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Best Conservatory Heating Guide


After dipping into your pockets and expending your efforts in constructing a conservatory in your home, it is only fitting that you would want to put this extra space to maximum use. However, given the underinsulated nature of conservatories, you will only be able to enjoy them during the summer. And if you want to enjoy using it even in the winter, then you have to invest in a conservatory heater.

Owing to the many benefits of a conservatory, it is understandable that you will be willing to hit the market in search of the right conservatory heater. However, given the sheer number of conservatory heaters currently on the market, you might be confused about which one to purchase.

In this guide, we seek to explore some of the best conservatory heaters based on their qualities. We will also explain some of the factors you need to consider when purchasing a conservatory heater. But before that, we are going to look at some heating options you can install in your conservatory.

What are the common forms of conservatory heating?

Conservatories are usually made of glass windows which have poor insulation properties. This, coupled with the issue of moisture build-up, means you have to invest in heating if you wish to enjoy using it in the cold and wetter months. Currently, there are several heating solutions that you can install in this particular room in your home. Some of these options include:

Electric heaters or radiators

The most common and, consequently,  easiest to install form of conservatory heating is the electric heater. Electric heaters are essentially plug-and-use appliances, meaning you won’t have to extend or relay the existing heating pipework in your home. You just need to purchase the electric heater, plug it into a socket, and use it to heat your conservatory.

Additionally, electric conservatory heaters come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, meaning it will be easy to find one suited to your conservatory. They also tend to warm up and cool down rapidly, making them efficient and cost-effective in heating a conservatory.

Standard radiators

Who says you can’t extend the pipework of your existing gas central heating system to your conservatory and attach a standard radiator to it? It is still pretty common to find traditional radiators in a conservatory, although installing them might be messy and time-consuming. Standard radiators also come in a wide range of designs and styles, meaning you will have plenty of options to choose from.

It is, however, advisable to check the output of your gas boiler before installing a standard radiator in your conservatory. The reason behind this is simple. If you ignore it, you might put it under excessive strain, causing its performance to deteriorate.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a highly efficient and discreet way of heating your conservatory. It consists of a network of hot water pipes or electrical wires installed beneath the floor of your conservatory. As it is usually hidden away, underfloor heating allows you to keep all the precious space in your conservatory, a helpful feature if your conservatory is small.

The only problem with installing underfloor heating in your conservatory, besides its disruptive nature, is that it takes time to warm up the room sufficiently. Similarly, after being in use for a while, it will take a long time for the conservatory to cool down, meaning you may need to open the windows and lose the trapped heat.

Infrared heating

Infrared heating is an ultra-modern conservatory heating solution that involves using infrared radiation to directly warm objects and persons in the room. As infrared heaters focus on heating tangible objects rather than unoccupied space, it is extremely energy efficient and will lower your heating bills. Another added advantage of infrared heating is that objects and persons in the conservatory will remain warm and comfortable even after the infrared heater has been switched off.

Air conditioning

Although it might seem far-fetched, it is also possible to heat your conservatory using its installed AC unit. This is all thanks to the dual-purpose functionality of modern air conditioners that allow them to draw warm air from outside the conservatory and bring it into the room. However, it is worth noting that the heating output of an air conditioning unit is usually tiny, and you will need to complement it with a radiator or fan-heater.

Factors to consider when purchasing a conservatory heater

Given that no two conservatories are the same, it would be inaccurate to claim that there is a one-size-fits-all conservatory heater that is guaranteed to seamlessly and efficiently heat your conservatory. It is, therefore, essential that you carry out deep research before settling on a conservatory heater.

Some of the factors and features that you need to consider when deciding on the right conservatory heater to purchase are:

Power output

If your conservatory is vast, you will need to invest in a conservatory heater with a powerful output. On the other hand, if your conservatory space is small, you will need a heater with a low output.

Safety features

Safety is of great importance when dealing with heating appliances. You would, therefore, be better off purchasing a conservatory heater that has safety features such as a tip-over switch and overheating protection.


