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Compare Grant Boiler Reviews


Grant boilers, A Wiltshire-based boiler brand has been around for over 35 years. They are best known for their oil-fired boilers and a variety of other cutting edge heating products.

Recently, they caved into the growing demand for their boilers and decided to add a variety of other components with their boiler varieties with the focus on producing boilers that are friendly to the environment and address the rising cost of energy.

Grant is not just a boiler company thumping its chest in the market. The brand has some hardware to back up its claims. As recently as 2017, the company was awarded an Oil Boiler Best Buy Award from the Which? Consumer body.

The brand has a variety of other awards which are proof of its dedication to quality and long-lasting solutions to modern heating problems. Its Vortex range of boilers is renowned for having some of the highest efficiency products in the market today.

If you’re in the market for an oil fired boiler and don’t want to hold back on quality, Grant has an impressive range that you can choose from.

When choosing your boiler, don’t forget that the boiler is only as good as the installation. Even the best boilers can’t perform if they’re installed poorly. You need to factor in the boiler installation cost from a Gas Safe registered engineer.

We can help you with this by connecting you with 3 local Gas Safe registered boiler installation experts who will send you free, no-obligation quotes. All you have to do is send us an enquiry.

Typical Prices for Grant Boilers

Grant boilers strike an excellent balance between price, design and quality. Each of the boilers is designed with homeowners and installers in mind. You get to choose from internal, external, and wall-hung house and combi boilers. The output ratings of the boilers start from 12kW and go all the way up to 70kW.

As much as the boilers come at pocket-friendly prices, it’s vital to know the cost so that you can come up with a definitive budget. Your budget should also include the cost of installation which is also substantial.  

Depending on factors like design, size and output of the boiler, a Grant boiler will set you back between £1,180 and £2,380. You have to carefully choose your boiler to make sure it’s not only within your budget but can also meet your demands.

Once you select the boiler, the next step is choosing an affordable but qualified installer. You can send us an enquiry and we will connect you with a local installer who will send you free Grant boiler installation quotes. You can compare the different quotes and pick the installer you’re most comfortable with.

Why Choose a Grant Boiler?

Grant boilers offer a world of opportunities to the user. The brands dedication to providing efficient and good quality oil-fired boilers is one of the reasons why it has become a darling to many homeowners across the UK.

The innovative approach that Grant uses for its boilers and other heating products has seen it win multiple awards which is quite commendable. Awards not only mean that the brands efforts are paying off but also that buyers have trust in their products.

In today’s boiler market, production of hot water is not enough. The boiler needs to be affordable, easy, and cheap to run and above all, it needs to meet the strict emission laws in place. Grant has met and surpassed all these requirements making their boilers highly sort after.

Benefits of Choosing a Grant Boiler

Buy from a trusted and award-winning brand

Grant is recognised by both industry experts and buyers for its efforts in making heating better and more affordable for all homes. The brand has received multiple awards for best sales and a variety of innovative products including the award-winning heat exchanger. If you’re looking for a brand that is tested and proven, Grant fits the bill.


Grant has been in the heating industry for over 35 years. While other brands have been around longer, they have maximised their time and invested in innovation which has provided them with excellent products that have received amazing reception.

Efficient Boilers

Through the years, the company has constantly improved their products to make them the efficient, environmentally friendly boilers they are today.  

Variety of boilers to choose from

Even though Grant doesn’t have gas boilers, they have a rich collection of oil boilers with different output. No matter how big or small your home or your requirement for hot water, they have a boiler that will keep up with your needs.

Blue flame technology

Grant boilers uses the blue flame technology. Boilers using this technology have a blue flame instead of the usual yellow. The blue flame signifies a much cleaner combustion. The boilers are also ultra-energy efficient and produce low NOx emissions. The blue flame technology used in the Grant range of boilers will not only save you money but it also makes sure the boiler is kind to the environment.

Grant Boiler Warranty

Grant is confident to offer its range of boilers with a 3-year standard warranty. Some of the models come with a 5 or 10 years warranty which should give buyers total confidence in the boilers they choose to invest in.

What’s covered by the warranty?

As long as your boiler is under the warranty, Grant will cover all labour and replacements costs for the boiler. If the damage is accidental or a result of tampering, then the warranty won’t cover the damage.

Terms and conditions

To keep your boiler covered by the warranty, there are some regulations you should observe. First the boiler has to be properly installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. For boilers that qualify for the 5-year or 10-year warranty extension, the boiler has to be installed by a G-One accredited installer.

Once the boiler is up and running, you have to ensure it’s serviced every 12 months and the relevant paperwork provided. On every warranty call out, you will be asked to produce the documents.

How to register your warranty

The boiler needs to be registered on Grant’s website within 30 days of the installation to make the warranty valid. After the warranty is validated, then extensions can be activated where applicable.

Compare a range of Grant Boilers

Grant offers a vast range of boilers. Their range includes internal, external and wall-hung boilers. They come in different sizes and outputs depending on the needs of the market. If you’re considering adding a Grant boiler to your home, understanding the full range of boiler is critical in helping to make the right decision.

What’s certain is, regardless of the boiler you choose, you’re assured of peak performance and excellent quality with all of the boilers. They come with lengthy warranties as proof of quality and functionality and are designed with homeowners and installers in mind.

Grant boilers save you money from the moment you buy them. The boilers are affordable and because of the unique design, they are easy to install which saves you money on installation costs. When the boiler starts running, the impressive efficiency ratings save you money going forward on your energy bills.

Grant oil-fired combi boilers range

The primary focus of Grant combi boilers is efficiency. The Vortex model of boilers which feature prominently in this range live up to this goal.

