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Compare Glow Worm Boiler Reviews


Glow Worm is part of the Vaillant Group – the second-largest heating company in Europe. Glow Worm started its operations in the UK in 1934 with a goal to produce quality, efficient and easy to install and maintain boilers.

The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility across Derbyshire. Using these facilities, the company has consistently lived up to its reputation to build quality boilers that are fuel-efficient for all their customers.

Choosing the right boiler for your home is essential. To make sure you’re not limited in the choice of options, the company has different types and models of boilers built to serve households with varying needs and designs.

If you want the reliability and heritage that Glow Worm has built for over half a century, you can send us an inquiry. We will connect you to Gas Safe registered installers in your area who will provide you with a free quote.

Typical Prices for Glow Worm Boilers

As a potential Glow Worm boiler buyer, your primary concern is how much the new boiler is going to cost. While price shouldn’t be the sole focus when buying a new boiler, it remains a significant factor.

Glow Worm boilers are designed to be durable yet affordable, high quality yet efficient and modern yet easy to install and maintain.

A Glow Worm boiler will cost you anywhere in the range of £623 to £1,004. The price you pay for the boiler depends on the type and output of the boiler.

With Glow Worm, staying warm and living comfortably has never been more affordable. You’re assured of getting your preferred type of boiler without throwing your finances into disarray.

The buying price of the boiler is not the only factor you should consider. You also have to remember the installation cost which is exclusive of the purchase price of the boiler.

The cost of installing the boiler is equally significant. You should get a few quotes from reputable boiler installers, so you have an idea of the total cost beforehand.

To make it easier for you to find the right boiler, send us an enquiry and we will connect you with local Gas Safe registered engineers who will provide you with free quotes.

Some installers go a step further and offer boiler financing options. If you find the cost of buying and installing the new boiler steep, you can take advantage of the financing services. Such services allow you to get the boiler and the benefits it brings along sooner while you make manageable payments.

Why Choose a Glow Worm Boiler?

Glow Worm’s mantra has always been to manufacture user-friendly boilers. They have made a name by building dependable and high-efficiency boilers. With over half a century of experience, their boilers feature in thousands of homes in the UK.

What’s more, they were one of the first ones to produce a condensing boiler which has become quite popular over the years.

Benefits of choosing a Glow Worm Boiler

There’s no doubt going for a Glow Worm boiler comes with plenty of benefits. To help you decide whether this is the brand of boiler you want in your home, here are some of the reasons why buying a Glow Worm boiler is a good idea:

Impressive customer reviews

Glow Worm has garnered over 1,500 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4 out of 5. 74% of the reviewers rate the brand as excellent. Those are figures that instil a lot of confidence with the brand and their products.


Comparing the cost of Glow Worm boilers to other brands, there’s a distinct difference. Glow Worm boilers are affordable and don’t compromise on the quality or durability of the boiler. If you’re looking for a heating brand that will give you more bang for your budget, Glow Worm fits the bill.


All Glow Worm boilers come with a warranty. It gives you peace of mind knowing that the brand has faith in its products and is willing to repair and replace any parts that are covered by the warranty.

Glow Worm Boiler Warranty

Like other boiler manufacturers, Glow Worm also offers a warranty with all their boilers. The length of the warranty depends on a variety of factors which include the type of boiler and model.

Standard Glow Worm warranty ranges between 2 – 7 years. Some boiler models are eligible for up to 15 years of warranty if the set regulations are followed.

For the standard boiler warranty to be active, you have to register your boiler within 30 days from the day of installation. Once the installation is complete, you have a team of Vaillant group service engineers ready to assist with any repairs and replacements your boiler needs.

How to extend the warranty

It’s possible to extend the guarantee of your Glow Worm boiler for up to 10 years. The condition is to have the boiler registered through your Glow Worm Club Energy Installer.

What’s covered by the warranty?

When a Glow Worm warranty covers your boiler, the manufacturer will cover the repair of any defects which result from manufacturing. The repairs must be done by Glow Worm accredited engineers and the company will cover parts and labour.

