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  • Is finding a Gas Safe certified engineer in your area proving difficult? Do you find the time it takes to vet, and verify all local boiler installation and repair experts to tedious and time-consuming? We can help!

    At Compare the Boiler Market, we can help you find a reliable, affordable and certified boiler installer to assist you with any challenges you’re facing with your boiler.

    We have built a network of certified and experienced heating engineers across the UK. Depending on your preference and the job description, we help you find the most suitable and competitive local gas heating engineer who is a stone throw away from your location.

    Our processes are simple, effective and time-saving. Finding a good gas heating engineer has never been this easy! We will provide you with everything you need to find and hire a gas engineer in your area.

  • When it comes to boiler installation or replacement, it’s not as easy or straightforward as getting the boiler working. There are various installation and safety protocols that have to be followed to make the boiler safe for you and your home. As such, all boiler and heating engineers are required to meet certain standards to be considered professionals in the field. These include:

    • The engineer has to be registered with Gas Safe. This requires training and qualifications to work with gas.
    • Insurance for the heating engineer works to protect against accidents or damage to your home.
  • Even though we vet all our partners and make sure they meet the standards that have been set by Gas Safe, there are a few questions you should ask just to be sure and to put any concerns you have at ease. Some of the questions you should ask include:

    • Are you trained, registered and certified by Gas Safe?
    • How many years of experience do you have in my locality and are there any references you can provide for verification?
    • Do you have a public liability insurance cover?
    • Which of the types of boilers would be best for my home? (There might be some follow-up questions from the engineer so as to provide you with accurate and comprehensive answers).
    • If you have chosen your type of boiler, you can ask about the cost of the boiler
    • Which boiler is the most reliable, efficient and easiest to maintain?
  • Before any gas heating engineer can begin practising their trade, they have to be legally qualified as gas engineers entitled to work on domestic gas appliances which require for the individuals and the businesses to be registered with Gas Safe.

    If the expert is not registered with Gas Safe, it is illegal for them to install or repair any gas appliances in your home. Gas Safe is tasked with the mandate of ensuring that the gas-safety regulations are maintained. These regulations are amended regularly, and all registered members are required to abide by them to guarantee the highest levels of safety.

    To be Gas Safe registered, the engineers have to go through training and testing to make sure they meet the requirements and understand the standards of installations that are safe and promote energy efficiency.

    By hiring a Gas Safe registered local heating engineer, you’re not only guaranteed of proper and quality boiler installation, maintenance and repair but safety in your home when running the appliances.

    • They are more accessible and easier to talk to face to face.
    • You have plenty of references you can use to verify the quality of their services. You can also get reviews easily.
    • Local gas engineers are more responsible for their work and provide quality results because their customer pool is limited, and they don’t want to taint their name.
    • You get better quality work and service because the boiler experts are concerned about their reputation.
    • You grow the local economy providing jobs and growing other businesses in the community.
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