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Compare Ferroli Boiler Reviews


Ferroli was started in Italy in the 1950s. Over the years, this heating company has taken a traditional company approach to its products while keeping its boilers innovative, affordable and reliable.

Ferroli takes great pride in manufacturing each one of its boiler units in-house. Even though this caps their ability to complete boilers, they retain full control on quality assuring customers of nothing but the best.

Bringing the business traditions of Italy and the innovation, Ferroli has excellent environmental credentials and is quickly becoming a staple in homes across the UK.

With close to 60 years in operation, the brand has come up with a variety of boilers designed to serve homes with different needs and space requirements. If you’re looking to break away from the popular boiler brands and go for an alternative that’s reliable, dependable and affordable, Ferroli is worth considering.

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Typical Prices for Ferroli Boilers

Ferroli boilers have one of the most diverse price ranges. Depending on the type and size of the boiler, you can pay anywhere from £578 to £3,359.

The price of the boiler should not be your only concern. Installation costs are significant and vary from home to home.

Before you settle on the boiler, it’s important to have the entire picture of how much it will cost you to get the boiler and get it running. To get the best rates on installation services, you need to get quotes from various certified and accredited boiler installers.

Get your new Ferroli boiler installation quotes today by sending us an enquiry. We will find 3 of the most suitable installers near you who will send you free, competitive and no obligation installation quotes.

It might be a good idea to go for an installer that offers boiler financing services. With financing services, you can enjoy your new boiler as you pay for it in small and manageable instalments depending on the terms of the installer.

Why Choose a Ferroli Boiler?

Ferroli started its UK operation in the 1980s. Most of their competitors were well established by that time.

But, this heating brand has an edge which is why it’s clawed and gained success in such a short time. Ferroli started in Italy in the 1950s and has operations in over 14 countries. Their diversity and understanding of the heating market in different countries is what makes them one of the best boiler brands to buy.

Their boilers pull off a balancing act that most other boiler brands have failed. They feature reliability, dependability and affordability. They are perfect for both average and high-end homes and built to meet and surpass the needs of each home.

The Italian roots and diverse market understanding are not the only reasons why you should buy a Ferroli boiler.

Benefits of Choosing a Ferroli Boiler

Trusted brand

The brand is well trusted with excellent ratings on most third-party quality assurance websites. On Trustpilot, the brand has a 61% excellent rating and a 10% great rating.


Being in 14 different countries and keeping each one of them happy is not easy. It requires an understanding of the specific markets and a hang of the latest technologies. Ferroli has a firm grip on the heating market in the UK and employs some of the lessons it picks up from other markets to improve their boilers and improve reliability.

Simplicity and elegance

Ferroli is deeply rooted in making boilers that complement modern living but are not a pain to use or install. The simple design of the boilers allows them to be efficient and complement modern interior trends.

Variety of boilers

Whether you’re looking for a boiler for your small home, a boiler for an average home or a boiler that will keep up with the demands of a large and busy household, Ferroli has something for you. The vast array of boilers they offer come in different types and outputs to suit the needs of different homes.


The experience Ferroli has garnered is not only limited to years but also from operating in different countries. Their knowledge of the heating industry is apparent and well represented in the products they make.


Buying a boiler can be a tedious and expensive process. Ferroli has eased the financial strain that comes with purchasing boilers by providing pocket-friendly options without compromising on quality and performance.

Ferroli Boiler Warranty

Ferroli boiler warranties differ depending on the model. Most Ferroli boilers come with a warranty of between 1 to 5 years as a standard.

The Modena HE boiler model, for instance, comes with a 5-year warranty as a standard. If you like, you can extend the warranty to between 7 and 10 years.

What’s covered by the warranty?

Ferroli boiler warranties cover the cost of repair and replacement of any manufacturing-related faults. When the replacement is completed for some parts, the warranty for part replacement ends.

To keep your boiler under warranty, servicing has to be annual. If this requirement isn’t met, you void the warranty and the manufacturer will not cover any parts that break down even when the boiler is still under the warranty period.

How to extend the warranty

Before you can extend the warranty, you need to get the standard warranty first. You can do this by calling Ferroli to register the boiler once it’s installed. This applies for boilers with 5-year warranties and below.

For boilers with 7 – 10 years of warranty, you need the installer to register the boiler on Ferroli’s website.

To extend the warranty, you should have the boiler installed by a Ferroli certified engineer. Engineers with a higher ranking add more years to your standard warranty. Your installer will have to register the boiler with Ferroli after completing the installation.

Compare Our Range of Boilers

Ferroli boilers check all the right boxes for people who take finding a new boiler seriously. They pack all the right terms in their description. They are dependable, reliable and give you the most bang for your budget.

If you’re looking for a boiler built to keep up with current needs and requirements, Ferroli has quite a few that might interest you. What’s more, they won’t set you back financially.

Ferroli Combi Boilers Range

The biggest benefit of using a Ferroli combi boiler is the low energy requirement. You get to save money on energy bills without compromising on the performance of the boiler.

Within the combi range, there are several boilers you can choose from. They have very few moving parts and their compact design allows them to be wall-mounted to save on space and can fit into various suitable spaces around the house.

Combis don’t require additional parts like expansion tanks or hot water cylinders. This makes the task of installation easier and cheaper.

If you live alone, you’re concerned about limited space or want a boiler that will not cost you a fortune to run, a Ferroli combi boiler is what you’re looking for.

Benefits of Ferroli Combi boilers

  • You can choose from a diverse collection of combi boilers with different outputs to match the usage patterns of your home.
  • Ferroli combi boilers maximise on energy efficiency and heating by producing hot water only when you need it.
  • Without expansion tanks or hot water cylinders, combi boilers save you space while meeting your hot water demands.
  • Ferroli Combi boilers come with a 5-year warranty which is extendable to 7 or 10 years for worry-free use.

