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Boiler Installation in Sheffield By Gas Safe Engineers

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Are you considering replacing your boiler and installing a new one? Are you finding it difficult to find a trusted tradesman? We can help! We have hundreds of Gas Safe registered engineers who offer boiler installations across Sheffield. What’s more, we will get 4 tradesmen to send you a quote for the job for FREE!

We have a network of engineers who specialise in domestic, electric, LPG, oil and gas boiler installations. We conduct background checks on all engineers to ensure they are trained and qualified to carry out any boiler installations in Sheffield. Our network of engineers is trained and experienced in all aspects of boiler installs, repairs and servicing. Most of the services they provide will include an extended warranty on parts and labour for the new boiler installations by your preferred installer as a guarantee.

At Compare The Boiler Market, we make the process easy and give you the power to choose who you want to work with. You will get 3 FREE quotes from qualified engineers and choose the installer you want on the job at no cost.

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Boiler installations are a technical task that varies depending on the type of boiler being installed, the work involved, the cost of labour and your location within Sheffield. These same factors are considered with boiler repairs in addition to the parts being sourced.

To give you accurate quotes, tradesmen will ask relevant questions to get the job done. These questions also help ensure the boiler is properly installed and that it’s energy-efficient helping you cut back on your bills.

Let Compare the Boiler Market connect you to the best tradesman for the job. We will have 4 boiler installation companies in Sheffield to give you a call and provide you with the FREE quote. You have the power to choose who of the three you decide to work with.

How much does boiler installation cost?

Boiler installation costs will vary depending on your requirements, whether you are replacing an existing boiler or moving it to a new location, and whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. Although many people assume the cost of installing a new boiler can be expensive, you may be able to save money by hiring a professional. The professional will guide you on everything that will be needed before giving a quote. However, if you have a large family or if your home has multiple rooms, then the cost of installing a new boiler may be too much for your budget.

Typically, the cost of installing a boiler will be determined by:

  • The size and type of the boiler
  • The amount of power that it uses
  • The location where it is installed
  • The installation method that is used.

Do you give a quote before you start the work?

The engineers sent to you will always provide a quote before starting the boiler installation work. This quote is provided free of charge and will include an estimate of how long the job will take to complete. The quote is based on the engineer’s experience in dealing with similar jobs, but if there are any complications or unexpected problems with your boiler after it has been installed, then the price may change. The engineer will notify you of any changes needed before proceeding with any work that was not included in the original quote.

Is it worth installing a new boiler?

This is a hard question to answer without knowing all the details. However, one guideline is that if you have had your boiler for 15 years, you should consider replacing it. Although your boiler may still be working, new boilers are much more energy-efficient, and you will save money on your bills.

If you have an old boiler, it will probably be a regular boiler which heats up water from a hot water cylinder. Regular boilers take up a lot of space in the loft or a cupboard and can be very expensive to run. They can also leave you with cold spots in your radiators because the water doesn’t travel quickly enough around the system. On the other hand, newer boilers are more energy-efficient than older ones. So, for example, if you’ve got an old non-condensing boiler and replace it with an A-rated condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls — again assuming gas as the fuel — it could save you as much as £310 per year!

When is the best time to replace my boiler?

It is often difficult to know when the best time to replace your boiler is. You can’t see it, touch it or hear it, so you may not even realise that anything is wrong with it until you start having problems. However, boilers do tend to break down or require replacing, and there are some things that you can look out for as signals of whether your boiler needs replacing:

  • If the water in your home takes a long time to heat up, this could be an indication that your boiler has become less efficient.
  • If you notice water pooling around the base of your boiler, this means that it is leaking and needs repairing or replacing.
  • If strange noises are coming from your boiler, this can mean problems with the pump or fan.

If you notice any of these things happening, then it could be time to start looking at getting a new boiler installed.

How long does it take to install a new boiler?

Boiler installation is no small task. It can take several hours to complete and if not done correctly, can cause major problems with your heating system. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you hire a professional to do the job for you.

The time it takes to install a new boiler will depend on several factors, such as the size of your home, your location and even the type of boiler that you have installed. The most common type of boiler used in homes today is an oil-fired boiler. This type of boiler is one that uses natural gas as its fuel source, which means that it is easier on the environment than other types of boilers.

Do you offer a boiler warranty?

Any boiler you purchase comes with a warranty that covers repair costs from the date of purchase. The warranty lasts for 2 to 5 years but varies based on the exact type of boiler you purchase. This is because it is up to the manufacturer to determine the cover period based on the different factors in the boiler’s production line.

How long should a boiler last?

Modern condensing boilers tend to have a lifespan of around 10 years, but it’s important that you have your boiler serviced every year to keep it in good working order. Having an annual boiler service is the best way to detect any fault before they become serious issues that could lead to a breakdown. Once you start having to spend money on expensive repairs, it might be worth considering upgrading your system instead.

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