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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Choosing the right boiler is one part of the puzzle. You need to find a good registered engineer to install your preferred boiler.

    Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through directories or references. We have a wide network of qualified and registered engineers. All you need to do is get in touch with us with a short description of the service you’re looking for.

    We will match your needs to three best-suited and pre-screened boiler companies who will get in touch with you to enquire more about the service you’re looking for. You will be provided with comprehensive quotes for the service.

    Based on your first experience with the engineer and the quote you have been provided with, you can easily make a decision on the right heating engineer for you. We always make sure we verify all the engineers on our network to make sure they meet and surpass all standard requirements and regulations. We also work with the most experienced and qualified experts.

    Comparing the boilers is a rigorous process that requires patience and understanding. The reward of having an affordable, cost-effective and durable boiler far outweighs the time it takes to compare the different options in the market. With this guide, you have all the pain-points you need to consider when choosing your boiler.

  • An online boiler quote is a document prepared by a certified boiler installer showing the cost breakdown of installing a new or replacement boiler in your home. The online boiler quote will be inclusive of the following:

    • An installation by a Gas Safe Registered engineer (in the case of a gas boiler) or an OFTEC registered engineer (in the case of an oil boiler).
    • The total installation cost of the new boiler, including the cost of parts and labour costs.
    • Cost of included controls such as TRVs, thermostats, and smart thermostats.
    • Manufacture-backed warranty.
    • Any finance options included.
  • Yes. We will provide you with three different boiler installation quotes for free. The quotes are also obligation-free, and you don’t have to accept them if you feel they are not suitable. Our only request is that you be serious when requesting an online boiler quote. This is because we want to help as many homeowners as possible get excellent boiler quotes, and this can’t be possible if we get receiving bogus requests.

  • Online boiler quotes tend to be cheaper than boiler installations by a national heating solution company like British Gas. Moreover, given the sheer amount of paperwork involved when dealing with giant installation companies, you may have to wait before your new or replacement boiler can be installed. On the other hand, by requesting an online boiler quote from a certified heating engineer near your home, you can have your new boiler installed even as soon as a day.

  • Online boiler quotes tend to be cheaper than boiler installations by a national heating solution company like British Gas. Moreover, given the sheer amount of paperwork involved when dealing with giant installation companies, you may have to wait before your new or replacement boiler can be installed. On the other hand, by requesting an online boiler quote from a certified heating engineer near your home, you can have your new boiler installed even as soon as a day.

    What Questions Will I Answer and How Long Will Filling the Form Take?

    To provide you with accurate boiler installation quotes, we will have to ask you several questions to get an idea of the type of boiler you need. Some of the questions that we will ask include:

    • What type of boiler do you have?’
    • What fuel type does it run on?
    • What type of boiler do you intend to install?
    • How big is your home?
    • Where are you located in your home?
    • What is your postcode? (Helps us find and link you to the boiler installers in your area)

    These questions are non-intrusive, and we believe you won’t have any qualms about providing us with the requested information. Moreover, as the questions are simple, you will be able to complete them within minutes. And once we have received and confirmed the provided information, we will send you up to three installation quotes within a short period.

  • There is no need to panic if you aren’t too sure about the type of boiler you have in your home. This is because you can easily identify whether your existing boiler is a combi, system, or regular by looking out for the following features:

    • If it has a cold water tank located in the loft and a hot water cylinder, then it is a regular boiler( otherwise known as a conventional or traditional boiler).
    • It is a system boiler if it takes cold water directly from the mains but has a hot water storage cylinder.
    • It is a combi boiler
    • If it draws cold water directly from the mains and heats the water on demand.
  • We understand that you can only find a quote that offers you the best possible service at the best possible price by comparing several boiler quotes. Once we receive your enquiry and fill out the necessary information, we will first contact you to confirm whether we have the correct information. After proving this, we will then put you in touch with three approved heating engineers in your area.

    The heating engineers will then contact you with independent boiler installation quotes. And all you have to do afterwards is compare them and select the one that appeals the most to you.

  • As we are dedicated to ensuring you are comfortable, especially during the cold UK winter, we will provide you with up to three boiler installation quotes in a matter of hours. In some instances, you may even receive the quotes within minutes. Once you have filled in all the required information, we will select three of the best-approved heating engineers near you, who will then contact you with a quote. The heating engineer will either arrange for a call or visit your home to better understand your unique heating needs and prepare an accurate installation quote for you.

  • Yes. All the online boiler quotes include the boiler manufacturer’s warranties, which range from 2 to 10 years. In addition, some manufacturers, such as Worcester Bosch and ATAG, provide extended warranties that can span up to 15 years. So, provided the boiler is registered appropriately after installation and maintained according to the warranty, you can sit back and relax knowing that you are covered should the boiler develop faults down the road.

