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How To Avoid Boiler Call-Out Charges?


Are you in need of a heating engineer? Are you worried that a boiler call-out charge is going to blow you out of the water? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you with that. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about boiler call-out charges and how you can avoid them.

What is a boiler call-out charge?

In simple terms, a call-out charge is a fee you pay the engineering company before they even arrive at your home. Most of the time, it’s fixed regardless of whether the repair itself will be costly or not. In short, you are paying for the engineer to get your place.

For example, let’s say your boiler breaks down and you require professional services. Upon calling an engineer, he will first expect you to pay £50 before he even sees your appliance. Most of the time, they’ll also charge a diagnostic fee. It’s money paid for time on site. If they charge £50 an hour, and the engineer takes two hours to fix your boiler, you’ll pay £100 plus the call-out charge.

How To Avoid Boiler Call-Out Charges?

  1. Always ask before agreeing to a visit

Sounds easy, but you’d be surprised. Many people forget to ask and panic when they receive the bill after the repairs.

After calling the repair company, immediately ask if they charge call-out fees. Additionally, ask for the time-on-site rate. Did you know there are some companies that charge call-out fees of up to £200?

  1. Scout for the best deal

We know it sounds like a lot of work. But trust us, it’s worth it if you want to save some cash. Furthermore, you’ll also come across several trustworthy companies you can count on in the future.

Take your time. We advise you to start with the most reputable companies near you. Contact them and inquire whether or not they charge call-out fees. Ideally, you’ll want those that only charge for the diagnosis after providing you with a fixed price quote for the repair.

Although they are rare, some companies offer free diagnoses. However, be patient with them. Most won’t give detailed diagnoses with the fear you might harvest the information and go elsewhere for repairs. Remember, repair companies are also businesses that require profits to survive.

  1. Take boiler covers

A boiler cover will cater for all your repairs. If your boiler breaks down, you’ll only have to report the issue to the contract provider. The company will then organize for an engineer to diagnose and fix your boiler without you having to spend a coin (No call-out charges).

Of course, boiler covers aren’t free. Depending on the provider’s terms, you’ll have to pay monthly or annual subscriptions. On average, most homeowners with boiler covers pay around £300 annually. The amount you pay varies with the extent of the cover. Some also include plumbing and electrical repairs, among others.

We understand there is some debate as to whether boiler covers are worth it. Those against it insist that serious breakdowns are rare. Therefore, for most people, boiler covers are a waste of money.

In our opinion, we think boiler covers are worth it for peace of mind. Nothing is scarier than dealing with a damaged boiler in the middle of a harsh winter season.

How to get an affordable boiler cover

It’s your lucky day. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can choose the best boiler cover for your household. Indeed, it needs to be effective and affordable.

  • Don’t pay for more than you need. As mentioned earlier, some boiler covers are extensive. Sure, at times, they can be worth it. However, most of the time they’re not (especially if you already have home insurance).
  • Subscribe for annual payments. Not only do you get it out of the way with one payment, but they’re also generally cheaper than monthly subscriptions.

Note: While shopping for a boiler cover, pay special attention to the introductory prices. Remember, if the deal is too good, think twice. We understand that some providers advertise surprisingly affordable prices for the first year. However, clients are shocked when the fee doubles in the second year.


Boiler call-out charges are more common than you think. We feel the need to emphasize that inquiring is the best way of avoiding them. As an alternative, you can also consider boiler covers.

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