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Compare Firebird Boiler Reviews


Firebird has gained popularity by producing one of the most efficient range of boilers in the market. Its 60 different models of boilers use the industry-leading Blue Flame technology which not only saves on energy but also exceeds the stringent ErP legislation on NOx emissions.

The diverse line of boilers is designed for both small and large homes and they come in various outputs which range from 12kW to 100kW. Considering the expertise that goes into designing the boilers, the general quality of the boilers and the performance, it’s easy to see each of the 35 years that the company has been in the heating industry.

There’s a lot to get excited about with Firebird boilers. This includes the patented heat recovery system that ties up any loose ends where heat could escape from the system by throwing in a third heat exchanger.

With Firebird boilers, you not only get an efficient, reliable and high-quality boiler, but also soot-free combustion that leaves your home looking better for longer.

To get quotes for your new Firebird boiler and boiler installation, send us an enquiry and we will help you find 3 boiler installers in your locality who will send you free, no-obligation quotes for the new boiler.

Typical Prices for Firebird Boilers

With the design and engineering that goes into a Firebird boiler, you will need to dig slightly deeper into your pockets. While the boilers are not cheap, they are affordable and they more than makeup for the extra cost by providing you with a life-long of savings on your energy bills.

A Firebird boiler will cost you anywhere between £1,800 to over £4,000 depending on the model you choose and the output of the boiler.

The brand has taken measure to make sure all the boilers are of high quality and each comes with a warranty regardless of the price point.

If you’re more worried about energy consumption, the premium the Enviroblue™ range of Firebird boilers will take care of all your concerns.

With Firebird, you have a variety of over 60 boilers to choose from. They are all classified based on output and model of boiler. You can choose from the Envirolite Silver Condensing boilers, Enviromax condensing boilers, Enviroblue condensing boilers or the premium Blue Supreme condensing boilers.

With such diversity, finding the right boiler for your home has never been easier. When choosing the boiler, don’t forget, the price of the boiler doesn’t include the installation cost. You have to pay for the installation after getting the boiler.

Why Choose a Firebird Boiler?

There are plenty of reasons why choosing a Firebird boiler looks like the right move. Even though most of the boiler brands have been in the UK for more than half a century, Firebird has invested in progressive research that has made their boilers the most efficient range in the market.

Through vigorous research, Firebird has made boilers that address the concerns of every boiler owner – energy consumption and maintenance. Having one of the most efficient range of boilers in the market should allow you to operate your boiler without fear of a crippling energy bill.

Benefits of Choosing a Firebird Boiler


Firebird boilers use cutting edge and patented technology through a third heat exchanger to save up on energy and work as efficiently as possible. This range of boilers is regarded as the most efficient in the market and guarantees the best results for you and your finances.

Easy installation

Firebird boilers will not only save you money on consumption. They also save money on installation. They have a state of the art multi-directional flue system that makes the boiler easier to install. The boiler takes a shorter time to set up which means you pay less.

Extensive variety

Firebird has one of the most comprehensive range of boilers in the UK. With over 60 different boilers to choose from, four different models and outputs of between 12kW and 100kW, choosing the right boiler for your home and budget has never been easier.

Save space

The multi-directional flue system allow you to install the boiler in tight spaces. If you’re concerned your boiler might not fit because of the flue system, the unique design of Firebird boilers might just let the boiler fit into that tight space and finally have some hot water and heat running in your home.

Firebird Boiler Warranty

Every Firebird boiler comes with a 2-year warranty. The warranty can be extended up to 10 years depending on the range of boilers. For warranty extension, you need to consult with your installer to identify the offers available.

What’s covered by the warranty?

During the period of the warranty, Firebird will cover repairs and replacements free of charge if the boiler has any mechanical or electrical breakdown because of defective materials or workmanship.

Consumable components like door gaskets, nozzles and oil hoses are not covered by the warranty.

Terms and conditions

To enjoy the benefit of a Firebird warranty, your new boiler has to be installed by an OFTEC registered installer. They must complete the boiler passport on Firebird’s website and leave you with a copy for the boiler.

This has to be done not more than 10 days after the installation and commissioning of the boiler. In addition, you will need to make sure the boiler is serviced annually by an OFTEC registered engineer for the duration of the warranty. If the boiler is not serviced, the warranty comes to an end.

How to register the warranty

Registering a Firebird boiler warranty is quite simple. You only need to visit the company’s website with your details and those of the boiler. You should note, however, that the boiler passport is only completed by the installer.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Firebird has long established itself as a fierce competitor in the heating world with leading boilers with A-rated efficiency.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly boilers for your small home or apartment or a premium option for a home with multiple bathrooms, the broad range of boilers the company offers will make it easier for you to find the boiler you’re looking for.

