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BOXT Review


Combi boilers are efficient and durable. Unfortunately, they are not immune to breakdowns. As a homeowner, you expect the boiler to malfunction at some point. You probably even planned for it. But what you didn’t anticipate was the tedious process of finding a worthy gas boiler engineer to handle the repair and replacement.

But there’s some good news. BOXT has reinvented the wheel and has simplified the process to save you the hassle, time, and money.

The company has ads on TV, Google, and YouTube to help drum up business – and it’s working like magic. Currently, they install more boilers in UK homes than AA, e.ON and Homeserve combined.

BOXT boilers are installed within 24 hours. The company serves homeowners in all of the UK. If you don’t want to incur the extra cost of a salesperson, BOXT is perfect for you.

Today, we’ll cover everything you should know before installing a new boiler. ‘Everything’ means the company owners, their prices, online reviews, and purchasing process. We review BOXT in great detail.

Who Owns BOXT?

The website was created by one of the initial owners of Help-Link. Help-Link is a large boiler servicing, installation, and repair company in the UK. The idea was to change the process of acquiring online quotes for boilers. And so BOXT was hatched.

If you look through the boiler quotes offered by BOXT, you’ll notice one thing; most of the quotes are for Worcester Bosch. This is because Worcester Bosch has a 45% stake in BOXT.

Worcester Bosch is one of the most reputable boiler manufacturers. Because of this, they have the luxury of supplying boilers to BOXT at competitive prices. This means you get a high-quality boiler at the lowest market price possible.

Company reviews

The internet is flooded with positive BOXT reviews. A massive chunk of these reviews are available at Trustpilot. For months, BOXT has topped the reviews. They have over 1000+ reviews with an overall 5-star rating. Because of these reviews, BOXT has secured a top spot for central heating installations and gas installations on the trusted review site.

Types of Boilers BOXT Installs

Initially, BOXT was a gas boiler replacement company. Given that many UK homeowners have a gas supply, it made sense for them to start with gas boilers and branch out to other boiler types.

Currently, BOXT offers popular fuel types including:

  • LPG
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Oil

How BOXT Works

The one thing customers are happy about BOXT is their affordable boiler prices. They can afford to offer low prices courtesy of their direct affiliation to Worcester Bosch, the leading boiler manufacturer in the UK.

But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. The other piece which saves customers a lot of money is the simplified quoting process.

Quotes take a bit of time to write up. Typically, a regular boiler installer receives about ten quotation requests a week. This means he has to process two quotes daily. By the time he travels to each property for a physical assessment, phone the merchant to get the cost of the boiler and replacement parts needed, a lot of time has passed. Because of the lengthy process, fulfilling quotes can feel more like another job.

And even after all the hassle of preparing a quote, there’s no guarantee you will get the job. Homeowners are known for changing their mind and going with other boiler installers without warning. The time, money, and commitment that goes into chasing the jobs aren’t guaranteed a reward.

BOXT cuts out the need for onsite visits. It saves itself a lot of money that average boiler installers have. Because of this, BOXT cuts this cost from the final installation quote.

BOXT’s quote process is as follows:

BOXT Quote Process

The first step is filling in a form requesting information on the boiler type, size of your home, number of showers, and number of windows and doors in your house.

The form is used to determine the best type of boiler for your home and your heating and hot water demand.

You’ll also answer questions regarding the installation location. The questions include:

  • The type of flue you have.
  • The proximity of the flue to the nearest window.

Some questions on the form relate to the extra parts needed for boiler installation.

Generally, this step determines your boiler installation needs. But more importantly, it establishes that the current boiler is Gas Safe. If it’s not, the engineers will ensure it is by the time they are done.

BOXT Replacement Costs

Once you’ve completed the form, you move on to the cost of installation. How much should it cost?

Boiler replacement costs vary depending on several factors. If you have a one or to bedroomed house, the price will be about £1,900. However, if your home is big, with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. This brings the costs to about £2,500 or more.

With such costs, it’s important to remain anonymous. You don’t want a company calling you all day long following up a boiler installation you realised was too expensive. With the BOXT online quotation tool, you get a comprehensive quote without providing your contact details or committing to a purchase.

Is Installation Cheap?

BOXT claims they are 1/3rd cheaper compared to competitor boiler installer companies like British Gas. Take this quote for instance;

Worcester 25l boiler swap for £1,795 inclusive of a ten-year warranty. It is a great deal. Few installers can compete with this quote down to the warranty.

But if you are in search of a compact boiler, you shouldn’t get a 25l or a large output boiler. Instead, go for an SI or a CDI Compact.

Every BOXT quote comes with a list of options. In the above example, the choices might include ten different boilers. But of the 10, only three are worth your consideration. They are:

  • 30l
  • 25SI
  • 25I

25I is ideal for small houses. The 25SI is compact and as such is perfect for homeowners with smaller spaces. If you have a large house and a high hot water demand, the 30I is a good option.

