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Compare ATAG Boiler Reviews


For over 70 years, ATAG has been designing and manufacturing boilers. The brand is best known for producing high-quality boilers with the highest energy efficiency ratings and excellent engineering.

The ATAG brand operates in various countries across the world with its lead design team based in the Netherlands. The brand has learned to adhere to the strict engineering demands and standards that come with each country.

The boilers are not only energy efficient but, are also built to last. Every ATAG boiler features the revolutionary heat exchanger that delivers unrivalled performance without breaking your energy bill. To prove just how reliable and high quality this heat exchanger is, ATAG offers a 10-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the icon heat exchanger.

Choosing to go with the ATAG boiler is a great decision. It gives you peace of mind knowing of the lengthy warranty, quality and efficiency of the boiler. It’s a guarantee you can enjoy the new boiler without worrying about the running costs.

Typical Prices for ATAG Boiler

Your choice of a boiler should never be influenced by price alone. But, understanding the costs can better help you prepare your budget and buy a boiler that is within your reach. That’s why it’s vital to know how much an ATAG boiler is going to set you back.

To guarantee the safety of you and the boiler, ATAG doesn’t sell directly to the customer. They will only sell the boiler to a pre-approved Gas Safe registered engineer who they prefer to call the ATAG Selected partners. This ensures qualified heating engineers install the boiler so you enjoy its benefits for a long time.

The price of the boiler differs depending on the type and model of the boiler. The brand has done a great job of producing quality boilers while keeping the price manageable. Whether you’re looking for a budget, mid-level, or premium boiler, you will find an ATAG boiler to match your budget.

Other than the cost of the boiler, you have to consider the installation cost as well. These costs depend on the amount of work required and vary from home to home.

The best way to determine how much installation is going to cost is by getting a quote for the installation of your new ATAG boiler. You can do this by sending us an enquiry and we will connect you with up to 3 Gas Safe registered engineers who will send you free and comprehensive quotes.

Why Choose an ATAG Boiler?

ATAG has shown its dedication to the heating world and by choosing to go with this new boiler brand comes with numerous benefits.

Their dedication to cutting energy consumption and building quality boilers is highly commendable and has been their selling point for decades. They have carefully blended quality and affordability into their boilers, making them a staple in many homes.

Their boilers are considered the most energy-efficient in the market. That means you not only save money when buying the boiler but also when you start running it.

Benefits of ATAG Boilers

70 years of experience

The brand has been designing and manufacturing boilers for over 70 years. The experience they have gathered over the years is visible in their products. This experience is even more valuable since the brand operates in multiple countries. That means they can use the knowledge they get from different countries and use to improve their overall product.

Long guarantee

ATAG boilers come with an extended guarantee. They also come with a 10-year warranty and lifetime guarantee on the iCon Heat Exchanger which guarantees peace of mind for the buyer.

Accredited installers

ATAG has its team of ATAG selected partners who they sell the boilers through. Through this accredited installers, you’re assured of the best installation services and longevity for your boiler.

Quality boilers at affordable prices

ATAG boilers are a blend of high quality and affordability. The brand has managed to balance quality and cost making their boilers affordable for every home that needs them.

ATAG Boiler Warranty

ATAG is extremely proud of their products. They have complete faith in their boilers’ ability to last and remain functional. To prove this, they offer a 10-year warranty as a standard for all their boilers. It’s one of the longest standard boilers in the UK.

What’s covered by the warranty?

The 10-year warranty covers all parts and labour. If your boiler suffers any technical issues, ATAG will repair the boiler and you don’t have to pay the engineer for the visit. However, if it’s a build-up of lime scale or water damages the boiler, the visit will be chargeable.

ATAG has a 24/7 helpline. No matter what time day or night you need assistance or a technician to get your boiler up and running again, you can easily reach them and have the boiler quickly fixed.

Terms and conditions

There are requirements you have to follow to make sure you don’t void your warranty. First, you will need to have the boiler serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If you fail to honour this, you will be charged for all the callouts and repair costs.

You will also need to make sure the warranty is duly registered within 30 days after installation and get a duly filled Benchmark form from the installer.

To activate your 10-year warranty, you need to register the boiler on ATAG’s website, all you will need to have is your personal details as well as those of the boiler. The boiler can be registered by the owner or the installer.

Compare Our Range of ATAG Boilers

ATAG Combi Boilers

The ATAG range of combi boilers has two models. The iC combination boiler and the iC Economiser combination boiler.

The iC Combination boiler is compact and with a high energy efficiency rating and comes in a range of sizes and output to suit the different needs of different homes.

  • 40kW: Offers a flow rate of 16.2 litres per minute and is ideal for large homes with more than one bathroom.
  • 36kW: has a flow rate of 14.9 litres per minute. It’s perfect for medium-sized homes that have more than one bathroom
  • 28kW: has a flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute. It’s ideal for small and medium homes with one bathroom.
  • 24kW: has 10.1 litres flow rate. Perfect for flats and small houses with no more than one bathroom.

The iC Economiser is a more modern and recent design. It comes with the patented Economiser technology that recycles residual heat to prevent wastage of energy and uses it for better energy efficiency. It’s one of the most efficient boilers in the market.

The boilers come with different flow rates designed to match the needs of each home.

  • 39kW: Has a 17.0 litres flow rate per minute. Suitable for large homes with more than one bathroom.
  • 35kW: Has 16.1 litres flow rate per minute. It’s ideal for medium and large homes with more than one bathroom.
  • 27kW:6 litres flow rate per minute. It’s ideal for medium and small homes with only one bathroom.