Vortex combi boiler is the Which? Best Buy in 2008 and have consistently provided a solution to heating and hot water in the UK. These combi boilers are easy to install, compact and unobtrusive which makes these boilers a reasonable choice for homes that are limited on space.

With combi boilers, you don’t have to worry about bulky hot water tanks or cold water storage tanks. You get to save up on space and still enjoy efficient hot water production on demand.

Because most homes don’t have that traditional airing cupboard, Grant has a variety of combi boilers that are wall-hung. If you prefer having your boiler in a storage space, you can also choose for a variety of internal combi boilers.

Benefits of a Grant combi boiler

  • Grant combi boilers are approved by the Energy Saving Trust.
  • The boilers come with a 2 year boiler warranty and up to 5 years warranty on the heat exchanger.
  • You can choose from a diverse range of outputs.
  • Perfect for small homes that are still off-grid.

Compare Grant combi boiler prices

Whether you’re looking for a budget boiler or price is not a concern, you always want to know that you’re getting value for your money. That’s why you should find a boiler that not only works within your budget but also provides you with efficient heating while keeping the running costs to a minimum.

Good boiler performance is not only the result of a good boiler but also good boiler installation. When looking for a good boiler, you also need to find a good boiler installer. The cost of installation will vary from one installer to the next. You should get several quotes that you can compare and pick the best blend of cost and value.

For Grant combi boiler installation quotes, you can send us an enquiry. We will connect you with Gas Safe registered engineers from your locality who will send you free boiler installation quotes without obligation.

You can also have a look at a range of Grant combi boilers available and their prices in the table below:

Grant oil-fired regular boilers range

Regular boilers are perfect when you need lots of hot water or your home is in an area with low water pressure. These types of boilers comprise of three parts. They have a hot water cylinder that stores the hot water, a cold water storage tank and the boiler.

They are common in old properties but, with modern and sleek designs, the boilers are becoming common in modern homes as well.

In most cases, homeowners prefer to have regular boilers if they have a similar central heating pipework in place. Even then, you still need to make some tough decisions on which Grant regular boiler would be the perfect addition for your home.

You have to decide where the boiler will be placed since grant has external, wall-hung and internal varieties in stock. You need to factor in the size of the property, the number of radiators you have and the number of bathrooms the boiler will be serving.

All these considerations will help you land on a boiler that will provide you with the performance that suits your needs.

Benefits of a Grant regular boiler

  • Modern regular boilers are better energy savers compared to the old models.
  • You can connect the boiler to the existing pipework saving yourself money in installation and replacement of the pipework.
  • There are various output options to choose from depending on your preferences.
  • Each Grant regular boiler comes with a warranty as a standard to give you peace of mind.
  • The boilers have easy to use controls and are easy to install.

Compare the Grant regular boiler prices

A new boiler is a significant investment. You have to choose the right boiler for the first time. Before making the purchase, shop around to see what the different boilers have to offer and get acquainted with the prices.

Don’t forget that installing the boiler is an additional cost. You can get a couple of quotes for the new boiler installation that will help you get an idea of how much it would cost you to get the boiler working. If you’re not sure where you get new boiler installation quotes from, you can send us an enquiry and we will have up to three installers from your area send you quotes.

Have a look at the complete range of Grant oil regular boilers prices in the table below:

Grant doesn’t have any system boilers, but they offer Grant conversion kits that you can use with the Vortex range of boilers for system boiler functionality.

Grant Boiler Common Problems and Fault Codes

To keep your boiler in the best condition and allow it to serve you for as long as possible, you need to have some vital information on what error codes are common with Grant boilers. By understanding these faults, you’re better equipped to explain to the engineer what the problem is before they can come and give it a check.

Also, some of these codes and problems are quite easy to fix and you can fix them yourself. But, if at any time you’re not sure about anything, it’s always important to have a professional give you a helping hand.

Low boiler pressure

This is a problem with boilers from all brands. You should always keep a close eye on the pressure gauge of your boiler. Low pressure causes the central heating to fail. The built-in pressure gauge provides you with all the information you need. If the pressure falls below 1 bar, it could be a problem.

Suggested fix

It’s simple to fix a low-pressure fault. All you need to do is find the external filling loop on the boiler and use it to fill up the pressure. But, you should be careful because if there’s a leak in the boiler, the problem could worsen. Just to be safe, you should have the boiler examined for leaks before you reset and attempt to fire again.

Resetting the overheat thermostat

In case of a boiler malfunction, an overheat thermostat automatically switches the boiler off. In Grant boilers, a red neon light illuminates once the boiler is cut out. You know the thermostat has done its job when you try to fire the boiler and it doesn’t work and the reset button also fails.

Suggested fix

The boiler will only work after the thermostat is reset. Wait for the boiler to cool down then unscrew the small plastic cap and press the button under it then replace the cap. If you’re not conversant with boiler parts, call in an engineer to assist you.

Strange noises

Rumbling noises from the boiler are a sign that limescale or sludge has built-up inside the boiler’s heat exchanger. This is known as kettling. Because of the built-up, water flow is restricted which causes the water to overheat and boil.

Suggested fix

Kettling is fixed by performing a power flush. A power flush can only be done by a qualified heating engineer. It clears the system of any sludge and restores the flow of hot water through the heat exchanger.

Contacting Customer Support

For homeowners that want to get in touch with Grant UK for sales, enquiries or even fixes, there are a few ways to get in touch with the company.


Grant UK

Hopton House,

Hopton Industrial Estate,



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Phone Number:

+44(0) 1380 736 920




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