Although cost isn’t everything when purchasing a conservatory heater, you would still want to go for one that won’t blow a hole in your finances. It is, therefore, advisable to look for a suitable heater whose cost is within your pre-determined budget.


There is nothing glorious about having a complex conservatory heater that you can barely control. It is, therefore, advisable to invest in a heater that is easy to use and has features such as timers and thermostats for easier control.

Size of the conservatory heater

Size matters when it comes to conservatory heaters. You wouldn’t want to purchase a behemoth of a heater that would hardly fit into your conservatory.

Energy efficiency

It would be best to purchase a conservatory heater that provides maximum heating efficiency while using the least possible energy. This will help you save power and knock a considerable amount off your annual heating bill.

Best Conservatory Heaters 

  1. Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan (Best Overall)

If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to heat your conservatory, you need not look any further than the Pro Breeze Ceramic Fan Heater. The heater uses advanced ceramic heating technology, which allows it to heat your conservatory rapidly. This portable heater is also compact and lightweight and has carry handles for easier movement.

Another good thing about this heater is that it has two power modes, allowing you to increase or decrease its output depending on the existing heating requirements. Moreover, it has fully adjustable thermostats, which guarantee optimal heating.

  1. Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater (Best Panel Heater)

Featuring a simplistic and sleek design, the Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater is undoubtedly the go-to choice if you are after a space-saving wall-mounted conservatory heater. The heater resembles a small TV and can heat a room measuring 22 square kilometres. It is also waterproof and maintenance-free, meaning you won’t need to service it once installed.

The Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater also features a programmable digital thermostat that allows you to set the times of the day when you need your conservatory heated.

  1. Futura Eco 400W Deluxe (Best Affordable Heater)

A small budget doesn’t necessarily translate to a low-quality heater, as you can always opt for the Futura Eco 400W Deluxe conservatory heater. This electric panel heater uses only 400 watts of power to produce enough heat to keep your conservatory warm and comfortable. It is, therefore, only fair to consider it one of the most efficient and energy-saving conservatory heaters out there.

Other excellent features of this heater include an integrated thermostat and timer, a sleek and contemporary design, and the ability to be installed almost anywhere in your conservatory.

  1. Mylek Premium Electric Panel Heater (Best Luxury Heater)

If you have a taste for fine things, then the Mylek Premium Electric Panel Heater won’t disappoint you. The heater justifies its “best luxury” title through its excellent performance and breath-taking design. It also features three heat settings that allow it to meet your conservatory’s heating requirements precisely. Moreover, the heater comes with remote control functionality, meaning you can adjust the heater’s settings without leaving the comfort of your seat.

Other features of this premium conservatory heater include frost protection, child lock settings, and the ability to display the current temperature of your conservatory. It also has an aluminium body that allows it to heat the room instantly and cool down slowly when turned off.

  1. Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator (Best Free Standing Portable Heater)

You should consider going for the Dimplex Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator if you are looking for a versatile and portable conservatory heater. It is fast and portable and is also 10% more efficient and 50% lighter than oil-filled radiators. And given that it has wheels, you can easily pick it up and take it with you to another room once you are done relaxing in the conservatory.

  1. Mylek Electric Over Door (Best Compact)

This is the perfect heater for you if your conservatory is small and you don’t have much space on its floor or walls to work with. The Mylek Electric Over Door compact conservatory heater can perfectly fit into the space above your conservatory door, allowing you to utilize the available room in your conservatory fully.

The heater also comes with plenty of valuable features despite its size. These useful features include a long-range remote control, two heat settings, and an intelligent thermostat. Others include open window detection and overheat protection.

  1. Netta 1500W (Best Stylish)

The Netta 1500W conservatory heater is specifically designed for those who would love to heat their conservatories with the most modern and attractive panel heater. Its body is made entirely of glass, meaning it can seamlessly blend into the background of your conservatory. It also features a compact design and has a built-in overheating protection feature.

Other outstanding features of this stylish conservatory heater include quiet operation and an adjustable thermostat for better energy efficiency.

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