Considering boiler quality and warranty, the three boiler quotes are competitive.

How Installation works

Once the customer has completed filling in the online form and decided on the boiler they prefer, BOXT sends an email requesting the customer to take five photos of the house with examples. The images are sent to BOXT’s technical team for verification. The verification is essential to ensure the customer a boiler that’s perfect for their home.

BOXT also shares the photos with the boiler installer so that they know what to expect when they arrive onsite for installation. This minimises surprises and makes the installation process smoother.

In addition to the photos, BOXT delivers the boiler to the site along with all replacement parts in a big box. It ensures no time is wasted.

Once the installation is done, the installer takes photos. These images are sent to BOXT for auditing. If the job is done as per the high standards, the installer is paid immediately.

It is essential for BOXT that installers are as happy with the process as the customers are. This is because without them, the process halts. The key is to ensure everything is in place before their arrival.

What does BOXT offer with the replacement?

BOXT boiler replacement services are comprehensive. They include:

A system clean

Through this service, BOXT removes sludge and debris from the radiator, pipes, and towel rails. The service ensures that the waste doesn’t clog the system and cause a breakdown.

Most boiler breakdowns are caused by sludge (a mixture of rust and dirty heating water). Manufacturers recommend using an inhibitor to flush the system and remove the sludge.

Smart thermostat

With a BOXT boiler installation, you get a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are worth about £199.99. BOXT doesn’t mention the type of thermostat they offer. But judging from the price, it has to be a premium thermostat like Tado, Nest and Honeywell.

With a smart thermostat, your boiler will improve efficiency by 2%. The thermostat also looks better than wired thermostats.

Boiler filter

Boiler filters are essential. Many boiler replacement quotes that are cheap have a catch. Premium boiler replacements cost money. Getting a cheap boiler replacement means you get old controls that do a bad job of flushing the system. They also leave the boiler unprotected.

And even when they manage to flush the system, they need an inhibitor and magnetic filter installed for efficiency.

10-year warranty

Worcester Bosh warranties begin from 5-years. Installers that offer ten-year warranties must have Worcester Bosch accreditation. Luckily, BOXT installers have the accreditation.

Boiler financing options

Getting a new boiler is expensive – even with affordable quotes from BOXT. Also, many boiler replacements are unprecedented and unplanned. Because of this, BOXT has two financing options;

  • Upfront payment.
  • Monthly payment.

Here some even better news. With a new tech Combi boiler replacement, you can save up to £25.41 in energy bills every month. With BOXT monthly payment option, the new boiler will pay for itself.

How does it work? The finance plans start from £11.61 a month. When you factor in the energy savings and the money saved from replacement cost, the total amount might cover this monthly cost.

Financing FAQ

Applying for the Spread cost financing

Once you pick a boiler, add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout and then find a finance plan that works for you.

Fill an online application form powered by Divido. Divido will get in touch with you with their decision immediately or within a couple of hours. Once your application is approved, the site will reroute you to BOXT site for order completion.

Who is eligible for the BOXT financing?

To apply for the spread cost, you should:

  • Be over 18 years and a maximum of 75 years. You should be able to repay the money in 85 years.
  • Be a UK citizen for three years and more.
  • Have an active UK bank account that accepts direct debits and have a debit/credit card registered to a home address.
  • Have a stable source of income through employment or pension and disability allowance.
  • Be okay with a credit check once the application is submitted.

What information is needed?

When submitting your application, you should provide you:

  • Full names, date of birth, marital status and address.
  • Employment status and yearly income.
  • Bank account details.

Do you have to pay a deposit for the monthly finance option?

No, you don’t. BOXT can offer the financing with a £0 deposit. However, you can opt to place a 50% deposit. The deposit will help you negotiate lower monthly payments.

Can the loan be repaid early?

Yes, it can. Communicate the same with the credit provider. The credit provider will provide you with the cost of early repayment.

Who are the lenders?

BOXT uses Divido to power secure payments. The lenders are Omni Capital Retail Finance Limited and Shawbrook Bank Limited.

If you change your mind and want to withdraw from the agreement, you can within the first 15 days of signing the financing agreement until the installation.

Who should buy a boiler from BOXT?

There are high chances more boiler sites, and companies like BOXT will spring up. Boiler quotes don’t need physical home visits to compile. By removing site visits from the equation, websites can provide reasonable boiler replacement costs and save time.

What’s the catch with BOXT?

BOXT sounds too good to be true – what’s the catch? Luckily, there’s no catch. BOXT is a tech company that’s been in business for decades. It has won awards for low overheads which it can afford because it doesn’t have salespeople.

What should you do now?

BOXT is the leading boiler installer company. We hope the above guide has shed light on the company and how it can benefit you. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out or comment below. If you cannot afford a new boiler right now, take advantage of the BOXT monthly financing option.

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