If the failure of the boiler or any components is caused by water contamination, the warranty won’t cover the engineer’s visit.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Glow Worm boasts of a wide variety of boilers to suit any home. Through their 75 years of experience, they have perfected their boilers to provide their customers with the best possible experience and performance.

With Glow Worm, value for money, quality and efficiency are what you get. Each Glow Worm boiler is designed to fit the needs of every modern home and blend in with modern aesthetic demands.

Glow Worm Combi Range

Combination boilers are the most common in modern homes. They offer convenience and space consciousness without compromising on performance. With combis, you don’t need to worry about space for the hot water cylinder or a cistern.

For homes where space is a premium, a combi boiler should be the first boiler that comes to mind. It’s also perfect for homeowners that are conscious about conserving energy.

In addition to their energy efficiency, combis only heat water when you need it. It’s the perfect way to avoid wastage of both water and energy. With Glow Worm, there are several options to choose from each offering the same benefits.

Benefits of a Glow Worm combi boiler

  • Provides you with hot water when you need it.
  • It saves time because you don’t have to wait for the entire tank to heat up.
  • Glow Worm combi boilers tick all the essential boxes with regards to energy efficiency.
  • The boilers come with a modern design that is easy to install and use.
  • The boilers are cost-effective,
  • You get to use a boiler from a reliable and reputable boiler.

Compare Glow Worm combi boiler prices

Glow Worm has combi boilers for people with all kinds of budgets. They have boilers for people managing tight budgets and for customers who prioritise quality and performance over price.

Their range of combi boilers offers different outputs allowing them to serve the needs of a wide range of homes.

Once you settle on your boiler of choice, installation is next. Every good boiler requires proper installation to live up to the expectations.

Because installation costs are significant, it’s best to get quotes on installation upfront so you have an idea on the total cost of the boiler.

You can get your new Glow Worm boiler quotes by sending us an enquiry. We will connect you to three Gas Safe registered engineers who will send you free quotes.

For the boiler prices, you can have a look at the table below on all Glow Worm combi boilers and their prices;

Glow Worm System Boilers Range

Do you use lots of hot water in your home? Are you concerned about the space for boiler installation? Do you want a high capacity but efficient boiler? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then what you need is a Glow Worm system boiler.

A Glow Worm system boiler heats water for consumption around the house and the central heating as well. Fitted with a hot water cylinder, system boilers promise unlimited amounts of hot water flowing through your taps at all times.

To save space and installation time, system boilers have most of the components already installed inside the boiler. Also, the boiler gets its water supply directly from the mains, so you don’t need to have an expansion tank in the loft.

Glow Worms range of system boilers comprises of:

  • Ulitmate3
  • Easicom3
  • Energy

The Ultimate3 and Easicom3 range of system boilers come in 25kW output only. The Energy system boiler is more diverse and features outputs of 12, 25, 18, and 30 kW.

Benefits of Glow Worm system boilers

  • Glow Worm system boilers feature an easy to use user interface with a bright LCD.
  • The boilers are energy efficient and fitted with a Grundfos modulating pump and an Erp A-rating for efficiency.
  • The Easicom3 range has a 4-year warranty on parts and labour while the Energy and Ultimate3 series come with 5-year warranties.
  • These system boilers provide you with a wide range of flue options to choose from.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Varying outputs and energy range.
  • Compact and aesthetically appealing designs perfect for modern homes.

Compare Glow Worm system boiler prices

The price you pay for a system boiler depends on the brand, output and size of the boiler you choose. Installation costs will also significantly affect the price of the boiler.

You can save some money on your boiler installation cost by comparing different boiler quotes from various competent boiler installation experts. To get quotes for your Glow Worm system boiler, send us an enquiry.

Glow Worm Regular Boiler Range

Regular boilers are preferred because of their energy efficiency ratings. They are also perfect if your home has old central heating pipework in place or you live in an area with low water pressure.

