importantly, they are affordable. With design tapes, you can transform your boring boiler pipework into a work of art. They come in many different colours and textures for you to explore.

Fake foliage

Are you a fan of home tropical decor? Then you’ll like this idea.

Some fake plant foliage can do a lot for your boiler and pipework. After all, who doesn’t appreciate plants and their calming green?

If you can afford it, you can even grow real house plants. Ideally, you’ll want climbers and creepers for this project.

Paint the pipes

Paint is a simple solution that often gets ignored. You can paint the boiler pipework however you want. We advise you to use metal paints of lively colours. Additionally, painting is a fun activity you can share with friends and family. You can all sit together and come up with pattern ideas.


Indeed, it’s possible to hide your boiler and its boring pipework. However, if everything fails, you should consider moving it to another room. Of course, this can be a costly affair depending on the distance and your system’s complexity.

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