Compare Ferroli combi boiler prices

Buying a new combi boiler requires correct planning. You need to take into account the purchase price of the boiler as well as the installation costs. You also need to factor in the running costs of the boiler.

A suitable combi boiler should be energy efficient, easy to maintain and service, and reliable. Because Ferroli combi boilers have only four moving parts, they are easy to install and simple to maintain.

For the installation cost, to get the most competitive rates, you should get multiple boiler installation quotes and compare. You can get your new Ferroli combi boiler installation quote here.

Ferroli System Boiler Range

Ferroli system boilers are a great alternative to the combi boiler which is widely used in the UK. They are energy efficient and able to keep up with the high demands of hot water in most average homes.

The modern system boiler from Ferroli doesn’t require expansion tanks and water is fed directly to the boiler. This saves on space and components that would make installation expensive. The system boiler only needs a hot water cylinder that keeps the water nice and hot for you when you need it.

For homes that have more than one bathroom, a system boiler is a better choice than a combi boiler. It functions the same way with the only difference being the hot water cylinder which helps to increase the amount of hot water the boiler produces.

Benefits of a Ferroli System boiler

  • Perfect for homes where energy efficiency is a priority.
  • Offers a variety of outputs to choose from depending on the demands and requirements in your house.
  • Ferroli system boilers come with a 5-year warranty extendable to 7 or 10 years.
  • The boilers are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

Compare Ferroli System boilers prices

You’ve settled on going for a Ferroli system boiler. Price is a significant factor when choosing the right boiler. But, don’t let that make you lose focus on other vital factors like installation costs.

You need to get an installation quote from at least two or three installers to compare and get the best prices. Get quotes for your new Ferroli boiler installation.

As for the system boilers, the table below compares the different prices of various types of Ferroli system boilers.

Ferroli Commercial Boilers Range

Ferroli doesn’t have any regular boilers. But, it has a variety of interesting commercial boilers powered by oil, solid fuel, hot water and steam. Some of the models of boilers that fall under the commercial range of boilers include:

  • PI
  • Legnablock
  • Prex

Ferroli also offers a variety of other commercial products which include the Econcept range of boilers best known for their high efficiency. Others in this range include:

  • The Prextherm series which has a tube and a steel shell
  • Legnablock
  • Pegasus atmospheric freestanding range
  • Freestanding
  • GN cast iron freestanding boilers range

Other than boilers, Ferroli also manufactures pressurisation units with one or two pressurisation pumps. The units come with the required control equipment and expansion vessels to connect to commercial and industrial cooling or heating installations.

Ferroli Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

Ferroli boilers are built to be reliable. That doesn’t mean that you won’t run into some problems with your boiler especially after running it for a couple of years. Depending on the brand, the common problems and fault codes can differ based on the design.

For Ferroli, here are some of the common problems you might run into and how you can fix them.

Boiler keeps locking out

Boiler lockouts are incredibly frustrating. It’s one of the fail-safes built to protect the boiler. This problem is common in Modena and Optimax boilers and is often attributed to the PCB which is the heart of the boiler.

Suggested fix

Electrical tests should be run using a multimeter. This checks for circuit breaks which can be re-wired easily.

If the wiring checks out, the PCB might need replacing. Whether the diagnosis finds a broken circuit or a damaged PCB, the diagnosis and fix must be done by a qualified and certified expert.

Boiler ignites then turns off right away

This is a common problem in the Sigma models like the Sigma 50 and 60. The boiler displays an error code A01 or A06 after locking out.

If the boiler makes a blowing sound before going off, the flueing on the boiler could be the problem.

Parts could have degraded, or the system could be having blockages and the boiler can’t vent adequately.

Suggested fix

Check to make sure the flue is not blocked. Leaves and debris might be blown into the flue reducing the efficiency of the vents.

If the flue line is clear, it’s possible the line has corroded over time. You need a gas engineer to come and give the boiler a closer look and replace the flue as well as the wall clamps.

Pressure loss

For safety, some Ferroli boilers will lockout when the pressure is too low. In most cases, topping up the boiler is a quick fix. But it’s not a solution. To clear the A37 and A23 error codes completely, you need a permanent fix.

From experience, leaks are the most common cause of pressure loss. The leaks can be from leaking valves or towel rails. It also possible the build-up of air in the radiators could be the culprit. If you suspect air build-up, you can vent the radiators and top up the boiler.

Suggested fix

If the leaks are the problem, you need an expert to identify the leak and fix it and get your boiler working normally.

Boiler switches on and off

This is more of a control fault than a boiler problem. In most cases, you’ll be forgiven to think it’s your boiler acting up.

Before going for the expensive fixes, it’s best to check if the controls are working properly with the help of an engineer.

If the electrical components are the problem, you will see error codes like A34, A62, A35 and A36.

Suggested fix

You need to replace the mechanical timer and any thermostat. But, before you settle on the best approach, remember there are various reasons your boiler could be behaving in this manner.

You need a proper diagnosis including checking the flame sensors in the boiler for debris before you can attempt any fix.

Contacting Customer Service

Ferroli has a dedicated customer support team to offer round the clock service to all its customers. Depending on the service or assistance you seek, there are several ways you can get in touch with the company.


Ferroli Ltd

Lichfield Road, Branston Industrial Estate


StaffordshireDE14 3HD

General enquiries:

0330 205 0000


You can also get in touch with the company through the contact page on their website www.ferroli.com.

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