Each of the boilers is designed and manufactured to the highest standards and comes with a warranty. All you need to do is choose the boiler that appeals to you most and suits your needs best.

Firebird Combi Boiler Range

Firebird has two models of combi boilers in its combi range. With the unique design of each of the models, it’s now easier to have a combi boiler installed in or outside your home when the space is limited.

Combi boilers are capable of providing hot water for your home and for the central heating system. Everything you need to get the boiler working comes in one single and compact unit which saves on space because you don’t need an additional hot water container. Because of the space-saving aspect, combi boilers are perfect for small homes that don’t have loft space.

The combi boiler range from Firebird has robust features with premium-grade steel and a heavy-duty plaster casing with a polyester-coated finish that protects the boiler from wear and tear and also cuts on heat loss.

This range of boilers is not only beneficial to the user but to the installer as well. They include features like easy access to commonly serviced parts, multi-directional flue options and simple wiring with the help of 7-pin plug.

You also get to enjoy the benefits that Firebird boilers are known for like reduced NOx emissions and an A-rated efficiency rating. They are perfect for users that are looking for greener boilers that are friendlier to the environment.

If you can’t find any space at all for your combi boiler inside the house, the Firebird Enviromax CombiPac outdoor boiler has your back. It has the same specifications to the indoor combi with the addition of a built-in frost thermostat that keeps it nice and warm when the temperature drops. You can install the boiler outdoors allowing you to free up much-needed space in your home while enjoying the luxury of a boiler.

Both combi boiler models come in outputs of 12-20kW, 20-26kW, and 26-35kW.

Benefits of Firebird Combi boilers Enviromax Combi (Indoor)

  • Provides hot water on demand.
  • Space-saving and compact design allows you to make the most out of your loft and airing cupboard space.
  • Extremely energy and water-efficient. The boiler only heats what is needed.
  • Capable of providing up to 20litres of hot water per min when using the 35kW model.
  • The PCB controller is fitted with highly accurate thermistors.
  • The boilers can rapidly heat water as you use it.
  • Compact design that easily fits under a standard kitchen worktop.
  • Durable hard-wearing casings with a high-quality finish.
  • Comes with a patented heat exchanger design.
  • Does not come with a diverter valve. The boiler has twin circulating pumps for better efficiency.
  • Designed for ultra-quiet operation and fully insulated.
  • Comes with multi-directional flue options.
  • Comes with a high-performance Riello RDB burners.
  • Optional timer and condensate pump controllers.

Benefits of Firebird Combi boilers Einvromax Combipac Boilers (Outdoor)

  • This outdoor combi boiler will allow you to enjoy hot water on demand.
  • Ideal for properties that can’t squeeze in a combi boiler inside the house.
  • The boiler only heats water when you need it so no worries about wastage.
  • Excellent hot water performance. Up to 20 litres per minute on 35kW output.
  • Extremely accurate thermistors on the PCB controller.
  • High quality weather-proof PVC-coated casing.
  • Fully insulated to prevent heat loss.
  • Also features the patented heat exchanger design.
  • Dual flue option (left or right).
  • Twin circulation pumps in place of a diverter valve for better reliability.
  • Fully fitted with frost protection.
  • Extra quiet operation and fully insulated against heat loss.
  • This range also uses the Riello RDB burner.

Compare Firebird Combi boiler prices

If you’re choosing to go with Firebird, you will be one of the thousands of customers that are happy to have made the same choice.

The prices you get from one installer to the next will differ so you will need to get a few quotes to assess the best rates.

Most Firebird boilers are easy to install so they are easier on your pockets. But, it’s important to have a full price breakdown so you can pick the best boiler for your home and your needs.

Compare Firebird System boiler prices

Even with its trending and patented technology, Firebird system boilers follow in the footsteps of other system boilers. They don’t feature a bulky cold water tank in the loft. But, to keep up with the high demand for hot water, system boilers require a hot water cistern. It’s the only significant difference between a system and a combi boiler.

The hot water tank is safely kept inside an airing cupboard and stores hot water allowing the system to provide you with a constant supply of hot water on demand. Because of the tank, it’s possible to run to the bathroom simultaneously without any flow rate concerns.

Firebird has two types of system boilers. The first, Firebird’s Enviromax boiler range is ideal for indoor installation. It’s rich with features which include premium-grade steel construction with a minimum 4mm gauge.

