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Hometree Review


We Brits have come to rely on boilers to give us comfort in our homes. And for the most part, we are proud of how well they work. But at times they can break down. When this happens, you know you’ll be spending money you hadn’t planned for. And worse still, you don’t know where to find a reputable boiler company.

The owners of Hometree resolve this issue by offering fixed fee boiler installations where users pay online! We review Hometree and give you more information on how this company started was started by two entrepreneurs.

When was Hometree founded?

Though the home improvement industry enjoys a lot of new tech innovations, it still has a long way to harness digital technology. Andreu Tobella and Simon Phelan saw a lot of shortcomings in the heating industry. Phelan worked as a private equity investor for Jon Moulton. During his service, Phelan helped the business acquire big companies like Everest Home Improvements. After interacting with the business for some time, Phelan realized the industry was offline. And even worse, the big players in the industry, including British Gas (at the time) wasn’t making an effort to leverage the e-commerce market.

This was the light bulb moment that saw engineer Tobella and Phelan launch Hometree in 2016. Today, Hometree is a boiler installation company that leverages e-commerce technology to deliver installation services that promise to be like nothing else you’ve seen in the heating industry.

The heating industry has grown over the years. Today homeowners have to search through complicated products and pricing. And worse still, they have to deal with price hikes and poor boiler installations. Luckily, Hometree provides a solution for the otherwise complicated and expensive pricing process. It has a fresh approach that includes three pillars:

Hometree values

Fair pricing

Hometree understands the frustration in dealing with price changes. As such, they ensure you get the best price in the market. The best price should cover the home and offer you the best value for your money.

Simple and transparent

Hometree has established a clear line of communication with customers and installers. You’ll always know what you’re paying for. Their website communicates the details in their terms and conditions.

Customers come first

Hometree understands they would not enjoy their success without their customers’ trust and belief in them. Because of this, the customer’s wellbeing and experiences are at the heart of their operation even as they take steps to keep you safe and warm in your home.

How does it work and what services are offered?

The process starts by making a refundable deposit of £99. Hometree then prompts you to answer a series of questions over the phone. Towards the end, the Hometree representative offers a fixed-price quote and schedules a date for your boiler’s installation.

Moreover, Hometree makes a follow-up video call with an expert engineer to advise you and fill you in on the installation process.

Worcester Bosch Combination Boilers

Worcester Bosch boilers are the best in the industry. They serve houses of any size. Over the years, Worcester has won countless awards and has recently upgraded its Combi boiler to one of the best in the industry. The new Combi version has easy to use controls, is simple and more efficient. This translates to lower energy bills.

Valliant Boilers

These boilers are quiet and intelligent. When providing hot water, the boiler automatically adjusts to give the heat needed. This means you’ll pay lower energy bills. Valliant Combi boilers are easy to operate and simple. The Combi boilers are available for medium-sized to small homes.

Hometree Service Products

Hometree offers a vast range of tailored packages to suit homeowners. Whether it’s an emergency breakdown, blocked drain or faulty electrics, Hometree has an ideal package. The packages include:

Your Boiler Plan

This package costs £145.80 annually or £13.50 monthly. It’s designed to keep costly repairs at a minimum. It includes.

  • Annual boiler service
  • Unlimited callouts
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Repair gas supply pipes
  • A free boiler replacement if the boiler is less than 7 years old and we cannot find a fix for the problem
  • Repairs for accidental damages
  • Repairs to the flue, gas boiler and controls including all faults involving temperature and timings

Your Heating Plan

This package is designed to keep the central heating system and the boiler in great shape and warming the house regardless of the climate. It costs £172.80 annually and £16.00 monthly.

The package covers every service in the boiler package plus repairs to the wider central heating system, including cylinders, pipes and water tanks. The package also includes a 15% discount on new boiler installations if the previous boilers are older than seven years and we cannot diagnose the problem and fix it.

Your Home Plan

This package is designed to keep you in control. It’s the most comprehensive and covers the boiler, electrics, drains, and heating. It costs £243 annually and £22.50 monthly.

It covers the boiler and heating services plus repairs to the mains electrical wiring and plumbing system. It also covers repairs and unblocking of the waste and drainpipes.

Payment options

Hometree offers flexible payment plans. The offers include: 

A £99 upfront deposit and payment upon installation

You can opt to pay for the boiler on the day of installation. In this case, Hometree requires a £99 deposit to schedule and book the work for completion. The remaining balance is payable after installation. They accept debit and credit cards.

A 12-month purchase option

This payment option allows you to buy the boiler for nothing and pay for it for over a year. If you choose this option, you’ll incur a cost of £29 as a settlement fee. If you cannot complete the payments within 12 months, you can make monthly repayments at 19.9% APR representation over ten years. This starts from the 13th month.

Low-interest option

If you prefer spreading the payments over several years and have low monthly payments, Hometree’s 5 and 10-year plans at 9.9% Representative are a good option.

What boiler size do you need?

Perfect boiler sizes vary from home to home. Several factors come into play when choosing the right size. Hometree simplifies the process by outlining all boiler sizes and indicating their power, flow rate, efficiency, and number of radiators.

Hometree has caught on in the UK. It’s loved for its financing options and ease of choosing the perfect boiler for installation. Convenience has never been better with Hometree.

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