Benefits of an ATAG Combi Boiler

  • The boilers are compact and perfect for homes where space is a premium.
  • As with other combi boilers, ATAG’s range of boilers don’t need hot water cylinders which save on space.
  • The combi boilers also don’t need a cold-water storage tank which frees up space in the loft.
  • The boilers have an A-Rated 94% ERP seasonal space heating energy efficiency.
  • Requires less pipework which makes installation cheaper and reduces chances of frozen pipes.
  • User-friendly.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Comes with the unique iCon heat exchanger that comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee and a weather compensator.
  • Provides hot water on demand directly from the mains.

Compare ATAG Combi Boiler Prices

ATAG offers you the opportunity to own high-quality boilers without milking your finances dry. The brand has invested in the latest energy efficiency technology to guarantee that the boilers not only save you money when buying but also when using the boiler.

The 10 years warranty which comes as a standard ensures you save yourself the repair costs for a long time.

Depending on your preferences and the features you’re looking for in a boiler, you can choose from the different combi boilers that ATAG has to offer. Have a look at the full range of boilers from the table below.

ATAG System Boiler Range

System boilers are perfect when you’re looking to heat water for use and your central heating system. The hot water is stored in a hot water cylinder ready for use.

The addition of the hot water tank means you have a backup of hot water which is perfect if your home needs a lot of hot water and has multiple bathrooms.

Along with their range of boilers, ATAG also recommends their iSteel hot water cylinder for maximum energy efficiency.

ATAG system boilers come in a wide range of outputs which include 40kW, 32kW, 24kW, 18kW and 15kW. With such diversity, you’re guaranteed of finding the right system boiler for small, large and medium homes to match your hot water demand.

Because of their in-built ErP pump, ATAG claims that their system boilers have the edge over the competition. The pump is designed to give you more control over the heat produced by the boiler which helps make the boiler more energy efficient.

Benefits of ATAG system boilers

  • The boilers are solar compatible.
  • They have an A-rated efficiency of 94% for lower energy bills.
  • Built components make installation easier and cheaper.
  • Come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Can be easily converted to LPG.
  • Perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • No need for cold water tank which saves space in the loft.
  • Comes with the iCon heat exchanger that has a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Compact size.
  • User-friendly controls and interface.

Compare ATAG system boilers prices

The ATAG range of system boilers is designed to be efficient and convenient. With impressive energy efficiency rating and features that make it easy to use and install the boiler, you’re assured of an excellent experience.

The system boilers come at different price tags depending on the size and output of the boiler. Regardless of the output or price, you get the 10 years warranty as a standard.

You can view the complete range of system boilers prices in the table below:

ATAG Regular boilers range

If you have an old central heating system in place, it’s more affordable to get a regular boiler than to upgrade the pipework. Modern regular boilers are more energy-efficient and have more features that make them a great addition to modern homes.

Unlike system boilers, you will need a little more space to install a regular boiler. That’s because it requires a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder. The addition of the cold water tanks makes this type of boiler perfect for homes in areas with low water pressure.

Together with ATAG’s iSteel hot water cylinders, you can maximise your energy bill savings by improving the energy efficiency of the boiler and reducing wastage of heat.

ATAG’s range of regular boilers comprises of the iR Regular boiler that comes in different sizes and outputs which include 40kW, 32kW, 24kW, 18kW and 15kW. The diversity makes it easier to find a boiler that is suited for your home.

Benefits of an ATAG regular boiler

  • It’s capable of meeting high demands for hot water.
  • Perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • Perfect for homes in areas with low water pressure.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty as a standard.
  • A-rated 94% energy efficient rating.
  • Can be easily converted to LPG.
  • Can be powered by solar.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes with the iCon heat exchanger with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Compare ATAG Regular boiler prices

Enjoy efficiency without breaking the bank with ATAG regular boilers. There are different boilers with different outputs that you can choose from depending on your needs and your budget.

Here’s the full list of ATAG regular boiler prices:

ATAG Boiler Problems and Common Fault Codes

Once you have your ATAG boiler installed, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the different common problems and fault codes. While the boilers are well built, it’s important to be prepared in case the boiler runs into any issues you know what to do.

Error Code 133

If you see a code 133 on the boiler display, it means your boiler flame is failing to ignite after 5 ignition attempts. This could be because of a frozen condensate drain pipe. It’s a common failure that you can easily fix.

Suggested fix

If the condensate pipe is frozen, you can sort out the problem without even getting in touch with an engineer. All you need to do is find the frozen pipe and thaw it. You can do this by using a hot water bottle or pouring hot water on the pipe. Once the pipe is thawed, you can reset the boiler and attempt to fire it again.

Error Code 612

For the boiler to fire up successfully, the fan has to start up to get rid of the flue. If the fan fails to start, the code will show, and the boiler will not fire up.

Suggested fix

To have a closer look at the fan, you have to take the boiler apart. That means you need to call in an expert to help you with this. It could be a problem with the PCB or, your fan might need to be replaced. The engineer will guide you on the way forward.

Error Code 108

This fault code is pressure-related. It appears when the pressure of the boiler is below 0.5bars. Loss of pressure in your boiler can be a sign of leaking or other serious issues. In most cases, topping up the boiler can help get rid of the fault code but ultimately, you need to identify what the root cause of the pressure loss is.

Suggested fix

Leaks are a big deal in boilers. The leak should be located and fixed as soon as possible to avoid further and more costly damage to the boiler.

For this, you need the help of an expert will help you locate and fix the leak. If a leak is not the problem, the engineer will diagnose what the problem and advise on the best approach.

Contacting Customer Support and Contacts

If you would like to get in touch with ATAG, there are a few ways you methods you can use:


ATAG Heating Technology UK Ltd.


80 Churchill Square Business Centre,

Kingshill, West Malling

Kent, ME19 4YU

Phone number:

0800 680 0100



You can also get in touch with the company through the contact form that is available on their website.

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