Each of the models in this range also features a heavy-duty casing with a polyester-coat finish to protect the boiler from wear and tear.

The second range is the Enviromax System Pac which is a range of outdoor boilers. They have the same specifications as the indoor system boilers but have a built-in frost thermostat as an addition to allow them to function properly even in winter.

Both types of boilers come in four output models: 12 – 20kW, 20 – 26kW, 26 – 35Kw, 35 – 44kW.

Benefits of Firebird System boilers Enviromax System boilers (Indoor)

  • Come in different sizes and different outputs for different properties.
  • You get constant flow of hot water courtesy of the cistern which is automatically replenished.
  • Compact design that tucks under the standard kitchen worktop.
  • Low pressure switch to protect the boiler against damage in case of water loss in the system.
  • Premium quality finish hard-wearing casing to protect the boiler.
  • Is fitted with a patented heat exchanger design.
  • Front service access.
  • PCB controller with anti-cycling function.
  • Fully insulated and designed for quiet operation.
  • Has multi-directional flue options.
  • Optional condensate pump.
  • Is fitted with a high-performance Riello RDB burner.

Enviromax SystemPac (Outdoor)

  • Designed for properties with limited indoor space.
  • The cistern always has hot water available and is automatically replenished when the water is used.
  • High-quality PVC-coating that is weatherproof.
  • Fully insulated to prevent heat loss.
  • Super quiet performance.
  • Features the patented Firebird heat exchanger design.
  • Fitted with a frost protection stat.
  • Low-pressure switch protects the boiler against damage in case of water loss.
  • Stainless steel terminal guard.
  • Right or left flue exit design.
  • SEDBUK Band A efficiency.
  • Has a high-performance Riello RDB burner.

Compare Firebird System boiler prices

When choosing your preferred Firebird system boiler, you have to consider the price. Not only the price of the boiler but also the cost of installation which is also significant.

While boiler prices are most stable, installation prices vary from one installer to the next. To get the best idea on installation prices, you should get 2 or 3 quotes from different installers and compare.  

Firebird Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

Once your Firebird boiler is up and running, you should keep an eye on some common problems and fault codes that may appear during the life of the boiler. As with other boilers, your boiler might run into some problems. Knowing what to do beforehand can save you vital minutes and even cut down on the cost of repairs and extent of damage.

Central heating not coming on

You might notice that water is available at the taps but, the central heating is not coming on. It’s best to check if the thermostats are on. You can also cautiously check if the bottom of the radiators are warm as well as the pressure of the boiler.

Suggested fix

The fix depends on the diagnosis. If the thermostats are not on, you need to turn them on. If the bottom of the radiators are cold, you need to bleed or vent them. If the boiler pressure is low, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Have an engineer check for leaks before you try to top up and reset the boiler.

Low boiler pressure

This is a common problem that affects most boilers. It can be as a result of various factors each of which needs to be treated very seriously.

When the pressure of your Firebird boiler goes too low, the boiler will automatically cut out. You can check this by looking at the built-in pressure gauge. Anything below 1 bar is a red flag.

Suggested fix

If there are no other underlying issues, you can increase the boiler pressure yourself using the external filling loop. It’s a simple and safe procedure. If you’re unsure about anything, you should contact a registered Gas Safe engineer to assist you.

Boiler leaking

Just as a small leak can sink a big boat, a small leak can also destroy your boiler. There are many reasons there can be a leak in the boiler. The reasons range from faulty and worn out seals to corrosion caused by rust.

The leak can cause the electrical components to short circuit and if not repaired, it could damage the boiler. The first sign of leak is repeated loss of boiler pressure.

Suggested fix

If you’re lucky enough to spot the leak, turn off the water supply to prevent the leak from getting worse. Get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer to help spot the leak and fix it.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to spot the leak. But, if the boiler is losing pressure regularly, it should hint you that there’s a leak.

Radiators not heating up

A number of reasons can keep your radiators from heating up. The most common is sludge build-up inside the system. This is more so the case if the bottom of the radiators is not getting hot.

Suggested fix

If the build-up is not significant, bleeding the radiators can alleviate the problem. But, if it’s been a couple of years and you notice dirty water coming out of the radiators when bleeding, you need to have a power flush done to clear the system.

Contacting Customer Support

Whether you’re thinking of a getting a Firebird boiler or looking for some technical assistance, there are several ways to get in touch with the manufacturer:


Firebird Products Ltd

Phoenix House,

Eastern Wood Road,

Language Industrial Estate Plympton,

Plymouth PL7 5ET

Phone number:

+44(0) 1752 691177


+44 (0) 1752 691131



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