Glow Worm regular boilers feature a hot water tank and a cold water tank. They are not the most space-conscious kind of boilers, but if you’re looking for a boiler that provides you with loads of hot water without breaking a sweat, regular boilers are the best.

Glow Worm has two types of regular boilers in its heating line-up. The 24hxi and the Flexcom hx. Both models stick to the tenets of all regular boilers of being energy efficient and capable of saving you money on your energy bill.

Benefits of a Glow Worm regular boiler

  • The boiler can be wall mounted.
  • It is covered by a 2-year warranty.
  • The boilers have different outputs. You can choose what works best for you and your home.
  • The boiler can also be run on LPG if you prefer.
  • The Flexicom hx range of regular boilers is recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

Compare Glow Worm regular boiler prices

Regular boilers are slightly old fashioned. The installation work required to get the boiler working properly and ready to run is substantial. As such, you might want to start by finding a reputable Gas Safe certified boiler engineer and compare quotes for your new Glow Worm boiler to find the best rates.

Even though regular boilers may cost more to install, when installed properly, they make up for the cost by saving you money on your energy bill.

Compare the prices for different Glow Worm regular boilers below:

Glow Worm Problems and Common Fault Codes

Boilers are a vital part of every home. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how hard they work to make our lives easy – until something goes wrong.

As excellent as the engineering that goes into making Glow Worm boilers is, the boilers are liable to faults and can suffer problems over time. With this short guide, you can quickly diagnose the problem and determine whether you can fix the boiler or you need an expert.

Fault code F16 (Ci Models)

This fault code which is common with Ci models indicates a flame detection fault with the boiler.

It’s possible the error is showing because the boiler requires servicing which includes the cleaning or replacing the probe but, it could also be because there’s no gas coming through the pilot assembly causing the boiler not to ignite.

Suggested fix

The fix, in this case, is not only complicated but unsafe. You need the help of an expert to check if the pilot assembly is clean and if gas is flowing from the gas valve. You can also replace the lead and flame detection probe.

Error Code F9

The F9 fault code is ambiguous. It can point to problems related to circulation, pressure, or diverter valve issues.

To pinpoint the actual problem start by checking all the electrics and if the boiler is going through the correct sequence. It might also help to check for sludge build up on the plate heat exchanger.

Suggested fix

The fix depends on what you find the problem to be. It can be as easy as topping up pressure which you can do yourself to requiring an engineer to replace the pump.

Because Glow Worm boilers are sensitive to build up, a flush might also help to clear this fault code.

Error codes F1, F3 and F4

These error codes are common with the Flexicom CX range of Glow Worm boilers. Error code F1 and F4 indicate a problem with the ignition while f3 points to the fan speed fault. But, if the fan doesn’t function properly, there will be an ignition fault, so they are all related.

If you have a multimeter laying around, pick it up and check the reading from the PCB to the fan. Also, check for power from the PCB and the ignition leads.

Suggested fix

The PCB or fan might require replacement. Depending on the readings from the multimeter, ignition leads might also need to be replaced.

Error Code F14

The manual indicates that this code points to a defective gas valve. It is true! But, it could also be the PCB of the wiring harness. To determine this, check if there’s power from the PCB to the gas valve.

Suggested fix

You will need an expert to change the PCB, wiring harness, or gas valve depending on the results of the diagnosis.

Error codes F61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67

These fault codes are all synonymous with the Betacom Glow Worm boiler model. All the faults point to a problem with the PCB or the main circuit board. To better understand what the problem is, use a multimeter to test the sequence.

It could be something as small as a faulty connection. This is more so the case after a recent service of the boiler.

Suggested fix

A PCB replacement is the best remedy to get things working again. But, you need to check the sequence and connections first.

Contacting Glow Worm Customer Service

To make it easier to get services, Glow Worm has various numbers and avenues you can use to get in touch with them. These include:


Glow Worm

Nottingham Road,

Belper, Derbyshire




Customer service line:

01773 828 100

Glow Worm technical enquiries

01773 828 300


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