  • The best way to ensure you get a fair or competitive installation price is to compare the provided boiler quotes. And to achieve this, you may have to write down the three quotes in one place to see what each one entails at a glimpse. Some of the factors you may want to see at a glance include the cost and model of the boiler in each quote, installation cost, and the included extras such as thermostats. You may also want to consider the availability of the heating engineer and how long the boiler will take to be installed.

    Other factors you need to pay attention to when comparing boiler quotes include the power capacity of the boiler in each quote, the provided warranty, and the ratings and reviews of the heating engineers.

  • After comparing all the received boiler quotes, it is now time to decide which boiler quote to accept. Ultimately, you would want to go with the cheapest boiler quote on the table, provided you are happy with the installer and the type of boiler they are installing. However, price alone doesn’t have to be the deciding factor as some quotes may be more expensive, but the installation will be done faster. You may have to go with the more expensive option if you need the new boiler installed within the shortest time possible.

  • The overall cost of an online boiler quote typically falls between £2,000 and £4,000. This cost is usually inclusive of the boiler cost and the cost of installation. However, the actual installation cost for your boiler will depend on several factors, such as the type of boiler you intend to install, its brand, and its size. Moreover, the complexity of the installation job will also contribute to the overall cost of installing the boiler.

    For instance, a like-for-like boiler swap installation is cheaper than one that involves relocating the boiler to a new location. As such, if you intend to relocate your boiler to a new area, expect to pay between £400 and £800 more than if you were installing the new boiler in place of the existing unit.

    Different boiler installers also charge different rates, depending on the time of the year and your location in the country. This is why it is essential to compare several boiler quotes so as to identify the one that will save you a ton of money in installer rates.

    Another good thing about online boiler quotes is that you can spread the overall installation cost over an extended period by striking a finance deal with your installer. As such, if you are pressed for funds, you can opt for a boiler quote that includes a finance deal.

  • Usually, the installers or heating engineers will estimate the price of the job and send it to you in the online boiler quote. However, this price can be considered an estimate rather than the final price. After the installer has visited your home, they will inspect your home and current heating system before determining the final price for the installation.

    This is particularly the case as there are some aspects that you may have overlooked when filling out the form for an online boiler quote. For instance, the cost may be higher if the installation involves relocating your boiler or removing old elements from your existing heating system.

  • You are not obligated to accept the online boiler quotes provided by online boiler installation companies. If you feel that none of the provided quotes appeals to you, you can always turn them down and proceed to request a new set of online boiler quotes.

    And since all the heating engineers we work with are utmost professionals, we guarantee you that no one will nag you into accepting a boiler quote that you aren’t satisfied with. After all, we are here to ensure that you get the best boiler installation service at a price that works for you.

  • Once you have selected a boiler quote that you feel most comfortable with, the heating engineer will arrange for a suitable site visit day. On the said date, the heating engineer will visit your home to inspect your current heating system and clarify any doubts and questions you may have. And normally, this process won’t take long, and the heating engineer will be in your home for less than an hour.

  • After the site visit, the heating engineer will return to prepare for the installation project. The heating engineer will then return for the installation on the agreed date. The actual boiler installation will last anywhere between 1 and 3 days, depending on the project’s complexity. For instance, a like-for-like boiler replacement will typically be completed within a day, while replacing the existing boiler with a new one will take longer. This is because the installation is more complex, and new pipework may need to be installed while old cylinders and tanks may need to be removed.

  • Once the installation work is done, your heating engineer will explain how to use your newly installed boiler. They will also take you through the operation of any controls installed with the boiler. Usually, the boiler should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and you should check with the heating engineer whether they will be registering the boiler for the warranty. If not, you will need to start the registration process within 30 days after the installation date.

    The heating engineer will also inform you if they offer boiler aftercare services and take you through their costs.

  • Online boiler quotes are gaining popularity due to the many advantages it holds over traditional boiler quotes. Some of these advantages include:

    • It saves time and hassle as you can get multiple boiler quotes simply by filling out an online form.
    • You can find quotes from a certified heating engineer at any time, even in the middle of the night, as you can request quotes even in the middle of the night.
    • It is easy to compare boiler quotes as they are sent simultaneously.
    • It is easy to receive boiler quotes as they are sent directly to your screen or email.
  • Online boiler quotes have the following shortcomings:

    • You can’t meet the heating engineer until they arrive at your home.
    • You need to be tech-savvy and be familiar with computers or smartphones to request an online boiler quote.
    • It isn’t easy to build rapport with the heating engineer before they can begin the installation work.
    • Not all engineers provide online boiler quotes, and you may be overlooking better deals by going the online way.
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